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  1. He plays something around the 0:57-1:12 mark that sounded vaguely familiar to me.. but you're probably right. Maybe it's just me being OCD 🤔🤣
  2. Can you tell if he plays "Dixie" during the harmonizer section on the 22nd? I know he plays "Feelin' Groovy" before the theremin section. He plays something patriotic sounding before that though, I can't tell what it is. Sounds like "Dixie" to me.
  3. Way to go bro! I'm impressed by the effort you put into this and can't wait to see what other shows you can splice together.
  4. The sound quality of this remaster is amazing! Definitely a night and day difference. I would love to hear the rest of the show. It's a shame that this wasn't the version of the show that's been circulating on Youtube for years.
  5. Amen to that brother! I agree with literally everything in your post.
  6. Is Atlanta nitpickable? I know it's definitely a "bootleg ears required" show..
  7. 5/30/77 also has an impressive sounding STH solo.. I haven't heard the soundboard but it sounds great on the audience source.
  8. 4/28/77 the first (?) audience source. The taper or his homie says "Achilles Last Stand, holy shit, Achilles Last Stand" as Page picks out the intro.
  9. I dunno why but that cracked me up 😆
  10. Oh without a doubt. I don't know if you've ever attempted to listen to the (well-developed-bootleg-ears-required) opening night at Chicago but his vocals on Kashmir are very powerful. Although I never liked that harmonizer he uses when he sings In My Time Of Dying.
  11. I don't often chime in, but thanks for posting this. Definitely an amusing read 😀
  12. I like how they played 2 encores at Pontiac (and most of the other shows on the first leg of the tour). I'm not a fan of how most of the shows on the 2nd and 3rd legs got Rock and Roll preceded by a truncated version of Whole Lotta Love.
  13. When you say the Pontiac version of No Quarter is "easily one of the best versions", do you mean one of the best versions for '77 or one of the best versions '73-'79?
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