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  1. That photo is from his BBC Late Junction appearance from New Year's Day 2013 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p012zlmh/p012zl4y
  2. Barrington Coleby definitely existed - I spoke to him on the telephone and knew his family members and friends.
  3. It's not an official release. It's being released by the DBQP label which puts out old live performances on vinyl.
  4. Now expecting an announcement on the Dragon Telecasters tomorrow morning UK time
  5. I hear that an announcement on this is coming tomorrow.
  6. Yes I'm surprised it has spread this far - the prankster is calling himself Johnny Iommi and has posted online comments about the supposed problem and wrote to Jimmy's local council, who treated it seriously. I spoke to a source close to Jimmy at the start of the year and he confirmed it's untrue. Robbie Williams' spokesman has said the same. The rumour was very obviously rubbish as it referred to Jimmy's driveway at Tower House (it doesn't have a driveway.)
  7. The story about Robbie Williams dressing as Robert Plant and playing loud music is completely untrue.
  8. One thing to mention which didn't make it into the article: Led Zeppelin has hired one of the best intellectual property lawyers in the US to get this trademark. The UK company they used to file the original application has been dropped, and they've now hired a specialist US firm which has assigned a partner with 30 years of experience to personally handle Led Zeppelin's filings. To me, that's a pretty clear sign of intent (and financial backing) for this project, and shows the band is aware that the clock is ticking on their future plans.
  9. Yeah I debated over how to word the headline for a while (It started out as "Led Zeppelin is working on"). But what we actually know for sure is what they're trying to trademark. It's a pretty clear indication of the band's intent, but we don't know for sure that The Led Zeppelin Experience is in active development right now. Either way, the band is certainly investing a lot of time and money on having the legal framework in place to launch this service.
  10. I think this fits pretty neatly into the definition of a conspiracy theory.
  11. Sorry, it's not a still from a video. It's a still photograph by Richard E. Aaron. It's part of a series of photos available on Getty Images. Whoever claimed it's a video still is wrong.
  12. The Wikipedia page references page 17 of "Led Zeppelin : A Celebration" by Dave Lewis. I don't have a copy to hand otherwise I'd look up the source of that claim.
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