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  1. Furthermore, lots of countries had already shut down their boarders and you cannot receive or ship anything except for cargo and medicaments as local airlines are also shut down due to pandemia for at least 14 days if not more.
  2. Correct. The Japan Postal Service is affected by the situation and they put the statement: Due to a sudden increase of international deliveries (specifically to China, Hong Kong and Macau) in response to the new corona virus emergency we have received an update from Japan Post that it will take more time than usual to send packages and acquire customs clearance at airports and International Exchange Offices for packages that have already been sent. As a result, the delivery of postal items to foreign countries (especially EMS postal items) will be delayed. For more information regarding the tracking and delays, please refer to the link below: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/.../infor.../2020/0205_01.html We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. 2020/01/20
  3. To give a chance to everyone who's really interested in obtaining this instead of releasing it for free!
  4. The sound quality was always mediocre, but with this new set we have a much better choice of experiencing this show. I was sceptical too when I first saw this set had to be announced, knowing the fact what the label did with their previous efforts, but as soon as I got my copy I was surprised much of its quality. Of course, it's something for more advanced listeners as the quality is far from perfect, but at least it's better than numerous fan and bootleg releases available in the past.
  5. Ebay, start as auction from minimum bid you want and I bet you'll end with very high price. Be sure to picture your item in the best way possible, to show all the details, and to make your pics in very high resolution. Grade your item first and use Record Collectors guide and follow their rate system.
  6. You'd better go for this one, which is an upgrade over Deep Throat and contain exact same material plus a single disc of previously uhearded soundboard: http://reliquaryelite.blogspot.com/2019/12/led-zeppelin-pareidolia-paradigm-10-cd.html
  7. Several years ago there was some discussion concentrated on some uncirculated stuff and this including Indianapolis 1977 audience tape. Some guys were reported to get copies, some of them were hoarding this as well. That's all. Typical horse play here.
  8. Kiss my arse, asshole! And who is hoarding Indy 77 tape if not you? You're hypocrite, dude.
  9. He's not a member here. Again, please do not connect my person with that guy. What are u smoking, guys? You'd better to find some better dealer then.
  10. Sure, just hit me a message if you want this and I will send him your inquiry.
  11. You mean gimme gimme is civil? Right then...
  12. You're still missing me with that guy. Why are you so stubborn, hah? Perhaps not enough knowledge as to who is who...typical in such place.
  13. It wasn't me, you stupid asshole!
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