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California Evermore

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  1. California Evermore

    Your favorite guitar players (better than Page)

    Eddie Van Halen is my all time favorite guitarist.
  2. California Evermore


    Oakland Seattle Pittsburgh New York Giants
  3. California Evermore

    2016 NFL Thread

    I hope the Bills bring in a really good coach and get their QB situation stabilized. I hope my beloved Vikings will solve all the issue on the O-Line and find a new starting RB. I hope the Packers lose the first game in the playoffs.
  4. California Evermore

    2016 NFL Thread

    So glad Rex and his brother are history in Buffalo. That team deserves better. So bummed about Derek Carr's injury. What a blow to a great Raiders team. My Vikings have been putrid since starting 5-0. Too many injuries to the O-line and the Defense stays on the field too long. If it's not a Cowboys v. Patriots Superbowl, I will be surprised. That being said, the Chiefs are looking mighty fine in the AFC.
  5. California Evermore

    Hey Hey What Can I Do?

    One of my favorite Zeppelin tunes.
  6. California Evermore

    Best female rock vocalist

    Janis and Joan are my favorites.
  7. California Evermore

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Zepheads.
  8. California Evermore

    Joe Satriani

    Satch Boogie rocks me.
  9. California Evermore

    Joe Satriani

    Joe is an awesome guitarist. He also seems like a really good guy.
  10. California Evermore


    Has anyone had experience with buying gear on Reverb? Positive? Negative? Eh?
  11. California Evermore

    2016-17 NBA Thread....

    It sure looks like a march to a Warriors-Cavs rematch. The Clippers look good and so do the Spurs.
  12. California Evermore

    The Birthday Thread

  13. California Evermore

    The Birthday Thread

    My son turned 18 today. His old educated hippie reboot parents took him for his first tattoo. He designed it himself. I love it.
  14. California Evermore

    2016 NFL Thread

    A Green Bay loss makes for a great weekend. If my Vikings bounce back tomorrow night against the Bears, then it will be a banner week of football for me. Thought we were going to have a second tie of the day in the Raiders-Bucs game. Glad to see the Raiders pull out the win. Man, the Patriots are such a well-oiled machine, and Tom Brady is just a leader among men. Peyton Manning himself will look back one day and tell his kids how he got to play during the Brady era.
  15. California Evermore

    2016 NFL Thread

    Raider nation has to be loving this season, so far.