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  1. RIP Norm MacDonald More Norm tributes.
  2. A sad day with the passing of the great comedy genius Norm MacDonald. Norm was a true to the art of stand up comedy. He was always willing to boldly find that line between social politeness and raw unapologetic humor. Even when he didn't get the laugh, he always seemed happy in his own skin to have swung for the fences. Norm was the Ted Williams of stand up comedy. There are few who could play in his league.
  3. Thanks for contributing Steve! You can always be counted on for providing great content. Charlie was always my favorite Stone, he was too me just the cool one in the background, steady, always to be relied on. For me he was a lot like John Entwistle of The Who, never a need to be upfront in the spotlight, often looked past by many, but once you understood the contribution of their music, then it dawns on you how much their specific signature to the sound means. When I as younger I always gravitated to the drum playing styles of Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Ginger Baker. But as I got older and really had a different ear for the drums, and I realized that what many used to say was just a boring "rock steady" style like Charlie Watts or even Ringo, is actually very brilliant playing. Less can be more, it can be so much more.
  4. Shouldn't Charlie Watts deserve his own RIP thread? This is still a ROCK AND ROLL forum is it not? Poor Charlie has to be commemorated in the same thread where Falco is honored?
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