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  1. Very accurate observation. I think there's yet no online resource mentioning the best sounding/most complete version available. It would be great to find any like this.
  2. It could be very hard to determine a proper and detailed list because many early bootlegs on vinyl have been made after hours and often they had been scratched out from matrix nos. Several reissues came around almost at the same time as original pressing was made, especially with US market. A good example is famous Live on Blueberry Hill, where at least 3 different pressings of a legendary Blimp have been made. It was not so long time ago, when someone had asked us to check his copy, which turned out to be a mixture of Blimp and TMoQ (both were made by the same team of people) and released at the same time. Often, they did it to avoid any consequences of being followed by services. Try to contact the owner of argenteumastrum.com - he has a very good knowledge about exact pressings and maybe he'll be interested to make further investigation. His vinyl list is pretty about the same as the Hot Wacks ca. 1989-1990 and he lists every single vinyl bootleg up to that date. A continuation and exact dates could only improve his listings.
  3. There are no strict chronological list anywhere but if you're after some good & detailed bootleg list, show setlists etc., try to visit this site: www.argenteumastrum.com Bootledz is the best in terms of comparisons between CD titles (although there are some mistakes as it focuses on silver pressed bootlegs not the low gens). Try to find an original or reprinted older versions of Hot Wacks books or some older Goldmine papers, these are especially dedicated for vinyl. There's also a fantastic but retired blog dedicated to lots of old vinyl bootlegs here: https://theamazingkornyfonelabel.wordpress.com/
  4. Eelgrass will re-release this for sure within weeks.
  5. Sooner or later it will be released. Money is the biggest value these days, and I am saying that not as a someone, to whom money is God. No! i just realize it's the world we're living in. Sad but true. I've been informed also that at least three (!) complete boards from LA 77 stint are in circulation and it's only a matter of time to see them being pressed on silvers. 10k for a tape isn't the problem for the bootleggers. They got a much bigger profits while selling this.
  6. Uhm, most if not all early TMoQ releases were pressed on colored was first, and then on standard black wax. The initial run was around 200 to 500 copies, and all the reissues, often pressed from the same plates, were around 500 to 1000 copies. Your TMoQ is one of the early reissues, and lack of labels with logo says nothing but it's just a common practice back these days. Only first pressings had that logo, most of reissues are budget copies.
  7. From the pics posted I can say that, for almost sure, this is an early TMoQ issue, the one I have has exact same artwork but in red and labels aren't just marked with song titles. All the rest, including matrix nos. are the same.
  8. It's one of the pressings of the original Blueberry Hill issued by Blimp at the end of 1970. It pre-dating latter issues by the TMoQ and other labels so you're holding original, first issue. There were also colored vinyl pressings but they're all from the same plates and were released at the same time. Those matrix nos. are different on each of every single press so it's difficult to say from which part/run it has been taken. For sure it's a very early issue. Photos of the artwork and labels could only help to determine more details.
  9. I highly doubt if they'll rerelease this set. Millards have been released dozens of times and this unique upgrade is dedicated for those, who wants a different perspective of these famous shows. I am also a bit sceptical if anyone put a download of full shows here. At least in a fully loseless quality.
  10. Bootledz site is just a guide, not the source to where the rate system is given. He often dislike newer titles, mainly because he's not after any upgrades but new stuff only. He can degrade a title when a primary source is shorter in favor of some new or rarely seen material. I've lost a faith to his site, however his title comparison is sometimes quite good. Yes, it's a huge upgrade but don't get me wrong if I say you need a high quality gear to feel it seriously. Do not expect anything new when listening thru your computer speakers or iPhone bag. I can send you samples if you send me your email via message box.
  11. Can only second to that. Awesome quality. Those AUD should have been done that way many moons ago.
  12. No. Think twice until you say something.
  13. I really doubt if he got any serious connection with TCOLZ or any other label. Praise something doesn't mean you're involving into anything. The Baton Rouge accident was just coincidental, and I really cannot believe he got any access to that tape (no evidence of this source being circulated on his website).
  14. AA isn't a mouthpiece for EV, that's for sure. No one has an access to raw soundboards the EV released. The Freezer's Baton Rouge 77 is reported to be in the hands of hoarders only, and as for now, it hasn't been in circulation yet. The alt Cleveland 77 show wasn't in circulation - it was an agreement between the taper and AA to not to share this tape but, for some unknown reasons,. T2K got a copy and eventually released it last year (likely the tape had leaked from someone, who got an access to this recording).
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