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  1. Which is why Notre Dame should not be rebuilt. It should stand as a reminder of a culture that used to exist but will no longer exist unless drastic measures are taken now.... which we all know will not happen. Even the British seem to be losing their fortitude after correctly voting for Brexit. At least Ringo Starr understands the need for Britain to have control of their own county.... everyone should.
  2. There are so many myths about the so called "gun show loophole" being touted by the anti gun crowd and the media. First of all every single Federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL) is required to do a background/identity check no matter where the sale location is including gun shows. Which means if you are in the business of selling firearms the IRS (government tax department of the US treasury called the Internal Revenue Service) will know you are selling guns as a business, because if you are lying about that you are in BIG TROUBLE and will go to prison for a long time if you are not federally licensed. We have here a law enforcement agency called ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) which specifically enforces these laws. So the idea that people can just go to gun shows who are criminals and buy guns doesn't really happen. What we do have is a Federal exemption to the private sale of guns between private citizens WITHIN a state. That means I can sell you one of my guns if you are not a criminal. But wait there is more: I can't sell you a gun if you live in another state than mine UNLESS the transaction is done through a FFL. In addition to that, ALL states have laws prohibiting the private sale of a firearm knowingly to a criminal or otherwise prohibited person. BIG trouble if you do that. BIG TROUBLE. Keep in mind however that many states do in fact have a lot of laws for private gun sales. If you lived in my state for example and I want to sell you a gun we both have to go to a FFL and pay fee; a state background check is done; and after a 10 day waiting period if all is clear you are only then allowed to take possession of the gun. This would happen even if were transferring the gun to a family member other than a wife, child, or parent. Now what is a problem sometimes are "straw purchases" where a friend or family member who isn't prohibited from buying a gun does so to give to someone who is in an illegal transfer. That is illegal in every state I am aware of and if it crosses state lines you will go to federal prison. But those are more rare than you think, they usually happen with people already criminals and who don't follow laws, and they are as hard to stop as someone loaning someone a car who isn't licensed to drive or who has been restricted from driving due to prior drunk driving convictions. But all of that is already illegal, and has no connection to law abiding citizens. Bottom line: you cannot prevent everything in a free society. We have lot of gun laws here, some states are I admit more restrictive than others, but it all comes from having individual God given rights protected by our constitution. You should not fear law abiding people, you should worry about the parts of our political spectrum who excuse criminals, and I can assure you it is not the end of the spectrum which defends gun rights who is soft on criminals.
  3. What is the room for improvement? Do you not know that here in the USA the cities and states with the MOST restrictive gun laws continue to have the MOST crime. All of the so called "improvement" does NOTHING to reduce the desire of criminal culture apart from putting these people away in prison for life which does not happen. Law abiding people here do not violate gun restrictions because they don't want to be charged with felonies, lose their voting rights, lose any future gun rights, or possibly go to prison. So even in highly restrictive states (because not all state gun laws here are the same) these law abiding citizens for the most part follow the laws---- and yes, they don't commit gun crimes. BUT THEY DIDN'T COMMIT CRIME BEFORE THESE LAWS---- and in the states without the severe restrictions the same type of law abiding citizens don't commit gun crimes either. My point is these gun law "improvements" don't do anything..... because criminals don't follow laws. SO WHY restrict non-criminals?
  4. Okay a fair response, but I would like to go back and try to hear yourself when you use the phrase "sensible gun reform"-- a buzzword which over on this side of the Pacific Ocean we know means restrictions, silly regulations, and eventually bans directed at law abiding citizens and never anything which deals with actual criminals. Guns have no will of their own, they are harmless tools in the hands of moral, empathetic, and law abiding people. If the anti gun people really were serious about reducing crime they would be much harsher on the convicted criminals rather than offering excuses for their behavior.
  5. Oh yes! Me likey this! Danke schön!
  6. All of those so called "relics" are fake. In the middle ages there was competition between all of the European cities with cathedrals to have "the best relics". The cities/cathedrals with the best stuff drew the most pilgrims.... and with them money offerings (indulgences to cancel sins) and the money was used to build up the cathedrals and line the pockets of the church. Cathedrals in the middle ages were the first forms of tourist destinations--- virtual amusement parks for religious pilgrims. Any modern inquiry into the authenticity and provenance of these "relics" always seems to indicate they were faked. The shroud of Turin comes to mind. But that all being said, these building have significant architectural and artistic value even if they are somewhat silly to assume any "Godly significance". Venerating a building, or venerating an object in a building to many Christians is considered another form of idolatry. I'm not making any claim against the religion involved here, just the authenticity of the so called "relics" which are pretty much considered to be pure mythology.
  7. Yep. Some people have no idea what liberty means
  8. Are you this buckeye? http://www.oldbuckeye.com/ Many years ago I joined a couple of other forums (now defunct) which were linked to that webpage. Anyone ever hear from Bud and Gypsy?
  9. singing Sweet Home Alabama with...
  10. A good chance it may have been. There is a lot of hate by some people in that country against the culture and traditions of the French people sad to say.
  11. Oh, I didn't get that connection, I was thinking just the song "Light My Fire" and then my response "Burning Down the House". Steve did you hear that French authorities have threatened people with arrest for speculating on any possible "terrorist" involvement by "a certain demographic" in relation to the fire yesterday. How crazy is that? How paranoid are they of making any possible offense to a group which by and large doesn't respect their culture anyway? Liberty has been gutted worse than that building if this is true.
  12. That is just INSANITY to me. No 1st amendment rights (free speech) in NZ. Under which logic do they threaten to put somebody in prison for 14 years who didn't have anything to do with that crime? What crime is there in viewing or sharing the video of that shooting? I have watched the video several times and while it is graphic and probably not suitable to very young children it is IMPORTANT for people to see and understand what happens in these horrific events. Hoping to duck and hide is NOT a good strategy; either run away OR FIGHT BACK is your only hope and that is what you learn from watching that kind of thing. Why are people today so snowflakey about seeing stuff? We grew up seeing images of Hitler's holocaust in all of that graphic detail hopefully so people would learn from it and know how to recognize it; be appalled by it, and then make sure it doesn't happen again. Has that country lost it's mind to put people in prison for a video....one they did not have any part of the crimes? Glad I don't live there, I'm sure my guns, my computer and my liberty would all be confiscated by now.
  13. You realize you are agreeing with the minority opinion on that here in this country don't you? Just a line of talking points used to herd some people into accepting and maintaining a perceived victim status and/or virtue signaling in exchange for their votes. The irony of course is that in itself is the real "greed and corruption" built into the equation of so called "progressivism". A straight path down the trail to "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others".
  14. Talking Heads comes to mind too...
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