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  1. Great pics, what a cool story ...thanks for sharing!
  2. By the way: there were 30sec promo commercials on australian TV for the Sydney shows in Feb. 1996 - got it somewhere on DVD.
  3. ... the concert was recorded at the Oberrheinhalle in OFFENBURG and not in Offenbach, which is a different city near Frankfurt and 200miles away!
  4. Thanks for sharing the 8mm Video ... this was one the three shows I saw on that last tour ... brings back great memories.
  5. "The kind you would use for screening your Home movies ." Claude Nobs filmed 100's of the shows he promoted in Montreux and stocked'em in his private archive ...
  6. Just would like to point out, it was the late and great JEFF BUCKLEY who said that at a concert in Australia, as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant sat in the audience and Jimmy told that tale later in an interview.
  7. ... wouldn´t expect a 2hour show - Robert doesn´t play that long anymore, anywhere. Suspecting an afternoon appearance I guess he'll play for an hour plus encores. An appearance at the annual Pinkpop usually means broadcasts on FM and dutch TV ...
  8. Thanks, already have the recommended "Final Acclaim" and Dave´s even more detailed "Feather In The Wind" too and if you know Mannheim, you´d understand why Plant, Jones and Bonzo were anxious for the weekend in Munich ...
  9. Have seen both sold-out shows on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd of July in Mannheim (and Munich too). The Ice-Stadium in Mannheim was not a building, more a little, partly walled stadium oval roofed with a big canvas tent over it. It had a capacity of 8.500 and the house was more than packed each night - Zep were late, no matter what the ticket said,and yes, there were no more trains leaving afterwards, what meant spending two nights in sleeping bag on the hard floors at the station in those wet, cold summer days and being waked up at dawn by the railway police. First night Jimmy was late on his way from Frankfurt(where he performed with Santana the night before) and as far as I can remember, by 8.30PM Promoter Fritz Rau came on stage and apologized for the delay, asking for patience. As Zep entered the stage it was 9.30PM - first night was much hotter than the next, an ecstastic rowdy atmosphere and smells of weed all over the place, as there were thousands of GI's, based in Ramstein, Frankfurt and Heidelberg. I was deeply touched as I witnessed, how those tough and drunken guys were literally driven to tears and started crying like little nasty boys as Jimmy played the opening chords of "Stairway To Heaven" 2nd night they came on a bit earlier, but not sooner as 9.00PM and although the crowd was even more enthusiastic, it seemed the whole evening like Zep were on a rush - speeding up the whole event and finally they stayed on stage between 1st and 2nd encore and nailed down a quick "Communication B´down" with Jimmy soloing on his knees instead of "Whole Lotta Love". This impression could easily be proved by audience recordings, lasting approx 130 minutes for the first but only 115 minutes for the 2nd night. Would really appreciate photos from these shows, as they will bring back and lighten up great memories.
  10. German ROLLING STONE is announcing two shows for ROBERT PLANT & SSS on July 16, 2014 in Berlin and July 17, 2014 in Dresden.
  11. Which version of Offenburg is the one to get? Try "Live In Offenburg - The Eddie Edwards Mix" pulled together from three different audience-sources ...
  12. Quote: "I, myself, prefer Offenburg a tad more, even though it's lacking Dancing Days. Jimmy's guitar sounds razor sharp, and I like the atmosphere you get with the audience tape, which is a little rough at the start but clears up once Over the Hills and Far Away begins." Totally agree with that opinion ... and regard it as one of their best performances ever, because Jimmy`s playing that evening was not from this world
  13. ... would recommend Godfather's "A Celebration For Being Who You Are" too. Best audio quality, the complete show and packaged very nicely.
  14. That photo was taken in Dusseldorf 3/12/1970 - the Red Baron was the owner of the Discotheque they were guesting after the show
  15. quote: The trio of "In Rock", "Fireball" &amp; "Machine Head" is incredible. Three completely different, but brilliant albums. "Who Do We Think We Are" isn't too shabby either and "Made In Japan" is one of the all time great live albums.<br /><br />Do agree too, but think two of their greatest songs followed with "Perfect Strangers" and "Knockin´ At Your Back Door" in the 80's. Were dissapointed as I saw them headlining a festival with Metallica, Dio etc - Blackmore seemed annoyed.<br />Also loved Blackmore´s Rainbow which I saw 1977 with Ronnie Dio (great!)and later with Graham Bonnnet in 1980 when I lost interest in the band. I recommend the "Live in Munich 1977"-DVD, what a blow!<br />Was much more into the early Whitesnake with the Marsden/Moody twin guitar, who were playing their asses off in small clubs and building a growing following. Also enjoyed Gillan on stage with baldhead John McCoy on bass and Bernie Torme on guitar.<br />
  16. „The Stones were dirty, but The Doors were dread!“. Gene Youngblood/ LOS ANGELES FREE PRESS Besides Zep-matters my favorite band! What a bunch of incredible albums, musically rich and lyrically brillant. Collecting their live-recordings one will discover what an exciting live act they were.
  17. = LED ZEPPELIN - Knebworth, August 4, 1979 - Mannheim (both shows), July 2&3, 1980 - Munich, July 5, 1980 w/Simon Kirke plus a dozen shows of THE FIRM, ROBERT PLANT and PAGE*PLANT 1998 (best shows I´ve ever seen) + RORY GALLAGHER (six times) + WHITESNAKE (five times in the earlier Moody/Marsden days)
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