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  1. Yes, I'll only be about 500 short 🙃 I need to stop soon, I've already spent far more than I should have!
  2. Thanks very much for your suggestions, chillumpuffer! 👍
  3. Thanks very much for the suggestion JTM, but my boots are already very full with downloaded Zeppelin concert recordings! 😉 I just want to own a few choice Zeppelin bootleg CD's. I find that when I own a physical copy of a recording I am more inclined to sit down, listen to it properly and just give it the attention and respect it deserves. I'm happy to stand corrected on the Royal Albert Hall show being a multi-track recording too. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, that is simply magnificent! I would be most grateful for a link, and I'm going to message you pronto- thanks!
  5. Hi folks, I have recently started to collect some Zeppelin bootleg CD's and I am hoping for some recommendations to fill some of the gaps as follows: 1. Like many here, I have the 2003 DVD which of course features the Royal Albert Hall concert from 1970 but does not feature the Long Tall Sally encore. I know there's an absolute plethora of CD releases of this show, so I'd like to buy one which not only includes Long Tall Sally but also includes the band introduction as they take the stage. Sound quality is important of course, although I would imagine most CD titles of this show have excellent sound. 2. I'd like to buy another CD of another 1970 performance, preferably a full show in decent sound quality and also from the earlier part of 1970 with We're Gonna Groove as the opener. Decent boots from 1970 seem to be thin on the ground- is Royal Albert Hall the only soundboard show from 1970 available? If so, I would gladly buy a good audience recording of a full show. 3. I'd like to buy a CD of a full show from the 1973 European Tour- what do people suggest as the 'go to' here? I know this tour is extremely highly regarded by Zeppelin fans. Where possible I would try to buy full shows, either SB or very good/excellent audience recordings. It's nice to get releases which have nice packaging but it's not necessarily the most important thing to me. I know I've included a lot of info here so I would be very grateful for even one recommendation from anyone kind enough to share their knowledge. Thanks in advance.
  6. I think Tea For One is stellar, and I can't imagine anyone not liking it. There is so much feeling and emotion in the band's performance on this one.
  7. Thanks Victor, I am looking forward to (eventually) seeing the booklet!
  8. Hi, thanks for replying. There doesn't seem to be any serial number on the back, but I just looked at one of the discs, and it has the serial number 812279961-1 on it.
  9. Hi folks, I have a slightly bizarre question about TSRTS 2007 Expanded/Remastered CD: Recently I bought a copy of this CD online and when it duly arrived, it was found to contain the booklet for the 'Mothership' compilation. I tried to obtain a refund or exchange from the seller who messed me around, so I contacted ebay who gave me an immediate refund. All good. I then ordered another copy of said CD from a different seller, and to my dismay when it arrived it also contained the Mothership booklet!! I am mightily pissed off. So, two questions arise: does the 2007 reissue of TSRTS actually contain a booklet, and has my ludicrous scenario happened to anyone else?
  10. The Ocean is an absolute powerhouse live, but I usually skip that doo-wop bit at the end. It's a bit lame.
  11. For those of us who are not musicians (like me), could you please explain what you mean by the comment on Jason's ride symbol and could you please cite a good example from the concert.
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