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  1. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    People don''t elect the President, the states elect the President. A little technicality about us being a Constitutional Republic and not a straight democracy. The founding fathers had many more reasons NOT to form a Union, so having balance was key to them coming to an agreement. But the small states do matter, they matter a lot. Although maybe not every election cycle. I think Hillary proved that a politician shouldn't ignore ANY state no matter how few electoral votes they have. Hillary assumed she had it in the bag; she should have paid more attention to states she felt she didn't need. And there is where small states have power to be heard; when elections are close. In 1996 Bill Clinton won largely Democrat West Virginia (5 electoral votes), but in 2000 Al Gore didn't care about West Virginia, all his loony shut down the coal industry talk, and Gore lost West Virginia and those 5 electoral votes went to Bush Jr. 5 more electoral votes for Gore would have put him at 271 electoral votes instead of 266. It would have held Bush instead at 266 instead of him getting 271 (270 to win). So you tell us again how unimportant the Electoral College system is when it gives power to the small states during close elections?
  2. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    The 2nd Amendment was not included to protect hunting, target shooting, and collecting. You seem very bright Peace Frog, consider the context of the Bill of Rights; why would protecting hunting have even been a concern--- it wouldn't. 75% of the colonies were rural at the time, hunting was as normal as owning a horse back then. No, the founding fathers had something else in mind.... and before you say militias consider that the Heller decision affirmed gun ownership as an individual right. Why shouldn't everyone who is not a criminal own guns? It's a natural right to defend one's life is it not PeaceFrog? Thing is everybody does not qualify to own guns namely criminals; however, when has any laws stopped a criminal?
  3. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    A single unhinged crazy person is really hard to defend against. Thank got it wasn't a large organized group like 9/11 or it would have been much worse.
  4. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Are you saying animals loved Obama? I wonder why?
  5. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Are you still whining about that? You are like a broken chatty Kathy doll.
  6. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    100 billion dollars could have built 20 walls, but then where would all their future voters come from?
  7. kipper

    What Made You Happy today?

    Got my new sealskin wallet in the mail today from a friend in Canada. It's beautiful! Thanks Edmund!!!!
  8. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Ha ha!! LOL
  9. kipper

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    I agree 100% and felt that way during the 9/11 WTC attacks too and many more. One thing all these types of people share is that they are all cowards.
  10. kipper

    Facebook and issues that come with it

    Handle it...
  11. kipper

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Verna Bloom best remembered as Mrs Wormer from the film Animal House has gone on to the big cucumber farm in the sky. RIP
  12. kipper

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Weather outside has turned cloudy with a chance of "Rainsong" in the forecast. Looks like maybe 5-7 days of "A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall" so I hope that "When the Levee Breaks" everyone is not crying "Who'll Stop the Rain?"
  13. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    "IF" all other things are equal. Problem is when a father isn't constrained by society to stick around come hell or high water far too many don't. And then conversely telling young women that "putting the cart before the horse" and going ahead and starting a family before there is some iron clad assurances; it is often a recipe for disaster. As it stands about 50% of marriages end up divorce anyway, so it is always a uphill climb right out of the gate. But that being said, why shoot yourself in the foot first before anything else? The destruction of the family has caused more social strife post sexual revolution than just about anything else other than the welfare state. Who was it that said, "the soft bigotry of low expectations"? FYI- this is an interesting topic and I don't think it is necessarily a contentious one which we can't discuss. I think we both agree we want to see happy stable home lives and well protected children. I will concede that "IF" all things really are equal, then you are correct, what is the difference? My reservation however is I don't believe they are all that often equal. And for men who have a built-in escape hatch to a relationship; they too often take it rather than stick around and do the harder thing and that is being a man and owning up to their responsibilities.
  14. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Because "baby daddies" are about as reliable as a AMC Pacer.
  15. kipper

    Strange Places to Do "It"

    I wonder if anyone has ever done it in the oval office?
  16. kipper

    Bosses that are nuts

    I once had a boss who whenever he meant to say precedent he pronounced it "president". Drove me nuts.
  17. kipper

    Tip of the Day

    "It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man." — Jack Handy
  18. kipper

    Weekend plans?

    I will sleeping in on Saturday and probably Sunday.
  19. kipper

    Chocolate Lovers!

  20. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

  21. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    her parasol as they were...
  22. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    big wonderful shapely American thigh...
  23. kipper

    Random Thoughts v.3

  24. kipper

    Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    but they didn't notice the..