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  1. I know that set very well. And I am in a good hope that this time they'll improve the quality as original Deep Throat sounded like shit to me, when compared with original tapes.
  2. I do. If they're much upgraded and sounding close to the quality of something that we would called a semi-official product, I am after it!
  3. Not exactly. My contact says that this time the difference is like night and day. He said Millard's are now sounding like soundboard so.....
  4. The 9CD contains all three dates taken from upgraded audience sources plus 1CD extra disc of previously unreleased soundboard.
  5. My friend, who's in touch with someone in Tokyo said that the quality of all three LA sets is outstanding. He said it's almost like soundboard so no doubt they have applied some truly priceless mastering job there. No info is given if they've used a new generation of Millard's or not. I am much curious of that set now hearing these news. Even if an extra disc contains unreleased board portion, the phrase semi-official quality makes me very exciting.
  6. It's still the same ol' shit around I do see. You must understand that EV won't release new soundboard unless they pay for it. That means they have to gather money to get it. I am also a bit disappointed of seeing another reissue of something that we know for ages but remember this is mainly for Japanese market. Japanese collector's market differs significantly from US or EU markets. Japanese collectors do love collect literally everything and even if the only new thing is the package. Anyway, I am much amused hearing that someone doesn't want to pay a fuckin' cent for a new board tape but is complaining of how he was banned from torrenting it. You're getting of what you are. It's so simple...
  7. It lays absolutely behind from my personal decision. I just shared of what was given to me by the kind permission of people who were responsible for Cleveland show. I was told that they also have few uncirculated sources but from my point of view, they may be much upset seeing numerous releases including their tape and likely they won't release anything else because of that. It has also nothing to do with the charity sense of behavior. It's just like the valuating your goods and looking for redistributing them in the way you feel it's enough satisfying for you. We should be much grateful they've been able to share the Cleveland tape with us. Someone just broke the promise and put a download link in the place, where it shouldn't be and bootleggers kept an eye on it immediately. This is why I am personally not the biggest fan of torrents and online sharing of music or video contents. These kind of things should be much limited and distributed among people who have enough desire and respect to each other, so bootleggers wouldn't be so fast with taking it and making money from it. Remembering the glory days of snail mail trading and B&P service. It was so damn good to wait for your pieces of music and talk to people and ask or eventually pay a little. Now kids wants everything for free but my question is does it should be really for everyone? Commercials over. This is what it is.
  8. I guess it means no more new sources from those who were able to provide Cleveland show.
  9. Correct. The photos are fully credited in the info document included in one of subfolders.
  10. No, it won't start circulating. The wish of the taper is to keep this tape away from public and only for the community. Please ask anyone, who did download it for a copy and please do respect the rules.
  11. There are always people who are complaining, no matter of what they got.
  12. I've checked again and indeed, pitch is quite correct on this one, runs maybe 0,1 to 0,3 cents slower but something went wrong with overall azimuth and channel fluctuations are really bad. When compared with the 24/96 transfer, it's just like two different recordings. T2k is not only weak in sound, but also heavy muted, lacking depth and clarity.
  13. Just heard samples. Runs too slow, heavily noise reduced and tweaked, typical for the label. If anyone already bought that, he lost his money. The quality is so bad when compared with master that it's just a joke hearing it's "listenable".
  14. I had a privilege to listen the whole source from the owner of AA site and it sounds sweet! No compression, no brickwalling, just a light and very detailed mastering. The quality is just few steps down from famous tape, the clarity and dynamics are great. It is just a bit more distant but also has no distortion as the famous source. No music is lost, just three or four cuts in between few songs, that's all. It should be available before New Year's Eve and from what I was told, the T2K used 44.1/16 copy which was badly transferred and this new transfer is original 24/96 version with proper azimuth setting.
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