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  1. Fuck me that's expensive. "SpecSavers" here offer 2 for one with no gap ( good range of designer frames and the lenses) if you have private insurance which we do - but they then sting you with the "oh you want them polarised?" "oh you want the scratch resistant coating/materials/whatever?" so ends up around a hungie, but that's 2 pairs of glasses/sunnies.
  2. Bunnings for some mulch, fertiliser and chook feed, then a ride on the bike since it's a magical 32c outside today. Just got to pick a direction....
  3. Amazingly Covid is still unable to get a perch in Brisbane/Queensland. Given for the last 20+ days NSW has been reporting over 1,000 cases per day, I've been fully expecting an outbreak of some kind. We are not that far away from Sydney (12hr drive if you go hard non stop). While we have implemented fairly strict border controls, we still heavily rely on road freight and there are truck routes that continue (with checkpoints/checks/tests etc.). How there is still no outbreak at all up here is interesting. Of course, whenever there are 4 or 5 cases, we shut down a lot of things. It seems to work but is painful for a LOT of small businesses and individuals. I went to Bunnings (hardware/nursery massive warehouse like stores) and street markets today and noticed only 1 in 50 people if that were not masking. From what I understand, the virus is not a "winter" - or cooler climate thing (attested to by what's doing in Texas and Florida). Weird how it's not an issue in the warmer climate up here vs. NSW and VIC. So not sure why QLD so successfully is avoiding Covid, but I'm glad we are. Soon enough vaccination levels will be high enough that the new strategies of living with it will start to roll out. Have a lovely weekend y'all.
  4. I'm 50/50. An uneven reflective surface like that will do strange things to the reflection. It's either someone having a lark turning Jimmy into Robert (which is quite clever and funny), or it's legit. If Sam reckons it's legit and Steven agrees, good enough for me!
  5. What always struck me was Zep only had very limited film clips to accompany any songs. The You Shook Me promotional one is corny, but it's one of the few video's to go with a song Whole Lot of Love another one. Even their final album (while still together) ITTOD, no film clips for any songs. I guess they were just ahead of that "era", and I'm sure Jimmy would no way have been interested at the time ("the music should speak for itself!" I can almost hear him now...) I'd freakin' love me some great quality fan vid's to the catalogue.
  6. One of the best ever. Rest well Norm.
  7. Had a great day with great friends. Went and saw a musical.
  8. Yeah, looks like someone photoshopped Jimmy into Robert! lol!!!!
  9. Same down here. 29c Friday - min of 10. Will be firing up the fire pit and indulging.
  10. I have that. I recently acquired the vinyl from an Op-shop. My mum had it when I was a kid and it got plenty of play up loud (along with Hot August Night).
  11. I got Led Zeppelin On Led Zeppelin Interviews and encounters for Fathers Day. It contains over 50 interviews from 1957 to 2012. Is quite the tome at over 400 pages. Looks great, can't wait to have a look....
  12. Yeah, you're right, I just watched the press conf. I loved Jimmy's comment how he views the legacy of Zep as a textbook for musicians. Damn right it is!
  13. Interesting.... McGourty now wants to pursue a feature film based on the band. The national film and archive search that uncovered the interview with Bonham.
  14. ^Exactly. No reason to (from their POV) and no desire to. So nope, it's over. The last bit of hope I held on to was JPJ and JP doing a project of some kind. I'm a bit surprised nothing ever happened in that respect (apart from appearing at a Foo'ies gig for two songs), but it's all too late now I'd say. The best we can hope for is Jimmy to re-assess what live stuff he has and making a project or two out of it. Even that is a long shot it seems.....
  15. We have? News to me Steve. it's great here (in terms of how much I enjoy my cost of living/living standards, the reality of society here, the beaches and general coastal topography and features, successful melting pot) - but utopia? Not sure who is insisting that. LOL!!! I love to say best country on Earth, but I expect a LOT of people in a LOT of nations would say the same and I'd raise a glass and cheers them!
  16. No. Not at all. It is a Quarantine facility so we don't keep putting travellers in hotel quarantine. NSW is getting around 1200 cases a day now. QLD has the occasional one but contact tracing and quarantining is keeping Delta out so far. (we share quite a large border for those not familiar). John, any comparison to North Korea is laughable (and a bit weird). I was going up to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow to visit my folks for Fathers Day. 1.5hrs drive. No restrictions apply except wearing a mask if I put petrol in the car. Dad has taken a turn and is in hospital (not covid related) so we are not going now, but besides wearing a mask when in the shops here, it's pretty much normal. Interstate travellers have to quarantine. The restrictions in place will narrow once vaccination rates hit 70% and 80%. Our leaders are basing policies on the best medical and scientific advice which is NON partisan. It is evidence based. Not political, not religious, not populist. Science based advice. The policy implementation is not perfect by a long shot. But big Government bureaucracy never is. Like others have mentioned, it is getting a bit nasty in this thread and really shouldn't. It's an important topic, but like everything else it has degenerated into a political fight which is mental.
  17. That article includes the line "with critics comparing it to North Korea". Riiiiiight....
  18. 29c (84f) today, 30 tomorrow. Spring has sprung! Nights only getting down to 10 (50).
  19. Lawns. Maybe a trip to a few Op-shops.
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