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  1. Wait what? What's wrong with posting an image from the Pontiac video?
  2. Oh my god this thread... Quick question to OP. You know that we did indeed land on the moon, right? And that the earth is an oblate spheroid... not flat? But seriously... I never, in my life, thought I'd see a conspiracy theory about the audio used on a live show. We know exactly where the audio from The Song Remains the Same comes from. It comes from 3 shows at Madison Square Garden in 1973 (July 27th, 28th, and 29th). Some of the footage was shot on a sound stage, but the audio is all from those four shows. I noticed, OP, that you ignored SteveAJone's link to The Garden
  3. Hey. Are there any updates on this? I've been hoping to see a torrent somewhere I could jump on, but haven't seen anything yet.
  4. How are you? This place has changed quite a bit since I last posted...
  5. First off... 'sup? Been a long time since I last posted here... Second... Major Major... I'm sure you were being sarcastic, but I'm going to post the link to a video that everyone who's even slightly confused needs to watch... TED Talk - Clay Shirky - Why SOPA is a Bad IDea
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I haven't posted here in, like, a bazillion years. Why not begin again in this thread, which I started? But first? Anyone made this? Can it be made without the milk and maybe less sour cream? I find my taste for creamy leaving and my taste for bittersweet growing (even with ice cream... I prefer a fruity ice cream or an Italian Ice to a classic ice cream these days). Also, I'd love to make a completely non-dairy version of this for those I know who are Jewish (for after a meat meal). Anyways... I have some recipes from this place called "Top Secret Recipes" run by Todd Wilbur.
  8. Love ya Boss

  9. Oh most certainly. I hate to basically plagiarize another poster, but pretty much all activities use science in one way or another, mostly Physics. I don't really believe all that much in the spirit or spirit world, so... yeah... Here you go: http://forums.randi....ad.php?t=170707 Short thread... unfortunately, I probably hold a record for some of the smallest threads that have been replied to. The most replies I got in a thread I started was 56...
  10. Ah okay. I'm a Randi fan as well. I'm a member of his forum and everything, although I post very rarely there. If you're a member, my member-name there is NateHevens, and I started threads on the TempurPedic mattress, Electronic Cigarettes, and Tube Amps (guitar). I love the threads and stuff there debunking audiophile myths... they're brilliant. I have to agree with you, here. I view science as the only clearly legitimate tool we have to study the natural world and universe, and I'm not sure how Martial Arts fits into that category. I have, too, as I've said, but I've also se
  11. So have I. I've also seen sugar pills work. All it proves is that homeopathy's about as good as a placebo. I also have a problem with the idea that water has memory (which is the basis of homeopathy). If water has memory, then how is it that water can remember, you know, tiny droplets of medicine, but forgets all about the fish poop, pee, semen, dead, decaying bodies, blood, etc? I would like to point out that I'm not trying to be mean or insulting, so please forgive me if you take it that way. I'm not a fan of Alt. Med at all. I've read too many stories and have too many personal expe
  12. I agree with religion and art, but I do not agree with your view of science. Science is the gaining of knowledge, but through empirical evidence. There is a reason there are rules on what science is. Astrology was once considered science. And could you imagine a world where Homeopathy, or worse, Faith-healing, was considered legitimate science? *shudders* Keep in mind that similar crap was once considered science. I believe that period of human history is known as "The Dark Ages". I have to disagree here. I honestly have no idea what you mean by "science" in this context. Ju Jitsu a
  13. Yes and no. I'm basing my conclusions on both mathematical and logical statistics. We know for a fact intelligent life evolved once (see: planet earth). So it's already not impossible. Statistically speaking, if it can happen once, it can happen again. Our universe is huge. Impossibly huge. We humans can't comprehend how big it is, and we probably never will. There has to be more intelligent life out there. I don't see how it's possible that we're the only ones, and I'm quite sure that the vast majority of scientists would agree. The only people in my family who seem to take issue are
  14. emphasis mine And that right there is why I don't believe it. Clothes don't have souls, and they don't die. No way there are clothes of any kind in any afterlife world. Note: I'm only being halfway facetious.
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