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  1. It will be posted when Page is dead according to himself. To avoid legal hassles. I can't wait to read it. But Page shouldn't die. Just release it. His and Krieger of The Doors are my most wanted autobiogeaphies.
  2. Just saw a mag today, Page on cover. Has his role as a producer ever been featured in a magazine? And why no Led Zeppelin featured in the Classic Album series? Er...I can think of a couple or more...!
  3. If so, this must pertain to the filmmakers Peter Clifton and Joe Massot. Atlantic Records/Warner Bros. execute no rights over the movie and soundtrack thereof.
  4. I know Led Zep exercised total control over filmrights and albums derived thereof. I think Jimmy Page wanted to make it as authentic as possible. I simply love this album...
  5. I agree. I am just now listening to The Song Remains The Same and Rain Song. It is just splendid music. A full boxset would be highly appreciated...
  6. Who are the other three...? Bonzo was dead when Plant stsrted his solo career...
  7. When was the Robert Plant interview with Richard Skinner?
  8. Welk, Purple released all their shows from Japan. That sold. Led Zep's stint at MSG would sell as well.
  9. Why hasn't there been a full release of the three nights at MSG?
  10. After Made in Japan by Deep Purple, TSRTS is a fine second.
  11. Did Led Zep mime to playback at the Shepperton Studio?
  12. Any new filmed concerts from 1968-1980 to be released?
  13. This explains why Plant doesn't want to play w/ Zeppelin. He doesn't make one penny on record sales! I understand him.
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