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  1. it didn't go well http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/sheen-s-road-tour-gets-off-to-rocky-start/6oe90px?q=charlie+sheen&rel=msn&from=en-us_msnhp&form=msnrll&gt1=43001
  2. "While both laws severely limit public employees’ ability to bargain collectively — they both prohibit any bargaining over health coverage and pensions — the Ohio law largely eliminates bargaining for the police and firefighters." That will come back and bite them in the ass.
  3. You call me a troll - no, I didn't call you one, but if the shoe fits. Now I am butt buddy? - only you know the answer to that. The last story I posted was from the AP - so, that's not your thoughts. Cutting and pasting articles is only someone else's opinion. Anyone can do that. Why don't you show us how you (in your own words) would make everything better. Please elaborate. It's Sunday, raining outside and i've nothing better to do today
  4. no, man. Drill baby, drill. And when the last drop of oil is squeezed from the ground, everyone can say in unison "why didn't the government tell us!"
  5. enjoying that union paycheck, buddy?
  6. Okay. What facts do you know? The twisted ones you hear from your Fox butt buddies? I think so because you all repeat them verbatim. Come up with an something original and get back to me. Then we canl have an intelligent conversation.
  7. I don't converse with trolls.
  8. More shit from a FUX News robot. The dumbing down continues.
  9. And when the guy you're competing with is happy to have a 10x12 cardboard hut next to an open sewer and a bowl of rice a day to feed his family, I guess it's a no-brainer who the greedy corporate types are going to pick. But not to worry. I've already decided on my next career selling useless trinkets to the new Chinese and Indian middle class who will come to the US to vacation.
  10. No, you haven't. All i've heard is how much you hate democrats. But it still seems pretty simple to me. Find a non union company and hire in there. I'm sure there are plenty of them. One bit of advice, though, better bone up on your Spanish and be prepared to make half as much. And so is Glenn Beck, so I guess we're even.
  11. I would say it's already too late. In less than 50 years the planet will have over nine billion human inhabitants. That's nearly twice as many as it can comfortably accommodate. Resources will start running out and panic will set in. The biggest one will be fresh water. Some places are already feeling this.
  12. you know, redrum, you can dance around the ring all you want. You've never answered my question of "if it's so bad, why do you belong to a union? Is it because the pay and benefits are so good, you would be a fool not to? And I don't give a hoot who Micheal Moore uses in his films. He's no hero of mine. Just another bloke making money off of clueless people. No different than the teabagger's messiahs Beck and Palin.
  13. What can one say? Above the beauty and glitz, she really was one of the finest female actors the world has ever seen. This scene from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe is imo, some of the best in film history. I hated Liz so much because this is so real and convincing. How many of us have been in the situation that George Segal and Sandy Dennis have been in?
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