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  1. Corned beef and cabbage tonight. A little late for St Paddy's but still good. Now making a cup of coffee with a shot of Jameson and scoop of cream.
  2. Sounds Good! Last time I did a stay over near there it was in Williams on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Did the train thing--- a lot fun. The other site which is amazing to me is Meteor Crater. I find it interesting that it is on private land. Pretty cool. My all time favorite Southwest city to find good food is Santa Fe. I could just spend a week there eating tamales and hatch chili sauce. I love the Southwest, but I still need to be near the ocean. The beach is my "reset". Just seeing the sun glimmering off the Pacific lowers my blood pressure. One of my favorite spots is having a Mai Tai in the upstairs bar at Tony's on Redondo Pier.
  3. And the world has China to thank for that because AFTER China already knew that this virus was spread person to person, and AFTER China had locked down Wuhan and instituted a travel ban preventing people from the epicenter to travel to other parts of China. China still allowed nearly HALF A MILLION people to travel from China to the U.S.---and many others to other countries as well. We ought to nuke China for this deliberate and malicious act. Fuck China!
  4. You must not be from Santa Cruz then because there are more hippies in Santa Cruz than there on Haight street. Maybe you are from Provo Utah. I'm gonna just call you "Provo" from now on.... I will be keeping my eye on you.
  5. Well, maybe IF Pelosi and company had been more interested in governance over the last few years, maybe the administration could have been more focused on this thing that came out from left field. Last fall through this January they were still playing the silly impeachment game, so let's be fair (and you are a fair guy Frogman)---- let's consider all the stupid distractions that were going on. One think Obama said that I agree with was, "elections have consequences". I wish Nancy would have gotten that memo. I don't know why you guys get so butthurt about SAJ? He is capable of bruising just about anyone's feelings if people are intent on being overly sensitive, but at least he is honest. He doesn't stab anyone in the back so you have to at least respect that.
  6. Don't get me wrong. Flagstaff isn't a horrible place, but it seems to me one of those places with two vastly different kinds of folks. You have as you point out your NAU people (progressives and young people) and then a bunch of 'good 'ole boy' horseback riding pick up truck people.... well, other than your California middle aged retirement aged transplants pissing everyone else off. When I pass through Flagstaff I usually eat at Salsa Brava a place I found On 'Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives". When I was kid the Flagstaff stop was all about Stuckey's and gassing up and getting a pecan roll.
  7. Good lord--- Flagstaff! Where do you eat in Flagstaff? They got like Denny's and two other places. Hot there in the summer too, and freezing cold in the winter. I know Flagstaff, Flagstaff is a place people pass through on the way to Los Angeles or Chicago. Flagstaff, ABQ, Amarillo, OKC----good lordy... do people actually want to live in those places? I was in Prescott a couple of years ago. Got a kick out of having an ice cream at the shop where Billy Jack had a fight. Nice place--- very conservative--- but again--- no good restaurants. Had to drive to Sedona for a good dinner---- and that place is as hippy dippy as any coastal city in the bay area. Just weird..... but beautiful scenery. Best thing about AZ are the good gun laws. But who knows how long that will last? AZ like Texas will be turning blue inside of 10 years. It's all in the demographic trends. Old white people are just dying off. Nope, I'm staying here. One day I'll be like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man. I'm staying here...
  8. Hey Strider, EVERYBODY voted for Ronald Reagan pretty much--- especially in '84. Voting for Reagan doesn't make one a conservative, it just meant that they knew Jimmy Carter was loser and Mondale even worse. So why did you leave the beautiful OC to move to Hollyweird? LOL! Just kiddin. Newport Beach, Huntington, Hey you called me out. Said I ought to move out of Kali because I gripe about the stupid politics. Not me, I ain't leaving. Just because this place had been invaded doesn't mean I don't love the state---- BEST state in Union. Beaches, mountains, forests, deserts. No place compares even as a few large metropolis areas are dragging things down. SF is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. San Diego too. Even L.A. you can't beat our sunset views from coastline or the foothills. Maybe this plague will heal this state--- get us back to where we used to be. California is the place--- the best place--- all politics aside... I ain't leaving. I've seen the rest of the country. Even states with beaches don't have our weather. I always laugh at people from NYC that talk about Florida being the place to be. I've been to Flori-DUH.... it's a swamp.
  9. RIP Pussy Galore! She was hot at 20, hotter at 30---- hot till the end.
  10. California used to be red state Strider, so why should I need to move? For forty years after FDR/Truman California was a conservative stronghold while all of those so called "bible belt" and Southern Democrat states were still voting for segregation candidates. And BTW, most of the country was behind FDR during the depression and WW2-- democrats were not always liberals. So I was here long before there was a libtard supermajority in our State house. Long enough to remember Ronald Reagan, George Dukemajian, Pete Wilson. So despite your belief that California was always a hippy dippy state it wasn't. Unchecked immigration and chain migration since 1965 as well as tons of liberals from all over the country MOVING here is what made the politics here a shit hole, it wasn't the legacy of the people who actually built this state. So why wouldn't I have a right to complain? You need to poke your head out the record shop a little more. But California was already on a slow and steady economic decline despite the so called "high times" being claimed. This little problem with unfunded public employee pension looming ahead will take this state down as soon as interest rates climb up. With the exodus of older retired Californians and there retirement portfolios as well as the changing demographics--- who is going to pay for all of those unfunded liabilities in the future here? You think your $15 part time Starbucks workers are going to be able to sustain the tax base like all who are leaving? And mark my words, many more will leave after this virus thing too. So the choice here will be to massively raise taxes in the years ahead---- are you going to be the one paying them? If you really think California will always be a "donor state' I wouldn't bank on it.
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