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  1. Somebody here explain this kind of thing to me please?
  2. Yep, even my truck when the time comes to do any valve work, the engine would need to be pulled out to get to the valve covers. International Scout would be choice too. That or a Jeep Wagoneer, but have you seen the prices on those old one now?
  3. What the sheriff said was that he would not expend any manpower to enforce this new county mask edict, as in his opinion it was not backed by science, and was in total contrast to the current Federal CDC guidelines. Then Sheriff Alex Villenueva went onto say that due defunding of law enforcement (defund police movement) that had to play into his decision. So, basically the Sherrif (an elected official) was just using this as an opportunity to score a political point. All of them are basically politicizing this pandemic all the time. Meanwhile I just received my new mask today from Amazon, the one I will wear when forced to wear one to enter a store. Here it is:
  4. I have never confused a man for a woman, not withstanding that one time in a dark crowded bar near Subic Bay when the 7th Fleet was taking liberty, and the entire Thailand tuna fleet was also in port. Yeah, sometimes shit happens as they say. ~natch
  5. My truck is now 23 years old, has only 75,000 miles, and I only made one car payment, because I always pay cash for my cars, and always buy brand new cars.... never used. I do the clay bar thing every year after a good wash, then do hand carnauba wax. All of vehicles are always parked in the garage too. But I agree, a car's best value to you is reliable transportation. It is a myth that a new car only depreciates. Take care of it and it will MAKE you money after taxes, fees, and insurance keeps going down and down. And then eventually it will begin to go up in value the longer you keep it. More Americans are in hopeless debt due to car loans and leases. I wouldn't own a new vehicle. Don't need bluetooth, navigation, back up or side cameras, and all of that crap. And that infernal push button no key start is annoying as hell. What if you want to lean in and crank the motor while the vehicle is parked because when you have the hood up and are working on it? Really?? Now you have to get inside, apply the brake, and the seat needs to "sense" your presence, or you can't just crank the engine? How is this progress?
  6. Yep, and I just bumped this tread to hopefully save it from the "archived" never return pit of hell.
  7. The woman has the best cartoon woman ass ever drawn by an animator.
  8. I never judge a woman just on her looks. First I like to soap her up and rinse her down in the shower, and then after about 30 hours of tests and other explorations, I will sit down and contemplate all of the pros and cons, and then hopefully come to a sound conclusion. But if she says anything during the process, that just always ruins everything, and I either have to throw her back, or start over. Finding the perfect woman is always very difficult to do. The last near perfect woman I ever encountered was back in 1991 at bar just outside of Mouse Jaw Saskatchewan. She was a tall redheaded woman with hands as large as an NBA player, and thighs that could crack bowling balls. We met in the bar, and neither of us ever spoke a word. We made love on the hood of 1947 GMC pick up truck while twenty or so local villagers watched and cheered us on. When we finished we shook hands and went our separate ways without ever saying a word. This is how romance should always be. Like the random violence of nature; lighting splitting a tree wide open in a hail of sparks and fire, or a grizzly bear eating the entrails from a live screaming deer. But that is like just my own opinion man.
  9. "Pretty please with sugar on top, clean the fucking car!" - Mister Wolf
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