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  1. A-Ha is my favorite act of the 80's, but alas, you're right. They are not rock.
  2. 1960's The Beatles The Doors The Rolling Stones The Jimi Hendrix Experience The Velvet Underground Cream The Zombies The Beach Boys The Animals The Kinks HM: Creedance Clearwater Revival 1970's Led Zeppelin Queen Rush Pink Floyd The Who Heart Deep Purple Grateful Dead Yes HM: Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Genesis 1980's Guns N' Roses Metallica A-Ha The Cure Iron Maiden AC/DC Aerosmith Pixies Duran Duran U2 HM: Bon Jovi , Van Halen, REM, The Smiths, Motley Crue, Poison 1990's Nirvana Green Day Pearl Jam Alice in Chains The Smashing Pumpkins Red Hot Chili Peppers Soundgarden Nine Inch Nails Weezer Mighty Mighty Bosstones HM: Too many. 2000's My Chemical Romance Blink 182 The White Stripes Radiohead The Killers Yeah Yeah Yeahs Coldplay 30 Seconds to Mars Foo Fighters Arctic Monkeys HM: Linkin Park
  3. I wish I could get into his music.
  4. Is he using a certain kit, drumming a certain way or did they put reverb on his drum tracks.
  5. I heard the track. Yes, there are similarities for sure, but being inspired by something is not the same as copying it.
  6. All of them excellent. Most best drummers list put Peart, Bonham and Moon in the top 3. Neil Peart is probably the best drummer from a technical standpoint. He's very calculative, methodical, precise and technical in his drumming. John Bonham, however, probably has the best sense of rhythm of any drummer. His drums come in hard and crashing, with a sense of heft that no other drummer can seem to emulate. Keith Moon was just the animal, the id, total chaos, and he tried to be as unique and off beat as he could, while raging at certain moments. Moon's one of the best drummers of all time, but compared to the other two, if you take out showmanship, I don't think he's as good as the other two.
  7. They're almost always mentioned in the top 2 or 3. Jimi Hendrix was incredibly talented. Has a blues/jazz/improv way of playing that was very akin to the black artists of the 30's-50's. He was just really soulful and poetic with the guitar. But unfortunately, he died way too young, and I don't think his catalogue matches up with Page's for that reason alone. Page proved to be far more versatile and wide-reaching with the kind of music he'd play, between loud, soft, soothing, aggressive, he mastered just about every angle of guitaring.
  8. Houses of the Holy The Song Remains the Same The Rain Song Over The Hills And Far Away The Ocean No Quarter The Crunge D'yer Mak'er Dancing Days Physical Graffitti In My Time of Dying Kashmir Custard Pie Houses of the Holy Trampled Underfoot Rover Disc 2 Ten Years Gone In The Light Bron-Y-Aur Sick Again Wanton Song Boogie with Stu Down by the Seaside Black Country Woman Night Flight Presence Achilles Last Stand Nobody's Fault But Mine Tea For One Hots On For Nowhere For Your Life Candy Store Rock Royal Orleans In Through The Out Door Fool In The Rain All My Love I'm Gonna Crawl Carouselambra In The Evening South Bound Suarez Hot Dog Coda I Can't Quit You Baby Wearing and Tearing We're Gonna Groove Darlene Ozone Baby Walter's Walk Bonzo's Montreux Poor Tom
  9. I think most of us can agree that they had 6 stellar albums and then the started to fall off in their last three. What I'm doing in this hypothetical is assuming that instead of releasing 3 albums, they just saved up their best tracks into 1 album, (then the junk can be released as a bonus in a box set or something). Heavens From The Earth (1982) Achilles Last Stand For Your Life Nobody's Fault But Mine In The Evening Fool In The Rain All of My Love I'm Gonna Crawl I Can't Quit You Baby
  10. Yes. It's best for an artist with such a legacy to retire in its prime. Their final 3 albums were of mixed results. And the death of Bonham pretty much settled it.
  11. Bob Dylan isn't just an artist of a generation. He's the artist of a lifetime.
  12. David Bowie's legacy is profound. The man was always consistent, constantly changed and evolved his look/sound to push music in a new direction and rarely if ever faltered. 40 years into his career, he released an album that was every bit as great as his earlier material. Think about this for a second. Can any other musician claim these levels of accomplishment? Zeppelin and Beatles got inertia after 10 years. Most classic artists retire into performing their old material or they just release lots of really similar works that lack the impact of their earlier works. Bowie, on his death bed, cranked out one of the very best albums of this emerging decade and sent shockwaves throughout the industry.
  13. Always loved their material. Them coming back together 40 years later and releasing "13" (one of their best albums) was totally unexpected.
  14. Rolling Stones were really prolific. Probably 60-70% of their songs were forgettable, but they've amassed at least 40 great songs by persistence, which is nonetheless an accomplishment. Their 2 90's albums had some very nice tracks on it, they should have quit after that though.
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