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  1. eagle87


    is nice to see more people interested in theatre on this forum...
  2. Sunshine of your love - Jimi Hendrix/Eric Clapton... man... what a song!!
  3. eagle87


    Thanks.. i'll let you know...
  4. eagle87


    nice... If you have the link of the video, i would like to watch it...
  5. eagle87


    well im just a young guy, so i couldn't be in any famous play or whatever... now we'll start on April second... so let see what happens... I don't know wtf are we going to do, but im sure that it will be fun... Theatre is healthy also..
  6. eagle87


    nice! What kind of plays?... comedy, drama...
  7. eagle87


    Im about to start theatre again... I've already done two year of theatre before, and now i come back. This one is gonna be in English (the first one around here). So... any one like it? or done it? or would like to do it?
  8. and gave me some "Cheap Sunglasses"...
  9. The Silmarillion - JRR Tolkien The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien The Jury - John Grisham etc...
  10. Last Child - Aerosmith, Hotel California - Eagles, Bring it on home - Zep.... etc... Go to... http://www.justin.tv/tangalanga Music Channel (mine)
  11. I love to cook.. This x-mass im going to make Vitel Toné to start.
  12. in general... today.... and listening some of Bob Marley - Jamming
  13. Thanks!! I had a very good time...
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