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  1. arguing with Peter Grant about...
  2. All this talk about SF, car chases, and location shots.... I remembered I had this in my cloud DVR recorded off of TCM: "What's Up Doc?" (1972) What a treat this was! Hadn't seen this since I was a teenager when it came out. Very, very, funny--- well written and directed. There is a line near the end where the phrase, "Love is never having to say you're sorry" that they made fun of and I laughed out loud. The joke being it was a line from "Love Story" (1970) which Ryan O'Neal starred in along side Ally MacGraw. I'm sure I didn't get the joke 48 years ago when I first saw this.
  3. kipper

    Beautiful Women

    Haven't seen that film, have to check it out. Right now I'm on a Tuesday Weld kick. Something about her. I got a kick over the lyric in Donald Fagan's song "New Frontier" from his "The Nightfly" album where in the song it says: Introduce me to that big blonde She's got a touch of Tuesday Weld She's wearing Ambush and a French twist She's got us wild and she can tell She loves to limbo, that much is clear She's got the right dynamic for the new frontier Tuesday Weld, Mijanou Bardot, and Mamie Van Doren in "Sex Kittens Go To College" (1960)
  4. Wow, 8 kids! One more and you have a baseball team. I never learned to weld very well. In high school metal shop the instructor called me "Slaggy".
  5. Very well said. So I wonder why Elton's John's "Tiny Dancer" is playing?
  6. My biggest complaint about Bullitt is actually elements of the car chase---which was the best part of the film. During the chase they used too many of the same cars in the traffic shots over, and over, and over again. Even before I was keen at watching films for continuity errors in production, the shots of the same green VW and the white Pontiac seemingly showing up at every street, cross street, and heading in every direction near the Mustang and the Charger-- was obvious even then. I'm sure that in the edit bay they were going, "shit, wish we had some more footage so we don't have to keep using those shots of the same cars!" The Bradbury Building: Usually a field trip destination for elementary school students back in the day. Along with Grand Central Terminal near Olivera Street. The art deco train terminal is featured in many Hollywood films. Yes, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead often depicted as some European mountain area. And of course the epic background of Vasquez Rocks in the canyon pass between the San Fernando Valley and Antelope Valley. Too many films to mention for that location, including Star Trek too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_productions_using_the_Vasquez_Rocks_as_a_filming_location Star Trek Blazing Saddles
  7. There are only TWO Godfather films. That 3rd thing Coppola signed off on was travesty. One thing both Michael Corleone or his father would have NEVER done would be to seek the advice and council of women. In GFIII Michael shares way too much information with his wife Kate and his sister Connie, a total departure from his character. At the end of Godfather II as an aged Michael was sitting alone at his compound in Tahoe reflecting on where his life had ended up and remembering all the people he had both loved and "dealt with" in his family, and why he was so reviled in the end while his father loved? That was the END of the story, it didn't need a part 3. I have always thought an interesting film would be a prequel story covering the early lives of the three brothers (Santino, Fredo, and Michael). Some very interesting back stories there.
  8. So, ya like pop do ya? Well, that's nice!
  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. She had hers too. Stenberg v. Carhart 😞
  10. Magnum PI opening was pretty good--- early '80s. Sadly the helicopter pilot in that opening was killed while filming; he was unable to pull up from the sudden dive, but they left the shot just before the disaster in anyway to the heartache of the pilot's widow.
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