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  1. Can only second to that. Awesome quality. Those AUD should have been done that way many moons ago.
  2. No. Think twice until you say something.
  3. I really doubt if he got any serious connection with TCOLZ or any other label. Praise something doesn't mean you're involving into anything. The Baton Rouge accident was just coincidental, and I really cannot believe he got any access to that tape (no evidence of this source being circulated on his website).
  4. AA isn't a mouthpiece for EV, that's for sure. No one has an access to raw soundboards the EV released. The Freezer's Baton Rouge 77 is reported to be in the hands of hoarders only, and as for now, it hasn't been in circulation yet. The alt Cleveland 77 show wasn't in circulation - it was an agreement between the taper and AA to not to share this tape but, for some unknown reasons,. T2K got a copy and eventually released it last year (likely the tape had leaked from someone, who got an access to this recording).
  5. No. The vinyl cannot be transferred in several seconds. You need real time job to do a rip. Then you have at least edit and split individual tracks, often downsampling to a CD format. Most of vinyl collectors I know aren't interested to do any digital rips as they're thinking it's a waste of time and energy. Vinyl collectors are somewhat an elite and they do not care about the others. It may prevent kids and wankers from downloading everything for free and putting it everywhere, at least for some time. Unfortunately, there will be some assholes doing that as soon as any of unreleased stuff is going to see the daylight because they're not enough smart to realize that only covering the budget will prevent bootleggers from stopping releasing another tape.
  6. True, I just didn't read it. Anyway, this new set sounds really good.
  7. But most of people doesn't take a rip and vinyl stays untouched. That's a very good option for bootleggers.
  8. The new set contains for the first time the real master aud sources for all three LA 75 nights from Millard. I guess the label was able to contact his family/anyone, who had possessed copies. Indeed, the quality is superior and it sounds more like a soundboard than usual audience recording.
  9. Let's say that - the CD market is dead already. Everyone can torrent and download so nobody is buying anymore. The answer is vinyl, you cannot simply copy and paste. People, who are running bootleg labels should consider that.
  10. Thx mate! Would be great to hear that alt source...
  11. Due to latest news from Japan:
  12. delete pls, my fault
  13. I know that set very well. And I am in a good hope that this time they'll improve the quality as original Deep Throat sounded like shit to me, when compared with original tapes.
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