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  1. To be honest with you, you fucker, I know most of the bootleggers personally. I've been visiting Japan three times and met all of them, listened to some very interesting stories of how that market has been working for years. I could supply them with lots of recordings I have in my possession but this is the last thing I would dream about 'coz once sold or shared, these tapes will be no longer as valuable as they are now. To tell you something more, I have Indy & Baton Rouge 77, as well as many other rare stuff and I can assure you that because of fact I haven't sold them out, I could get more uncirculated stuff instead. Simple as that. So, you cunt, you have absolutely no knowledge of how the things are going really. You're like a small boy, yelling "gimme more" all the time but nobody listen to you.
  2. I reported you to the admins for a false slander my person. It is not the first time I was attributed to that guy and I have enough. I also asked mods for further movements as I treated this as an unfair move and willing to get a full charges clearing from you.
  3. Completely wrong, dude. I have a copy of supposed master tape and it does sound better and brighter than any past copy. Comments over.
  4. This is outdated title. T2K had released this in upgraded quality, reported to be from real master.
  5. http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2631 http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2632
  6. I'd say that EV is now starting getting funds again, selling the old stuff. Nothing to complain though, as they are eventually in a position of purchasing a new soundboard due next year.
  7. Good luck with your service. is it a crime selling something that was bootlegged by someone else? I even shouldn't ask because I know the answer.
  8. Tell that again - change your gear, and we can talk. I am not saying that T2K's remasters are fantastic - as everything in this matter it's just a personal taste - but it's clear that you even cannot tell the difference between two copys of the same tape per our discussion related to the Boston show, where we compared two low gen recordings taken from a single source. I don't care much about your opinion. I am more thinking of how stubborn you're are if you're still trying to fight with something that's obvious, that's all. As said, everything in this matter is strictly subjective but if you even cannot invest some $ to upgrade your equipment, then it's a complete waste of time explaining you of how important that thing is when it comes for examining the quality of recording. I have checked few of your "reviews" and seems like you're still complaining about almost everything that has been done also by some users. You may ignore my opinion, but you did the same with the others. It tells everything. Good luck with your fight. I have no doubts that some teenagers would come up eventually and you both can start some exclusive groups of complainers.
  9. If you're so upset with what you've heard, why don't you prepare your own version? We all we'll be much grateful to hear something that sounds better than this, true as that. However, I have some feeling saying that you can only criticize everything that hasn't met your personal taste, and you're trying to persuade everyone that your opinion is the most valuable. Do your own remaster and show your abilities. I am not in a position of judge anyone's work except of what I tend to think about of what I have heard but since I am not the only one who was quite satisfied with these remasters, I am quite sure that you're still missing the point of that discussion. Once again: do your own version and let us know about that. You can ever contact the label and offer your skills. Do this and don't waste your time.
  10. Fully agreed, but just couldn't find any good way to explain a someone who got paranoia syndrome to go to the doctor and ask for some medicaments. Perhaps the admin would come up and struggle with this?
  11. You have some shitty taste then, but it's nothing strange as usually you're treating people like this since ages. Do you wanna that Baton Rouge, huh? No fuckin' way! There's no chances to get that tape because ... i don't have it. And even if I could come up and get that tape, I wouldn't share this with you because of some obvious reasons. You're a restitutionary loser, true as that.
  12. Oh really? Calling me a bootlegger isn't disrespectful?
  13. Because guys like you wants everything for free. This is what I think. We all know that labels like EV have had to pay some serious cash for uncirculated tapes. Then assholes like you are yelling everywhere just because you cannot get these tapes for free. Are you so stupid to not understand that even fuckin' bootleggers have to pay for something? This is the real world we're living in. It's called capitalism. I hate it but what I can do to change it? Cryin' all around for a free download? Calling bootleg buyers a bastards because they don't wanna share with anything with you? There were rhetorical questions because you completely don't understand this. And this is the reason why I'll still calling you a dumb.
  14. You're really stupid and stubborn guy. Not only you cannot hear the difference between sources but also calling me AA, which is false. I am also not promoting this label. Lots of their products are crappy, but few of them were.are quite good, and this including latest Bath and Boston sets. And if you're so informed, why you're repeating something that isn't true? The original Tarantura ceased in 1997, that's the fact. One of the owners started EV, which is fact too but the other one returned to game in 1999, so he/she couldn't abuse the name of their own label, you idiot! This is the biggest proof you're completely dumb child with absolutely no knowledge about bootlegs and labels. And tell you what, I wish to contact them to see some uncirculated stuff released. Really. Maybe this is the best part of this silly discussion to see your faces abashed.
  15. I am CIA agent telling you I got everything and this including Jimmy's unreleased solo album with plenty of black masses and other tunes. Jeez, I cannot imagine talking to you anymore. People like you will always finding something to complain. No matter of how good the thing is, it's always not enough good for your taste. With such stubborn attitude you won't be able to be happy even with legit stuff. And I don't need to work to any label. I am enough satisfied I can get some sets and eventually resell them for a good price and make my low budget more efficient. Wish you good luck with your continuing fight. Bye. For those of you, who are still interested in details, here's a short quote from Bootledz, where we can read that all titles prior to T2K have cut before Organ Solo and the beginning of it is also corrupted on all pre-2009 titles. (A valid link containing that part of the show, taken from IQ and low gen sets, shows it clearly: https://mega.nz/folder/0VgxjYQY#vyXdZRrSoijp1FFGmV0tag). A worth note is that Sadly, there are two cuts during the beginning of Thank You. Prior releases of this are uncut. No surprise here, as often masters liberated years after are corrupted or damaged over the years and low gen copies made earlier are bit more complete, so indeed - the new T2K is cut here as well as all post-2009 sets. IQ and Le-Mon are strictly from source one, are the cd earliest releases of this show, and are poorer quality than all subsequent releases. IQ repeats about 2 minutes of tape at the end of disc one. Le-Mon repeats a different 2 minute section. Both titles are missing the first 8 seconds of the organ solo. Le-Mon's title sounds a tiny bit louder and clearer than IQ, but both have some awful background noise in places.EV's first release of this show was in 2001 and was quickly followed with a reissue, reusing the same cds. Source one is the foundation and a second source is introduced to fill gaps. It doesn't have the two minute repeats and the poor background noise problems. Two unnecessary splices are made - one during the end of Since and the other during the second minute of Whole Lotta Love. It's source one is in improved quality over IQ and Le-Mon.EV's 2005 reissue and the third and fourth cds of their 2010 reissue use the same tape from 2001. These reissues use new discs.EV's cds one and two from their 2010 title offer an upgraded version of source one. This makes the introduction available, a little more tape/music at cuts, and a lot more tape after Moby and after the show. Sadly, there are two cuts during the beginning of Thank You. Prior releases of this are uncut. The second cut removes a second of tape during a distant air horn blast.Wendy and 2010's "The Boy Next Door" are two source mixes, using the latest upgraded tape as the foundation and using source two to fill the gaps. Both titles are cut during the beginning of Thank You. Wendy has a pair of cuts, with the later displacing the air horn with an edit of some kind. Boy just has one cut in this area and splices out to the next higher generation of this tape for two seconds. Both titles have good sound, but Wendy's sound may be found to be less preferable.Boleskine uses the latest upgraded tape as it's foundation and then uses the other source just to fill the gap in the start of the organ solo. It too is cut during the beginning of Thank You, and has edits lasting several seconds. The air horn is removed here too. It's sound is fairly similar to the other recent releases.The 2015 no label title "Boy Next Door" reissues the audio found on the 2010 issue.The 2018 no label title "Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music '70" reissues the audio found on their original title and adds in two bonus tracks from an LP source.EV's 2019 "Bath Festival" title is a reissue, reusing discs from their 2010 release "Bath Festival 1970."Tarantura2000's "Bath of the Blues" consists of two subtitles containing the show, "Raw Transfer" and "Final Mixdown." Both are identical mixes bases on the first source. Unlike most mixes from this label, no tape is missing at the splices and the sound is not over done.
  16. Dude, your reviews should be placed on the main page of some local paper LOL You have a truly bargain way of speaking. Overdone EQ? Fuck! I couldn't find any, even when I played it loud. I did a short comparison between this and low gen - again no sign of that harsh top end anywhere. A tiny, heavily compressed and dehissed sound from their past title is better? Are you sure that your ears aren't plenty of wax? Or maybe your gear needs some fix? Tell ya what - buy some decent tube amp, good quality speakers and some decent A/D converter, then we can continue.
  17. Yes, it is. The spectral analysis has been done on 44.1/16 rate, which gives a similar results. The master is achieved in 24/96 and T2K likely dehissed this a bit, thus it's very similar to the 2nd gen but that's all. Not only bass freq's have been cranked up, but also top shrill that was presented throughout was gently removed and polished, finally. The mid freq's are in much better balance. But yet, you won't detect this until you get a good quality gear. All the cuts achieved on 2nd gen are also visible on master, nothing strange here as 2nd gen is a copy. The older titles aren't complete. Again, if you or anyone, who did that comparison, would only get some good gear and have some smart ears, you could detect that that small section is repeated from other part of Thank You. All of my low gen copies dated as pre-2009 have that cut, thus it's just impossible to think that any older CDs are complete here. Sure, I am interesting to see a good mastering. Obviously, it is a step further in something that we've been waiting for a long time. Truly, I do not care if this is T2K, EV or a fan made product. Praising on a good thing isn't a violation. Wanna do something better? Grab the tape, buy some gear and do your own remaster. As for now, the only garbage is your constant rambling.
  18. Poor pluribus....if you could only get chance to get some appropriate gear to listen to that set loud...but this is what it is - some compact computer speakers and iPhone in the hand and here we have a final statement from forum's expert. You should stay where you were before, dude. You have absolutely no idea of how the master was leaked out and you only repeating of other people have said.
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