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  1. Ha ha. I too was also 17 at the time of both gigs, but only by 30 odd days!!
  2. ....and just popping in again on the 40th anniversary of the second weekend at Knebworth. A very poignant memory as this proved to be the last ever performance by the original members as Led Zeppelin in the UK. So 'greetings' to my fellow Knebworthonians for the second weekend.
  3. Ah, there you are ledded1. Was wondering where you were. In the queue for the bogs perhaps? A crazy couple of weekends indeed, but well worth it. Man, we were so fortunate to make the O2 and to meet beforehand. Cherished memories.
  4. Just popping in on the 40th anniversary to say 'hello' to my fellow Knebworthonians. Here's a few pics I took.
  5. Ollie: What are you doing? Stan: There's somebody knocking on the phone. Ollie: See? That's levity. Stan: Hello, Mr. Levity? Ollie: Answer the door! "Mr. Levity". Mmph!
  6. Well... it's Christmas after all!!!
  7. Dropping in again... slightly late however. Very un-English. Apologies.
  8. Finally got my hands on it today (11th)!!! Blasting out now. Me: Happy Bunny. Wife: Not so Happy Bunny 😁
  9. That'll teach me then! You'd expect LZ.com would mail first, but clearly not. Amazon from now on. At least with them you generally have your hands on your stuff on the day of release.
  10. So I ordered the super deluxe box set from LZ.com ages ago, thinking this was the honourable thing to do.... and it's not yet in my hands!!! Very frustrating. Received an email on the eve of the release (6th) from Music Glue stating the following: "Please allow up to 10 business days for your order to arrive. If your order has not arrived by September 20 please get in touch by replying to this email." WTF!! Really expected better service than that.
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