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  1. Saw Mr. Jimmy with Jason Bonham open for Peter Frampton this summer. AMAZING. Mr. Jimmy is a force to be reckoned with and I found myself very emotional watching Jason in dads role. Seconding Get The Led Out. Amazing musicianship and they go deep into albums. I see them every time they come through town.
  2. I went back for a second time today, before it leaves NYC on 10/1. I missed the tele the first time, so I made darn sure to fawn over it for a bit. And that dragon suit embroidery detail. Wow. I captured the video for you - sure, it’s probably on YouTube but I recorded this with my own two little hands. 😊
  3. If I’m on a work call, and the other person can’t hear me, I always think of Robert’s “can ya hear me talkin’ to ya?” While trying not to laugh. 😆 Same here - the other guys were decent looking and then there’s Jimmy. I mean, look at him!
  4. I’ve always been attracted to dark haired men - especially their eyes. Jimmy takes it all to a whole new level. The eyes, the face, that glorious hair, that voice. He’s admittedly shy and then takes the stage and burns the place down. Intelligent men and powerful men are incredibly sexy. Jimmy is all of it personified. But to look at him - I just see perfection in looks and intellect. And yes - there is something about guitar players. They give us such aural pleasure. 😏 This video is one of the hottest examples of Jimmy I can think of. Take a ride here ladies and at 9:54-9:56, enjoy the view. You’ll thank me later.
  5. I get what you’re saying. Earls Court is pleasing to both the ear and the eye for me. I won’t lie, Page had some moves in there that made me think some naughty things, most notably during IMTOD. 😇. I’ll say what everyone else does -Jimmy needs to release those shows, please!
  6. This is making me laugh WAY too hard. Thank you. That is absolutely where my mind went too. 😆. She’s packed and ready to go!
  7. I chose IV, as it’s so simple yet iconic, much like Dark Side of the Moon. Here’s some background about each album: https://www.planetrock.com/news/rock-news/50-facts-about-led-zeppelins-seminal-album-covers/
  8. Some of these are hilarious. Jimmy, the blue-eyed marine and Jimmy, the only child, shown with Mom, Dad and the siblings.
  9. These were always some of my favorites.
  10. And they always say the bass player gets none of the women...😍
  11. The shirt - I would have never picked that up, now I can’t stop staring, lol. He definitely had his own style. I only realized very recently that these were the headshots that they used on LZ 2 cover.
  12. Jimmy got soaking wet during shows. Had to feel nasty! I’m surprised with a finger injury that he was able to play slide, but he is Jimmy Page after all... ❤️
  13. Sadly, I’m not there at the moment but I was literally just pricing packages to London I’ll definitely be back! What an amazing city!
  14. Standing in front of it was freaking surreal. What a way to end my first day in London! Jimmy doesn’t have gutters - he has gargoyles. From what I’ve read, the small square brick room off the left side of the house is where magical things come out of his guitars. There were issues with neighbors on that side installing lifts and he wasn’t happy. The neighbor’s house wrapped in construction barriers in the pic. I think he’s some financial bigwig. It amazes me that it withstood the blitz. His neighborhood is peppered with those plaques on them that say “House bombed - 1940” #31 is Robbie Williams’ house for giggles.
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