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  1. Strange, not sure what's happened, here then. I'm viewing on my android phone, and the picture definately is there. Not wishing to sound abrupt or anything, but now just don't get it. Sorry.
  2. Ok, I over reacted. You didn't say why you couldn't see me, so I mistakenly thought you were posting a wise ass comment. For that I apologise. I'm going through a particularly rough time, personally, at the moment, but that is no excuse for being stroppy with other people. For that, I'm sorry. I'll leave it at that
  3. The Tea Party, Splendor Solis. Kinda like Jim Morrison with Led Zep.
  4. In all honesty, no I haven't. Probably because when I listen to Zeppelin, 9 times out of 10 I tend to not listen to the In Through The Out Door tracks. I've tried to over the years, but for reasons I've explained, I never bonded with that album.
  5. Call me blinkered, but for me Sabbath aint Sabbath without Ozzy. Same as Skynyrd without Ronnie, Queen without Freddie, Purple without Gillan. Just my own opinion for what its worth. Some might disagree, but that's ok. Each to his own. I generally prefer to listen to the first Sabbath albums up to Sabotage. Technical Ecstacy and Never Say Die I never really rated as highly as the earlier albums
  6. Suggest you ditch the stupid glasses, you might see better. Or is it that you've hung around this forum so long that you feel you can make sarcastic wisecracks to new members? Don't bother replying cos I won't read it, asshole. Looks like I can't delete my account, so might as well get banned.
  7. This is me 2 yrs ago, before covid struck the world
  8. That pic makes me feel sad.
  9. When Heart cover Zeppelin, and Heart are one of my fav bands, they pay respectful homage to their heroes. Anne and Nancy Wilson have always admitted to being huge Zeppelin fans. But, when Kingdom Come's first album came out, I thought, what the ****. Blatant plagiarism. Strange................
  10. I remember hearing Rock and Roll and Stairway when I was about 14.years old, and thinking how cool they were. But it was buying Houses Of The Holy album that really got me hooked.
  11. You could well be right. JPJ was getting more into the new technology at that time. But lets not forget, it was Jonesy who came up with the riff to Black Dog. He could, and still can, rock with the best of them.
  12. Earl's Court in '75. I was 17 yrs old, and for me, it still ranks as an all time great memory. Knebworth,' 79. Second weekend. Memorable, but a bit ragged in places. For me personally I'd choose Earl's Court as the better live experience.
  13. We agree on that point, friend. Not taking anything away from Jason Bonham, who is a phenomenal drummer, a chip off the old block, but with John Bonham's passing what constituted Led Zeppelin as a foursome finished as well. What might have followed, musically, is anyone's guess.
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