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  1. I bought my wife (Firekisses) a copy of the first album we listened to when we first met in person.
  2. 8 months down the line and I haven't seen a single horror movie that doesn't even deserve to lick the heels of A L'Interieur. I've seen the classic Ils some time ago. It's an awesome, awesome movie, but it's nothing compared to A L'Interieur, and that's saying a lot! I'm absolutely sure A L'Interieur is the single best horror movie of all time!!
  3. I love Zep but hate Kingdom Come. Does that help?
  4. Finally ordered this killer EP! Next month in Amsterdam I'll buy ObZen.
  5. JUST WON THIS ITEM ON EBAY FOR €16,-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B) B)
  6. I agree in that singers can completely ruin a band. I can't stand the vocalists for Dream Theatre, Cradle Of Filth, Axl Rose And His Guns and indeed Megadeth. I simply don't understand why they ever thought 'Damn, this sounds fucking cool, man!' I mean... damn!
  7. Im think you're totally right. Most death/blackmetal just get me tired, because I think just tuneless noise and someone barking intelligible satanic crap over it is just fucking boring and cliched. 'We are fast and loud and kick ass!!!', Yeah, right.... I think metal kicks ass when something gets 'done' with it, be it played very tight and heavy, or bringing in progressive elements, because I think those elements make it earcandy, sometimes even for the curious.
  8. Well, people, just got this downloaded, Here is the Album Of 2008!! V http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=3469 You can stop buying other new cd's this year!
  9. Just wanted to use my old name, but I added '(slight return)' -you know, Jimi Hendrix- because, well I wanted to be 'ha-ha'-funny.
  10. Van Halen? 3 lines: 1. Killer debut. 2. Competent other songs 3. Should've quit after David left. There!
  11. I saw a rather great movie, The Curse Of Alcatraz, yesterday... And then my dvd fucked up and the files that went on it turned out to be bad... I wanted to curse long and loud, being an hour into the fucking movie already!! :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
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