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  1. I think Tea For One is stellar, and I can't imagine anyone not liking it. There is so much feeling and emotion in the band's performance on this one.
  2. Thanks Victor, I am looking forward to (eventually) seeing the booklet!
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. There doesn't seem to be any serial number on the back, but I just looked at one of the discs, and it has the serial number 812279961-1 on it.
  4. Hi folks, I have a slightly bizarre question about TSRTS 2007 Expanded/Remastered CD: Recently I bought a copy of this CD online and when it duly arrived, it was found to contain the booklet for the 'Mothership' compilation. I tried to obtain a refund or exchange from the seller who messed me around, so I contacted ebay who gave me an immediate refund. All good. I then ordered another copy of said CD from a different seller, and to my dismay when it arrived it also contained the Mothership booklet!! I am mightily pissed off. So, two questions arise: does the 2007 reissue of TSRTS actually contain a booklet, and has my ludicrous scenario happened to anyone else?
  5. The Ocean is an absolute powerhouse live, but I usually skip that doo-wop bit at the end. It's a bit lame.
  6. For those of us who are not musicians (like me), could you please explain what you mean by the comment on Jason's ride symbol and could you please cite a good example from the concert.
  7. Interesting you should mention that, joe. This is a Jimmy 'mannerism' I noticed a long time ago. Generally it takes the form of 'wiping' his nose with the back of his left hand. I have a Jimmy interview circa 1988 and he does this throughout. I have seen him doing it in other interviews too. No criticism of the great man intended. Many folks, (including myself no doubt) have mannerisms which we are not aware of until we see video of ourselves.
  8. Thanks, ZepFanatic. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!
  9. tyedye, I too bought the book recently and same as you- couldn't put it down! I had no great expectations, in fact the contrary- I was quite prepared to dislike it. At first the 'italicised' sections (i.e the bits written as if in the words of the main players (Jimmy, Robert, John Paul, John and Peter Grant) irked me... but then I found that this 'stylistic device' worked well in terms of setting in context the LZ story. I think there were some really interesting sections, for example the author's detailed examination of Zep's borrowing/stealing from their early influences (depending on your point of view) on the first three or four albums. I do agree with the poster who said the section on Jimmy's so-called "occult interests" was much too long. As far as the whole debauched sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll thing that was talked about in great detail I'm not bothered either way. That angle has been discussed and dissected elsewhere, suffice to say I was already familiar with this stuff and knew that Zep were red-blooded lads etc. Same goes for the much-discussed fearsome managerial style of Peter Grant. One bit I really enjoyed (and I wish I had written down the page number) is the anecdote about one of their early shows in which the audience demanded so many encores they literally ran out of stuff to play. Then, when they got off stage, Peter Grant in tears of joy embraced each of them. Whatever has been said about PG there seems little doubt that he truly cared about Zeppelin as a band and as people. Regarding the latter sections of the book (leading up to the death of John Bonham) I felt the author showed a bit of guts in expressing the view that Bonzo's death did not in itself mean the end of Led Zeppelin, but was the last in a series of events leading to it (and I cannot help but agree with the author's view that relatively speaking, In Through The Out Door was a weak album). And as far as the author being 'anti-Jimmy' and 'pro-Robert'? I did not think he tried to portray that at all. There are countless references to Jimmy being the musical/conceptual genius of LZ and the man who masterminded it. Interesting how often a "Jimmy v. Robert" thing crops up on this forum- as a Floyd fan I have become very weary of Gilmour v. Waters on various forums!! Ultimately I take the view that the author (who has interviewed the members of Zep on a good few occasions) knows a fair bit more about them than me (who has never met them). Therefore Mick Wall is entitled to his view! All in all, I highly recommend this book.
  10. Wow- great find, Sunray782. So the mystery is solved- Whole Lotta Love. Thanks for posting!
  11. Thanks, windsofthor- I thought it might be a live impro bit too- e.g Dazed And Confused.
  12. Hi folks, I am just wondering if anybody can tell me which Zep number (or part thereof) is featured on the 'menu' chapter on TSRTS DVD disc 2 - classic, exciting Zep... but what is it? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi folks, For no particular reason, I am just wondering whether RP and JP are/were married? Being a reasonably knowledgeable student of Zep history, I am aware that Robert had a wife (and children with) Maureen, who features in one of the scenes in TSRTS. I am also aware that Jimmy has a daughter named Scarlet (sp?- and I am assuming that JPJ in keeping with his quiet, family man reputation is happily married) So is RP married? Is he still with Maureen? If not, when did they part? And was/is Jimmy married? Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this for me!
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