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  1. RIP Norm MacDonald More Norm tributes.
  2. A sad day with the passing of the great comedy genius Norm MacDonald. Norm was a true to the art of stand up comedy. He was always willing to boldly find that line between social politeness and raw unapologetic humor. Even when he didn't get the laugh, he always seemed happy in his own skin to have swung for the fences. Norm was the Ted Williams of stand up comedy. There are few who could play in his league.
  3. Thanks for contributing Steve! You can always be counted on for providing great content. Charlie was always my favorite Stone, he was too me just the cool one in the background, steady, always to be relied on. For me he was a lot like John Entwistle of The Who, never a need to be upfront in the spotlight, often looked past by many, but once you understood the contribution of their music, then it dawns on you how much their specific signature to the sound means. When I as younger I always gravitated to the drum playing styles of Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Ginger Baker. But as I got older and really had a different ear for the drums, and I realized that what many used to say was just a boring "rock steady" style like Charlie Watts or even Ringo, is actually very brilliant playing. Less can be more, it can be so much more.
  4. Shouldn't Charlie Watts deserve his own RIP thread? This is still a ROCK AND ROLL forum is it not? Poor Charlie has to be commemorated in the same thread where Falco is honored?
  5. You're welcome Chase! And I am ashamed to admit that I have selfish reasons for my interest in this as Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are the best shows in the last 20 years. And that being said, I wish Odenkirk a speedy recovering. Plus him being the star of this show, there are THOUSANDS of people's livelihoods also riding on his getting healthy again. Great show
  6. Of course the numbers aren't great in the US in terms of upward mobility INSIDE the USA. But that is due to OPEN BORDERS my friend, all those really poor uneducated people pulling the numbers down. However, another way to look at that, is how much better off are they here, than where they came from? So, comparing those levels; with places like Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua as the base level, isn't that really some huge leap in upward mobility, at least for them? Open borders and unchecked immigration also has a hand in driving down wages, and the WORST affected by that, are poor African-Americans in the inner cities.
  7. What do you think Red, ABQ or Oakland, which city is more sketchy?
  8. Thanks for the info. There are a lot of low rent places in people all over this country. Nothing good ever comes from drug use or gangs. People complain about crime and cartels, and then support them by buying dope. And pot is in that group too. For people to believe the drug cartels are the major pot suppliers, people who murder, rape, and wreak havoc all over Mexico. Maybe some folk ought to think about that the next time they light up a doobie. Many people will whine about clothing companies with slave labor, only to support the drug cartels by their "recreation substance" of choice.
  9. Not sure how covid created more homelessness. In California the damn state stepped in and has paid everyone's rent for a year. Zero evictions basically, I don't know how landlords survive? I believe that most people's problems are due to poor choices in life. I've always lived within my means, and never had a problem.
  10. Turned out to be a small heart attack due to a blockage. Odenkirk said today that they were able to repair the blockage without surgery. here is is like to his tweet https://twitter.com/mrbobodenkirk/status/1421195860466089991
  11. Hmmm... why is Los Angeles County so high in infection Wally? All of those ultra conservatives out here in LA County....LOL! And look at Nevada, especially Clark County. Lots of conservatives there too Rio Grande Valley???? If what I think you are suggesting is true, then why isn't Idaho and Montana solid red? MAYBE, the answer isn't as cut and dry as you think it is? Maybe you are following a hyper partisan narrative buddy boy? BTW, the south has the highest concentration of African Americans 97% we all know voted YOUR way. So why not more yellow low counties there? Hmmmmm....
  12. Hawaii has a very low population.... very low. It is much easier to manage a problem where there are low numbers. In Califorinia there are more homeless people just in Los Angeles county living along the freeways, than probably the population of Hawaii. This isn't about treating people like humans, so they will act like humans. Drug addicts do not act like humans, not when their entire life is about getting their next fix. You can't be "nice" to them and cure them, it doesn't work that way with addicts of that level.
  13. Your point being what? That other than Alaska, it appears that violent criminal homicides appear to be centered around the African-American demographic. I get the deal with Louisiana and Alabama. But look an Maryland, that higher rate is all about Baltimore. Interestingly, Illinois and California you would think higher, but owing to massively large state populations, the higher localized crime stats (Compton, Oakland, South Chicago) are mitigated by a larger mostly non violent population across the rest of those two states. I get why Idaho and Maine are so low. Lower population, and specifically a certain majority demographic they both share, even as both are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. I will need to take a look at New Mexico, and see what in underlying there, and why their violent crime is above the national average. There is a lot drug offenders in ABQ, some really, really low rent areas. So, those must be inflating the averages for the whole state. A state of only 2 million people.
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