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  1. Were I lived TSRTS always was a midnight show on a Saturday night. So if people were bored and not doing anything else everyone would just show up to see the movie. Across town a different kind of crowd would go see 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. If we were driving past that crowd to see the Zep movie would we throw stuff at the freak sow dressed up in costumes going into see Rocky Horror. Here in SoCal and for many years, you could usually see TSRTS at two places every weekend if you wanted. The Fairfax Cinema on Beverly Blvd, in the Fairfax district near Hollywood (they advertised: "In Mega Quad Sound)" Or the United Artist Theater on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena California.
  2. LOL! We used to do that to the girls in the 5th grade. Do that now and you would be on the evening news with your photo next to Harvey Weinstein. I always like what Chris Rock said, "if my daddy hadn't sexually harassed my momma I wouldn't be here". He Red, remember this one: You turn your back to the girl and then looking back over your right shoulder take your left finger and point to your right shoulder with your right hand still down at your side and say, "Did I ever show you where the horse bit me?"--- as you point to your shoulder. And when she leans in close to look at your shoulder your right hand 'drifts' over to her southern naughty bits area...... and well you know the rest. Can't do that kind of 'birds and bees' stuff anymore.
  3. I agree with this chart. Just like with the AIDS epidemic in the '80s, we pretty much now know how not to get this thing. Be safe people.
  4. 1941 was pretty bad. But E.T. and Lincoln were equally bad too... oops, did I say that out loud?
  5. Carl Reiner was one the few remaining comic actors to have been in the greatest American comedy film of all time-- "It's, a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World" (1962). He only had a bit part in the film, but every other comedy great of his time was there.
  6. "We are the Mods, we are the Mods--- we are, we are, we are the Mods!"
  7. The US won't turn around unless we get back to the principles and traditions of the WW2 generation. When this thing started out both political parties in this country seemed to be looking to find solutions and manage things jointly at first, but in this current election year sadly assholes on both sides are posturing and putting politics before anything else. Then there was the unfortunate police incident where a man was unjustly killed who was already in hand cuffs and that blew everything else up, and many criminals are using that as a pretext to commit more crimes. We do need criminal justice reform. But we can't be soft on criminals who beat, rape, murder, use guns during crimes, or are part of criminal gangs. We need to punish and lock evil people up who will not be rehabilitated. But I agree with you on others. Certain property crimes, drug addiction and use (not drug trafficking).... yeah, if we can divert those people from prison and find ways to rehabilitate them I'm all for that. But once they harm someone else then I don't feel they still deserve to just be allowed to walk away scott free. Doesn't prevent them from re offending, and sends the message to other sociopaths that they can do as they wish.
  8. Don't get me started on antivaxers. But if a vaccine is developed and people refuse to take it, it will result in laws saying they won't be able to work or go to school, or possibly even more I suppose. I have a different view on the inability to save money, but not wanting to get political here so I'll leave it alone other than to say a penny saved is a penny earned, and delayed gratification is lacking in the younger generations today.
  9. I am convinced that the shambolic approach to the mask thing is actually adding to infections. And not because people aren't wearing them, but because people don't understand that wearing a mask isn't better than 'stay at home' (for those with underlying health condition are over 60), or isn't better than reasonable social distancing. I believe people have bought into the idea that just wearing mask or being around people with masks is enough as they go out and start going back to work, to stores, to the beach, etc. The Governor of California mandated everyone where a mask if social distancing isn't an option or in public places. And then some cities started saying you have to wear a mask anytime you are outside of your house even if you are alone. Which is stupid. Some cities are saying they will write a citation if you are standing alone on your front lawn watering without a mask, which is only then creating a push back against the stupidity of that. So now you have almost two camps: the mask "hysteria" people who think symbolically wearing a mask is their means of proving they care, and then the other camp who refuse to wear a mask under any conditions. Then add to that there is this push to 'defund police' even as they aren't arresting people for vandalism or other serious crimes, including releasing people. So then we are supposed to believe the cops (ones some people don't want anyway) are going to enforce mask violations?????? There is so much stupid going on right now from all sides it is insane. The message should be as it was before: If you are old or sick stay ISOLATED at home. If you can work from home or do not need to be in public then just stay at home other than to go out and get food or prescriptions. If you have to go out and work and are healthy enough to risk it, then wear masks and follow all prudent precautions. And for many activities like movie theaters, sporting events, large gatherings.... just don't do them OR ACCEPT THE RISKS if you do.
  10. The United States is a great nation, but it is also a large nation with a large population. As such we have more than our share of none too bright types as well. People who unfortunately need to have their hands held a lot and when given a little bit of a longer leash, will generally do stupid things. I wouldn't say we are in a "shitshow" as you think; news media plays up just the worst stuff because it sells. The covid thing aside, the worst thing going on is a bunch of people using one thing as a pretext to do something else in terms of making trouble. And then some in charge not having the courage just to be in charge. And I'm not talking from the top of government, more like in pockets of local governments. Thing is friend, this virus is going to do it's thing until herd immunity is reached either by 70% of people getting infected, or a vaccine being developed. We can't really shut down the economy forever--- the result of that on society will be worse. But I agree with you; people who ought to shelter need to do so, social distancing is important to continue, but I have a theory on the mask thing and that is this: People who "think" a cheesy cloth or paper mask (not the N95) is better than keeping distance don't understand how this virus spreads. A mask may help a bit where social distancing is difficult, but much better to just keep space from other people. I see a lot of people wearing surgical type masks thinking that somehow makes them immune (see above: not too bright people) and I thing that is adding to infection rates. Most people I see wearing masks aren't even wearing them properly anyway so there is that too. I'm glad to hear OZ is going better than we are, but trust me when I say there are enough dumb people in this country making it look---and making it worse for everyone else to go around. Add to that the silly idea to release criminals early so they wouldn't catch covid in jail. That alone is probably accounting for much of the current violence and looting in itself.
  11. I think is may be on the Autism Spectrum a bit. And I'm not saying that to make fun, just gives me that impression is all.
  12. Never noticed this before. Tarrantino found a way to put himself in the film... well, actually the movie poster.
  13. That film (The Kings Speech) could be used to sedate people to have major surgery. "Remains of the Day" "The English Patient" "Chariots of Fire" "Seven Years in Tibet" All are a snooze fest
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