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  1. Completely wrong, dude. I have a copy of supposed master tape and it does sound better and brighter than any past copy. Comments over.
  2. This is outdated title. T2K had released this in upgraded quality, reported to be from real master.
  3. http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2631 http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2632
  4. I'd say that EV is now starting getting funds again, selling the old stuff. Nothing to complain though, as they are eventually in a position of purchasing a new soundboard due next year.
  5. Good luck with your service. is it a crime selling something that was bootlegged by someone else? I even shouldn't ask because I know the answer.
  6. Tell that again - change your gear, and we can talk. I am not saying that T2K's remasters are fantastic - as everything in this matter it's just a personal taste - but it's clear that you even cannot tell the difference between two copys of the same tape per our discussion related to the Boston show, where we compared two low gen recordings taken from a single source. I don't care much about your opinion. I am more thinking of how stubborn you're are if you're still trying to fight with something that's obvious, that's all. As said, everything in this matter is strictly subjective but if
  7. If you're so upset with what you've heard, why don't you prepare your own version? We all we'll be much grateful to hear something that sounds better than this, true as that. However, I have some feeling saying that you can only criticize everything that hasn't met your personal taste, and you're trying to persuade everyone that your opinion is the most valuable. Do your own remaster and show your abilities. I am not in a position of judge anyone's work except of what I tend to think about of what I have heard but since I am not the only one who was quite satisfied with these remasters,
  8. Fully agreed, but just couldn't find any good way to explain a someone who got paranoia syndrome to go to the doctor and ask for some medicaments. Perhaps the admin would come up and struggle with this?
  9. You have some shitty taste then, but it's nothing strange as usually you're treating people like this since ages. Do you wanna that Baton Rouge, huh? No fuckin' way! There's no chances to get that tape because ... i don't have it. And even if I could come up and get that tape, I wouldn't share this with you because of some obvious reasons. You're a restitutionary loser, true as that.
  10. Oh really? Calling me a bootlegger isn't disrespectful?
  11. Because guys like you wants everything for free. This is what I think. We all know that labels like EV have had to pay some serious cash for uncirculated tapes. Then assholes like you are yelling everywhere just because you cannot get these tapes for free. Are you so stupid to not understand that even fuckin' bootleggers have to pay for something? This is the real world we're living in. It's called capitalism. I hate it but what I can do to change it? Cryin' all around for a free download? Calling bootleg buyers a bastards because they don't wanna share with anything with you? There were rheto
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