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  1. I'm calling a lack of memory loss on Jerry's behalf here. But I have found him saying it He doesn't specify 73 here though
  2. Yes I've longed revered this video, it's so perfectly in balance and in a strange kind of way so Led!
  3. I just think he looks tired here I don't think those 4 years aged him that much. 77-80 however he was a completely different man. Inside and out
  4. Jimmy starts heroin at 30/1, Aleister starts to see the benefits of smoking opium at 30/1... Curious, very curious.
  5. Bonzo, a screaming banshee, JPJ knowledge of acoustics and Mr Magick
  6. British sarcastic humour. Robert has it mastered.
  7. It took 40 years for you to pick that up?..
  8. That Japan show where they are waiting for Bonzo shows you what a real leader Jimmy actually was, when Robert started singing red nosed-reindeer, Jimmy stopped him right in his tracks with "come on it's getting silly now...". It's very rare how you see those early leadership glimpses EVER. Post Presence Jimmy was probably way to drained to bother leading.
  9. It's not one of his. That he knows of anyway. Coincidence or one he owes alimoney for.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Led-Zeppelin-Deluxe-Edition-Book-Reel-Art-Press/223319563502 Selling my copy
  11. Looks like Burnside and Page had something in common Both in March nonetheless, Jimmy did a lot more damage though..
  12. LOL I must add it wasn't actually the Stones at Knebworth really was it now Edit: It's Jahfin you're replying too, didn't realise this thread was THAT old Ah Jahfin, where art thou now? And who are you pissing off?
  13. "everybody sh sh sh sh" I know what you're on about but they aren't booing. That HMMT Rah is one of their greatest moments as a a group, I don't think it's boos
  14. We're in agreement here SAJ So where's the rest?! Rewatching that it seems like there's bloody hours from Plumpton, Starship, Driving, Baltimore. Bloody loads hanging about somewhere WHERE
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