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  1. There are a few people in Alabama, who don't know how to dance free ballet, while cooking for their lonely lives, but mostly, people do decisions, that are not that good or are not particulary talented! Any other questions? Have you ever thought, there is any point in sex, except meating someone closely and loving!? Well feel, that's how it is.
  2. I don't like some of Chris Farlowes singing, I think it's overly dramatic and the lyrics are not that good either. But Plant's song and many good Page ideas, are really good and it's cool, he doesn't want to prove himself, as an eighties type guitarist, he does some great instrumentals. But everyone has to have his own opinion, I mean, are the opening acts at Woodstock bad, because they don't have virtuosos and just strumming, yet still some really good lyrics and are the latter bands not good enough, because guitarist's don't play as fast as Jimmy!? Music can always give you something good if you listen right, but in the context of wider life, although Led Zeppelin at the beginning, probably didn't have to know anything else, but in which city they are! ;) :) It's great, how Jimmy live in 1988, still did everything he could techically, but on the album, he is more of a writer, but not that much of an innovator really. You can only be an innovator, with each new song and strum heh. The riffs are really good and the emotional balads, resonate nicely, especially the live solos and the singing live is better. Nice album!
  3. I can help you latter on and it's a bit cold in England now probably, but it's a good thing, you can go, when you decide to go, so don't go now and have a really good time, with whoever you go, do your best and if you get somewhere, you can aswell ring the bell, but it's a very good idea, to be invited first, you can bring nothing new but goodnes anyway!
  4. Happy birthday to everybody, oh and to Jimmy.
  5. Well maybe geekfreak should reword it first, or put some punctuations in his sentences. He just wished me best yeah, but maybe he should have made me understand better, so I just wrote a bit of a joke and now I thank him.
  6. I think it's an appropriate topic and a good idea, to discuss music with Zeppelin fans, that's what's it about!
  7. Hoping to get a better response? I already did in this topic, but we hoped it's about you!
  8. Thanks for all the responses, it's nice we care about this topic. Helping each other is important. You can go to the desert too, if you want heh, just don't go to the universe, not too far anyway. You are from Australia anyway. I will try to help more in this topic latter, you all have a good time, stay good looking, it's probably especially good for the daughters heh, have a nice time!
  9. Well I appreciate your opinion and these are all great bands, but I think The Who are far more one dimensional! Live at Leeds is great, but even in the early days, Zep had more variety in sound! The biggest problem with your opinions is though, that they are not supported with arguments. Don't want to argue though! You can't just say, they played more creatively and dynamically, without saying why you think that! I mean yeah, that is how you feel, but really!? What about the acoustics sets of Zeppelin and the way they opened up their jams in so many directions, genres, so many new ways to express vocally and lyricaly and new ideas each concert!? Anything about that!?
  10. Well don't go into the desert! I wish your son all best, just help him find a better way to talk to other people and it will be better! It's weird when you try to help with such things and then people immediately start to think of the anxiety of the one who is writing. Anxiety is long behind me, it was mostly rather mild anyway. Have a nice time!
  11. They were both very positive bands, each had a different approach to music and some of the Zep approaches, required a lot more virtuosity and versatility, but that doesn't necessarily make them a better band. They are to me, they give me a lot more, I love their music, it gives a wonderful time to humanity.
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