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  1. What no religion? Does that mean no talk of Mr. Crowely too? No tarot, no runes, none of that mystic shit that is so rock and roll cool! I'm fine with the talk, as long as it doesn't devolve into mudsharking. Hehehe..
  2. I have gone so far as to request they turn music off our down in some situations. Was at a big club store (Costco) and they had a display by the registers of one of those bluetooth amplifiers that can play music from any of your devices. The music I could tell was not what the store/chain had likely decided to play, but more likely what some of the employees wanted to hear, again rap music it was pretty over the top----and it was REALLY LOUD and right in my ears. So, I requested it be turned off and I was ignored. So, then I just went over and turned it OFF, and a young employee came over and
  3. Not all cops are the same and many can be assholes. I just understand what their job is, what kind of people are attracted to a job like that, and then after that consider what I can do to not "take the bait" and just play along. Not saying I waive my rights or anything. But just like some passive aggressive airline worker, or a store clerk armed with a "policy" or other means to ruin your whole day, I just play it smart and don't give them any ammunition. Arguing with cops will NEVER work in your favor on the side of the road. Courts are for settling legal disputes. You act foolish in front
  4. Living is SoCal and the L.A. area I am very familiar with both of those assholes. I was young at the time, but after the Manson murders the vibe of the times changed, and nobody looked at hippies the same way here in Los Angeles. The "peace love" thing was OVER. Many people I know have a Richard Ramirez story, and how his murders affected or touched pretty much a lot of people. Ramirez for example murdered two people just a few houses away from where my aunt and uncle lived. I actually had a personal encounter with Richard Ramirez too at one point, but it was a year or so BEFORE his kil
  5. I agree with the current music they have in many stores, but a few sill have great playlist and seem to understand that the people spending the MOST money are people from our generation. I stopped shopping at one store I used to like after they add a bunch current crap music songs, and also started making half of the announcements over the PA in Spanish. I guess nobody can please everyone, but if I'm shopping and annoyed, or my blood pressure goes up, the I can't even be in the store to spend my money. I think some marketing people make a mistake of targeting music, or ads to larger
  6. Charles Manson was into tarot, and so was Richard Ramirez (night stalker).
  7. 100% Peter Grant here
  8. Yeah I think maybe it is owned by Connoco Phillips now. It's so hard to keep track of all the oil company mergers and acquisitions. I think they are just now call "76" and not Union 76 Union 76 had been based here in SoCal in El Segundo. Not far from Long Beach and the port of Los Angeles, right near Los Angeles International Airport. Their signs were a large orange ball with "76" on them signifying the year 1776. Back in the 60s if you filled your tank they would give you an orange 76 ball to put on your antenna. I always thought they were cool.
  9. The 3rd one really pleased me off! Hehehe...
  10. Thank you Australia for this guy:
  11. LOL! Norm MacDonald does a bit about some homeless guy he saw and the street with a dog. And Norm was saying that the dog is probably thinking: "what the hell do I need this guy for, I could pretty much do this homeless thing on my own!"
  12. Okay, this one is a good one! That's two in the last month you have contributed Paul (Elizabeth Montgomery and now this one). Who is this pretty lady? Does she have a name I would recognize?
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