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  1. It just made my day kashmir/the ocean/immigrant song
  2. I just finished to see it now What a great goal from Strome, fantastic action (his first goal) Next game vs Montreal !
  3. Yeah... The season looks so looooong, its hard to see my Devils in this situation we are the worst team with LA I have miss the All Stars Game, who have watched it ?
  4. Another defeat vs Anaheim, chances are gone to access playoffs, NJD are so bad this season.
  5. 5-1 versus Sabres 😣
  6. 2 Victory in a row for my Devils next game Canucks.
  7. Yep! Here NJ/BOS is programmed at 1:00am Let's go Devils 👍
  8. I didnt put the tree this year.
  9. Its painful to see Devils
  10. I just saw it this morning, just behind Tampa, is it solid, 34games, 25victory for TB We have play twice vs Florida this season, one victory, one lost About Maple Leafs, yeah they are strong, we have few chance to win 😞
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