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  1. TheEyeOfZoro

    Jimmy Page x Fender… Coming January 2019

    I just got back from a Music Store in Los Angeles, CA and the "tentative" pricing I'm hearing is that a Master Built Fender Telecaster Sets (Pre-Dragon & Dragon) are being sold for $50K. I asked if that was $25K each and the store owner said yes. There was a JP Pre-Dragon Telecaster American made Telecaster in a fender catalog which interestingly had NO MIRRORED CIRCLE's on it! The photo offered to the store by Fender for the Custom Shop Master Built Dragon Telecaster was literally this photo!!! So even though guitar dealers have begun taking full payment for the master built custom shop set and in some cases selling individual guitars from the set, this photo is all they have to go on. The Dragon will also be offered in a made in Mexico version for around $1399.00 USD. The fact that there are buyers who will pay $50K for a Fender Custom Shop "Master Built" Dragon Telecaster set, (one with the mirrors I presume and the other being the dragon aged) without even knowing how the paint job or aging will look like, simply amazes me. "The legend" of this guitar continues to mystify... Would love to hear what people think of the Dragon Telecaster being referred to as "Excalibur" by Page himself. It's an interesting comment.
  2. TheEyeOfZoro

    The Yardbirds

    In August of 1967, the guitar was painted with the Dragon. The circles were removed in April 1967.
  3. Jimmy Page with The Yardbirds at Fifth Dimension Club, Ann Arbor is a perfect example of the "Clear Coat" overspray washing out the painting in the first shot on the paint but not on the upper wood part. If the upper part was also protective coated I would imagine that it would have flashed out in them image like in the top pic. [Love the Behind the nut bending here, pre-heart breaker]
  4. Accidentally painting the tuners takes some serious effort. Overspray? As in clear protective coat? There are some live shots that I see a reflective glare over the bare wood areas and it moves as the angle moves. The accidentally painting it part sounds similar to the "mystery person story" who supposedly destroyed it. This painting looks stenciled. No way was it "Sprayed" without a stencil if sprayed at all. Every attempt at recreating it with a brushes looks terrible. Plus the clear straight lines and the super thin lines tell me it was stenciled. I would even venture to guess that Page still has the stencils because he as alluded that he wants to resurrect the guitar. $19.95 is an odd amount between friends and in Dollars I doubt, I would imagine you mean pounds. Yes in 1977 when interviewed by S. Rosen he said: "Yes. There was work done on it but only afterwards. I painted it; everyone painted their guitars in those days. And I had reflective plastic sheeting underneath the pick guard that gives rainbow colors." This supports the above statement by sixpense, that the fool may have inspired Jimmy to paint "The Dragon" and if anything I think he out did "The Fool" "mystically". [From: http://www.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/The-Tale-Of-Eric-Clapton-Fool-Gibson-SG.aspx] Marijke Koger described the overall theme of the design as “good versus evil, heaven versus hell, and the power of music in the universe to rise above it all as a force of good. The Fool’s graphic was as weird as it was wonderful. There’s that winged cherub with curls of fire sat astride a candy cloud: the big hair on the head of the cherub, the centerpiece of The Fool’s artwork, was inspired by Clapton’s own white-‘fro of the time. The cherub’s left hand is grasping a triangle, while his right hand holds a spoon-shaped beater. The arch of his right foot is balanced on top of the rear tone control. Six-sided yellow stars orbit around him. Swirling circles of blues, greens, and yellows adorn the rest of the body, with a sun and mountain range on the pickguard. Many have insisted to me that the Dragon was an abstract or psychedelic painting. I disagree. Knowing now that someone had contributed to it technically furthers my opinion that it was full of mystical meaning. Would love to know more about Earl.
  5. Well that fits very nicely with the longest stretch of time off between gigs. This is the first I've ever heard this information. Was this ever published or did you hear this first hand from Jimmy?
  6. Cool Story. I've heard similar stories and know that he goes online a lot.
  7. Yes you are right, as it only sometimes falls on the 20th for Summer and typically the 22nd for Winter. My bad. This site also lists it wrong, so in trying to make sure I was accurate for 1967 I may have gotten it off the web incorrectly. http://www.drikpanchang.com/seasons/season-summer-solstice-timings.html?year=1967 Interestingly in 1967 it was also a full moon (Strawberry Moon) as it was for for the first time last year. Considering you are Jimmy Page and have Prerequisite, what month / week did you paint the Dragon? Also considering it looks to me like it was done with Stencils, did anyone help you make those?
  8. Trying to determine what Month / week period when the Dragon was painted. Through mid April of 1967 Jimmy Page's Telecaster had mirror reflective circles on it as evidenced of the shows in Denmark with the last that I've seen by Jorgen Angels photographs on April 15th. Assuming on April 16th in Lolland Denmark the guitar was the same, sometime between April 17th and April 29th the guitars circles were removed and the custom clear perspex scratch plate was added that is newly visible at the April 30th 1967 Chaville France show. 30 April France. Did Page return to UK before May 20th France show. – NO CIRCLES NEW SCRATCH PLATE The next photo I have is from July 22nd 1967 with the Dragon Painted. Being that this is coming up on the 50th anniversary of the first photo I have of the Dragon, I'm dying to find out when it could have been painted. 6 May 1967 » Chippenham, England @ Royal Agricultural College 8 May 1967 » Cannes Film Festival Personal Appearance for Blow Up. 14 May 1967 » Stratford, London, England @ 18 May 1967 » Versailles, France @ 19 May 1967 » Elizabethville, Paris, France @ L'Hermitage 20 May 1967 Sat Jouy en Josas, France HEC Business School Note: HEC Business School end-of-year party; Billed with Joe Dassin, Jimmy James, Jean-Luc Ponty and Dexter Gordon 22 May 1967 » London, England @ BBC Radio 23 May 1967 » Bristol, England @ The Corn Exchange 26 May 1967 » London, England @ Tiles Club 27 May 1967 » Ramsgate, Kent, England @ Supreme Ballroom 29 May 1967 Monday Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England @ Cambridge City Football Club Stadium 1 June 1967 » Canterbury, Kent, England @ University of Kent 2 June 1967 Fri Canterbury, England University of Kent 5 June 1967 Mon Bath, England Pavilion 6 June 1967 » Malvern Wells, Worcs, England @ Winter Gardens 8 June 1967 » Worthing, West Sussex, England @ Worthing Assembly Hall 9 June 1967 » Margate, Kent, England @ Dreamland Ballroom 10 June 1967 » Torquay, Torbay, England @ Town Hall 16 June 1967 » Norwich, Norfolk, England @ Student Union, University of East Anglia 17 June 1967 Sat Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Royal Air Force (RAF) Waddington - Raven Club 18 June 1967 Sun London, England Saville Theater Note: Charity pop concert presented by Brian Epstein; with Manfred Mann, The New Vaudville Band, The Zombies, The Settlers [ 11 Days Off ] June 22nd Summer Solstice My guess is that the Dragon was painted during this 11 day period considering he was in England and it was the Summer solstice, a perfect time to Consecrate the Telecaster as Page describes... "During my time with The Yardbirds, I had taken the decision to Consecrate my guitar by painting it in psychedelic color opposites and employing diffraction grating beneath the clear Perspex scratch plate." Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page J June 30 1967 Shrewsbury, Shrops, England @ Shrewsbury Music Hall July 1 1967 Sat Chalk Farm, London, England Roundhouse TRAVEL FROM UK TO US FOURTH NORTH AMERICAN TOUR July 7 1967 Fri Vancouver, British Columbia Kerrisdale Arena July 8 1967 Sat Vancouver, British Columbia Kerrisdale Arena (41st Avenue & West Blvd.) Note: Both billed with Magic Fern, Painted Ship, Family Tree and Tom Northcott (pm) Two performances July 10 1967 Mon Theinville, WI USA Teensville July 11 1967 Tue Algonquin, IL USA New Place July 12 1967 Wed Aurora, IL USA Crimson Cougar July 19 1967 Wed Lakeside, CO USA Lakeside Amusement Park July 21 1967 Fri Santa Rosa, CA USA Santa Rosa Fairgrounds July 22 1967 Sat Santa Monica, CA USA Shrine Exhibition Hall or Civic Auditorium – DRAGON TELECASTER Photographed. ANY Photos of any of the above dates would be awesome.
  9. TheEyeOfZoro


    Very interested in also trying to pin down when the 8 mirrored reflector stickers were affixed to the Jeff Beck gifted telecaster. [ on a side note, did Jeff barrow this guitar from John Owen, trade it for something or purchase it?] Dec 4 - Lima, Ohio - last known photo of the Telecaster WITHOUT the reflectors [5 Days to Travel back to UK from US and unpack.] Dec 10 - Bristol, UK - Bristol University Dec 13 - Aberystwyth Wales, Aberystwyth University UK Dec 15 - Hull, UK - Hull University [Dec 16 – Dec 21] 6 Day Break in UK - maybe it was during this break that he put the reflectors on. Dec 22, 1966 Little Games STUDIO SESSION: "You Stole My Love" (15 versions of backing track recorded), "L.S.D." Dec 23 Wembly Studios London, UK.- Ready Steady Go! Season 4 Episode 17 --Keith Relf and Paul Sammwell Smith Presented. [No indication yet that Jimmy Page was required to be present for the Ready Steady Go! Final episode!] Dec 24 [From SteveAJones previous comments] According to Jimmy, they departed London for New York on December 24, 1966, arriving in New York on Christmas Day. Dec 25 Arrival in New York Dec 26 - Rochester NY War Memorial Dec 27 - Ann Arbor, Fifth Dimension, MI Dec 28 - Peoria, IL – First Known Photo of Telecaster with 7 Reflectors. (later 8) Mike Fosters comments on what he witnessed on the back of the Guitar is also interesting. Maybe it was to cover up the "Jeffman" Stencil.
  10. TheEyeOfZoro

    Solo on stairway to heaven

    I too would love to hear what others think. In a 1977 Guitar Player interview Jimmy Stated the following... "The “Stairway To Heaven” solo was done when I pulled out the Telecaster, which I hadn’t used for a long time, plugged it into the Supro, and away it went again. That’s a different sound entirely from any of the rest of the first album." Has Jimmy lated stated something contrary yes. So has Andy Johns. Andy John's claims Page used "The Cherry Sunburst Gibo on the solo" and a Telecaster on the Rocking outro. Hear his comments here: But I believe it was a Telecaster and a Supro. As for Footpedal? Hum... It may have been just the tone of the Supro but could have also been the MK II Tonebender. Assuming it was a Supro, which model Supro was it? There are several contenders. Based on Jimmy stating it was a small supro with a 12" speaker sends people down the path of a 1624TN. There are 6973 tube versions as well as 6L6 version. Some argue that the 6L6 version sounds more like the first album and Stairway solo because the 6973 is brighter. While others say the contrary. Jimmy Page donating a Supro amp to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as "the Stairway Amp" also confuses things to say the least. This amp has been identified as a Supro 1690TN Coronado. But it was modified from its 2 x 10" speaker config to a 12" speaker version with a custom baffleboard. I personally don't think this is the amp due to owning this amp and not hearing a close match. Another Supro that was small and also "rumored to be a favorite of Jimmy's" is the Supro Super 1606. This amp is much smaller but was Valco's version of the Fender Champ. These amps have been go to amps over the years by many producers and guitar player for how great they sound recorded. My feeling is that its a toss up between the Supro 1624TN (6L6) and the Supro Super 1606. In the movie It might get loud, Jimmy does have some Supro's below the line of sight that look like a Supro 1624TN. One thing is for sure... he has been mysterious about this and understandably so.
  11. TheEyeOfZoro

    Cultural impact

    When I think of Led Zeppelin's "cultural impact", I think of how many genre's of music did Led Zeppelin's influence, how many age groups, how many countries, in addition to their peers making music & other art in their own time and or after them. Today's rock-n-roll youth culture can be argued is more of a Pop, Rap or EDM (example. Dubstep) culture than guitar driven Rock. Rap has previously embraced Kashmire, and today's dubstep DJ's mashup Zeppelin's music live and in Mixtapes. Older brothers and sisters are recruiting their younger siblings and Tumblr has resulted in legions of teens "fan-girling" or "fan-idolizing" every member. One can say Zeppelins age group is 14-70, so basically eveyone. If you consider the ticket lottery requests for O2, being honored by the Kennedy Center for cultural achievement, Television shows like Californication adding not only their music but T-shirts and direct mentions for credibility to the storylines, documentaries like Goggenheims "its gonna get loud" etc. etc, its evident Zeppelin is culturally more than relevent. Coverbands all over the world, and famous guitarists from Joe Perry, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wyld treating Page like their god is humbling. Guitar World reader polls having STH's solo being the #1 solo of all time, says to me their music is more like an archtype, and Led Zeppelin's "Cultural Impact" is more like an asteriod hitting the modern music era, leaving an impact impression yet to be filled. I'm also facinated with the sheer number of Zeppelin tattoo's across age groups including Zoso. This to me is "Cultural relevent" and I am amazed at how many young people have one. I am exploring this and other topics on my blog. Would love to hear what people think... Cheers.