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  1. Mono Lake area really is spectacular. It remains so undeveloped, makes you think of how California was 100 years ago. Did you ever read Mark Twain's "Roughing It". Lots of stuff about the area there and then Virginia City Nevada. Los Angeles and SF need to clean the streets up. At this point NYC in the worst areas is cleaner than LA's skid row, or the Castro district in SF. Such a shame.
  2. Glad to hear it will be at the Archlight/Dome for a few weeks. When I check the Archlight website it doesn't show any in August yet. I'll have to keep checking in, but I'll be on my Eastern Sierra trip next week. Yes, that little museum in Long Pine is on my list for this time. I'll be staying one night across the street at the old Dow Villa hotel. Also planning to visit the Manzanar WW2 Japanese internment camp/museum, the Independence Fish Hatchery and then on up to June Lake, Mono basin, and Bodie Ghost town.
  3. You mean the present situation with a booming economy and record high stock market? Not to mention finally a president who does not want to get invovled in foreign wars--- just wrap up and move beyond the ones started during previous administrations? All this hate for winning must be some kind of derangement syndrome.
  4. Hi Redrum, The Eastern Sierra is one of the prettiest in the state in my opinion. Other than Mammoth Lakes the rest of the Owen's valley still feels much the same way it did 40 years ago. A lot of great Western movies were made near the Alabama Hills and near Mt Whitney, one of my favorites was Nevada Smith starring Steve McQueen and Karl Malden. In Lone Pine there is a small museum dedicated to Hollywood films made in the area up there. This trip I will also be heading up to the Mono basin. Do you remember the Clint Eastwood film "High Plains Drifter"? It was filmed near Mono lake. How bad is San Francisco these days? I wonder if it is worse than the streets of downtown Los Angeles-- especially in the skid row area? Los Angles has turned to even worse shit than it ever has. Literally shit with the shit and needles and garbage everywhere.
  5. Strider, Thank for the great info. I just hope the run in the Dome goes into August, but I don't see any dates listed for that yet. I really want to see it 70mm but I will be in the Eastern Sierra when the film opens. Ironically in the area where parts of Django Unchained was filmed (Alabama Hills near Lone Pine). I only went to the Pussycat theater once back in the '70s with some buddies when we turned 18. Deep Throat was playing and we were not in the theater more than 10 minutes before we were thrown out for laughing. Only time I ever went to a porn theater. It was just as sleazy as I imagined---- reminded me of the film Taxi Driver. I do remember KHJ and Boss radio. It was the station we all listened to on our AM transistor radios before FM really took off. Charlie Tuna, Humble Harve, and "the Real Don Steele". Do you remember the Real Don Steele show on TV? It was sort of our local version of American Bandstand with a taste of Soul Train. After FM took off all we listened to was "the Mighty Met" (94.7)... and sometimes K-LOSS as it was often referred to by Jim Ladd when he was at KMET. It was a sad day when KMET signed off and it became "the wave". It's too bad they tore down the original house on Cielo Drive. Many famous Hollywood celebrities lived there long before Polanski and Tate rented it. If I recall correctly Lilian Gish lived there too in the '40s. So many of the old ranch style houses in Benedict Canyon have been torn down. I don't know how that security camera wasn't caught in the edit bay when they cut the trailer---it was so obvious. They did blur some of the street signs shown on Hollywood Blvd, but the "Do not Block Intersection" just wasn't vintage to that era. It's really difficult to do period films in Hollywood these days, so much has changed. One of my favorites is L.A. Confidential and the shots of Cross Roads of the World, the Formosa Cafe, and the Frolic room. Kipper
  6. Strider, Will the film be having a regular run at the Cinerama dome-- or will just be for the QT fest with the other 8 films? Tarantino got screwed by Disney when the Hateful 8 was bumped from the Dome for that horrible Star Wars film. I heard that Tarantino had planned to have Burt Reynolds play the part of George Spahn before Reynolds passed. Too bad that didn't happen, and what a great pairing with Dakota Fanning playing Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. I'm glad Bruce Dern got the part but I'm sure Tarantino would have loved to have given the honor to Reynolds. I'm aware it won't be a film about Manson, but how brave of Tarantino to weave that event(s) of that particular summer ("Hot August Night") into the story of how the studio system was over and how Hollywood was changing for good. Because for those of us who lived through that time--- and specifically that summer following the prior "summer of love" in SF. The Manson family effectively changed the way everyone looked at hippies. The went from being considered smelly, lazy, weird--- or peace loving free spirits depending on your point of view. But AFTER Manson and his girls, EVERYONE in Los Angeles took pause every time they saw long hair and love beads. It was truly and end of innocence at that time. After that even young little hippy chicks seemed scary. I don't know how closely you looked at the trailer but I spotted a view errors. One was the part where the Sharon Tate character is at the movie theater box office pointing to the poster with her and you can see a modern dome style security camera which would not have been present in 1969. And then the other was some of the signs street signs on Hollywood Blvd just opposite of the Pussycat theater. Back then there were no "Don't Block Intersection" signs--- those signs came around later in the '80s. I like the boom shot of Spahn Ranch---looks just like it did back in the day. And all of the dune buggies and baja bugs too. Those were there ready for the Manson family to escape out to Barker Ranch in the desert after Charile's plan to spark a race war (Helter Skelter) after the killings. I really hope I get to see the film in 70mm--- such much better than any other format. The Hateful Eight was just awesome, and that was also filmed in Super Panivison 70. This new film was filmed on 35mm film stock (anamorphic) because it would have been far too cost prohibitive and limiting due to the special 70mm lenses to film in Super Panivision 70 for this film with so many location shots needed. But I'm glad this is still a FILM and not a digital movie. Two things Tarantino hates the most are digital cameras and cell phones. I couldn't agree more. The Tate house on Cielo Drive is gone now replaced with a mini-mansion. Nothing lasts forever.
  7. Can't hardly wait for Quentin Tarantino's newest film-- "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" This film looks like it will have everything. Hollywood in the late '60s, rock and roll, mini skirts, go-go dancers, Sunset Blvd, the Playboy mansion, Bruce Lee, Sharon Tate and Charlie fucking Manson and the girls... WOW! I'm sure Strider will appreciate this film, it's about our hometown. I hope it opens at the Cinerama Dome. Nothing like seeing a film in the dome.
  8. No citizenship question on the 2020 census per the latest court ruling If America ever has it's own version of Brexit we will be having a civil war
  9. kipper

    Thanks England

    Thank you England for all the laughs from your great comedy teams: Monty Python Benny Hill Mr Bean ...and of course the Royal Family LOL
  10. Let's see: I can do a pretty good version of Jackie Gleason (as Ralph Kramden) doing the huck-a-buck dance I can squint like Clint Eastwood at people who annoy me--- and like to say "go ahead make my day". I used to do a pretty good imitation of Tricky Dick Nixon.... but it was very much a rip off of Rich Little's impersonation. I think everybody can do some version of Jack Nicholson, "Oh Wendy! I think you hurt me real bad" and "I'm gonna bash your brain in!" And lastly I do an excellent imitation of Phil Collins on the drumkit playing "Rock & Roll" LOL. Which is basically my admission I can't play drums for shit.
  11. I was thinking that the day will soon be here where many former rockers and actors will have to answer to the "me too movement" for the many indiscretions which involved children. Just goes to show that at some point anyone's past can come back to haunt them. I'm pretty sure Bill Cosby thought he would get away clean. Btw, how have you been doing Apanather?
  12. I was being ironic. I'm not really bothered by Yarrow, and in fact he did not actually have intercourse with the girl in question anyway.. That being said, 14 year old girls should be at home with their parents at night and not hanging around places where they will be getting into trouble-- if you know what I mean? 😉
  13. kipper


    True Dat! In terms of California the death toll from earthquakes only averages about 17 deaths per year over the last 200 years. If you exclude the Great San Francisco quake from that average then the average drops down to 2.5 deaths per year.
  14. kipper


    7.1 earthquake this evening in SoCal The sea was red and the sky was grey, wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today. The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake As the children of the sun began to awake.
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