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  1. Yep. Flying too low in heavy fog... well, and then of course there are these things called hills.
  2. LOL--- is this a real "family" or are they just paid entertainers? You know... like clowns? Everyday when I see the current news on these "royals" I can't help but feel embarrassed for our cousins across the pond.
  3. My new year's resolution is to be less sarcastic and try to say something nice everyday. Like: “Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.”
  4. Tried watching SNL a few weeks back when Will Farrrell was the host and there was not one laugh in the monologue. When the fuck are these assholes going to get over Trump winning the election 3 years ago? Alec Baldwin who is talented has basically ruined his career continuing to do these lame Trump skits that aren't funny.
  5. Final Standings After 256 Games 1. Bong-Man: 169-86-1**** 2. Walter: 167-88-1*** 3. redrum: 162-93-1***** 4. ebk: 162-93-1**** 5. Strider: 162-93-1** GREAT JOB Bong-Man! Congratulations! Always good to see somebody win who plays it straight up with just one pick list each week. Nice win! Kip
  6. Walter, You are just upset that you have new neighbors down there in the swampshine state aren't you Walter? 😜 Hey did you get your invite to the Mara Lago New Years Eve party? Just kidding Walter. I see you are moving up in the competition this season and I may be handing my tiara over to you on the runway celebration in a few weeks. But no matter who wins or loses, we just have to promise.... no tears... Well, at least not until next November.🤣 Meanwhile GO BENGALS!!!! Because it's not their fault--- the Russians made them lose! I love it when politics spills into threads where you least expect it. Thank you Walter for opening that door! You are real peach! Kip
  7. Posting this music video for Strider. I know he will appreciate it.
  8. Things may be coming to that now. Saw in the news that Prince Andrew is stepping down from all official responsibilities and the Queen kicked his office out of Buckingham Palace. I heard the Queen also cancelled a Prince Andrew birthday celebration for next year. This doesn't look good for the royal family who already have a loooooong history of outrageous and tawdry behavior. Not just this version of the royal family, but going back many, many centuries. A sad state of affairs for such a wonderful nation to have this type of stain continuing to go on in this century. Child rape is a pretty serious charge, even if the girl was 17 at the time. Not sure if that is still considered rape in England, but it is here in America and why Roman Polanski has never returned to the U.S. to face the music. What kind of man would willfully sexual abuse, molest, or rape a child? ALLEGEDLY of course.
  9. More crazy from America's "left coast". Lenin would be proud.
  10. Did he have the name Front Row before the O2? RIP
  11. United States make the funniest movies. After that probably England. China must make the worst. Does China even have any standup comics?
  12. Go Redrum! Old hippies deserve respect!
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