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  1. Thank you for the advice. I really would love to hear the albums on a turntable. I do remember how much better music sounded. I've already been blown away by some of their music. I can't remember listening to new music and getting so excited.
  2. I just discovered Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant a few months ago. I knew STH was a song by Led Zeppelin in the 70's. That's it. A couple months ago one of the "reaction videos" showed up in one of my feeds. It was a reaction to STH. Then this man started to "react" to more Led Zeppelin songs. I couldn't understand how I lived through the 70's and never knew what I was missing! Thinking back, in 1970 I had a 2yr old and twins on an Army base 600 miles from home with a Special Forces husband that was gone ALOT. If I listened to music it was in the car on a top 40 AM station. I watched Midnight Special on Friday nights. I don't remember ever hearing or seeing Led Zeppelin. As years went by and I started to listen more to music , I bought music by Chicago, Eagles. Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, etc. I only got to see a few live concerts as I raised kids, went back to school, and then to work. Nobody close to me shared Led Zeppelin with me. Yesterday I asked my younger sister if she ever had Led Zeppelin albums in the 70's. She said oh yeah, I loved the Immigrant Song, and so on. So I missed it all! Now every night I am aquainting with LZ and Robert Plant solo career music. I've realized what an interesting man he is. His lyrics have made this digging deep quite a journey. Its made this quarantine like a found a treasure box in the attic. I'd love to know what I shouldn't miss as I continue my education of all things Zeppelin and Plant. Please share if you don't mind. Thanks!!
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