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  1. As a new fan I really appreciate a thread on this. Don't forget that people are discovering LZ every day . . .
  2. Yeah I admit it is a bit strange. For some reason, I never bought any of their albums -- maybe because they were on the radio so much. (Another factor is that none of my brothers bought their albums either, which is the way I got into some other bands -- one of my brothers would buy an album or two, then I would buy a couple, and pretty soon we would have a lot of that band's music. Never happened with LZ ). It does feel kind of embarrassing to discover them in this way, but as you say better late than never.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, so apologies if this topic has already been beaten to death. I just wanted to pass along my own story of how I just became a LZ fan, since I think it might have some more general significance. If you had told me a month ago that I wasn't a fan of the band, I would have said no, that's not really true, I like LZ a lot, and know a lot of their music. But the reason I would have said that is because I'm an American in my late 50s, which means I went to high school in the mid-70s with a lot of big LZ fans, and that I've spent the last 30+ years bein
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