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  1. Well, when i cas i child (and 'ntill 17) i was fat, and is hard. Don't need to tell you more because is not knew the subject. But now im fine with my self (mind and body)... all thanks to god and the Homeopathy (Homeopatia), maybe some one know something about it. the Diets doesn't work... it's all about our mind... something very dificult to face sometimes...
  2. Well the last two months i was a real gardener. Now im a Masoterapeuta (masseur) Shiatzu. And is one of my two passion (Music the other). So i like to help the people so they can know better about their own body and how take care them self and their family.
  3. Al Dimeola, Paco delucia and Elvis...
  4. Hi redrum.. how are you doing? I don't realy like Classical music (unlist for now). But i know that, as lzfan715 said, is full of emotion. I like it when the bands play with an orchestra (like Jethro Tull, Metallica, etc..) But for now im with the whole 60-70's rock 'n roll, blues, some jazz and now im playing (on my guitar) songs from Al Dimeola, Paco Delucia, Silvio Rodriguez, etc.. I have mi mind open and always there's something new (or new for me)...
  5. So you understand what im talking about... I prefer to listen music than watchindg TV.
  6. ... and i don't miss it. I like, after everyday the same and some time something realy interesting, i got tired and i stop. Well besides that im working and then when i go home im playing the guitar, the drums or doing something. I feel like the TV is not longer the same... i get bored faster than before. One that i miss is The Simpson... and maybe Dr. House. So... not watching tv... any one alse?
  7. yeah... i try to follow some of my favourite drummers but... damn is hard... but i feel realy good, and i like it.
  8. yeah, that's true... I bean reading a magazine that calls: Bateria Total (spanish), and it's pretty good. I read the thoughs about the Mapex, Yamaha and Pearl, also the ZHT Zildjian rides, charles, crashes... etc. and some enterviews with some famous drummers. The other cool thing is that the magazines comes with a CD full of drumms sessions from several deam good songs, like Back Black-ACDC and others of Ginger Baker (Cream). It funny cause when i buy it, back in year 2006, i though: "nice, but probably never going to used..." I now im buying the magazine every month along with her sister: G
  9. Awesome!!! you're totaly right. I would like to read that guide... Yes i'll practice, with the school drumms for now... And thanks for the info about Louwig!
  10. eagle87


    is nice to see more people interested in theatre on this forum...
  11. Last wensday was my first class of drumms. So... i wanna ask you (drummers) wich is the best Drumm for a begginer? I have a magazine call Bateria Total (in spanish and pretty good), i read about the Yamaha, Pearl and Mapex. best regards
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