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  1. Any one before 1973, when Plant could actually sing it.
  2. It sure as hell wasn't the 11th. I was there for both.
  3. Basically a tired, bored and lacklustre performance. I've heard dry soundboards by other bands that show exactly how atrocious that gig was. Page's solo in No Quarter is excruciating to listen to - absolute torture.
  4. And knowing them, a very small portion indeed. Not a band known for the philanthropic gesture....
  5. Dave's understatement and restraint are admirable.
  6. I was there on the 4th. It was a good show but nowhere near the Earls Court show I attended in '75.
  7. Jimmy is definitely a Satanist though. I used to own the property opposite his London residence, The Tower House. He could often be seen on a Friday night carrying a goat under each arm ready for sacrifice.
  8. Sadly a few clips is all there is. Footage of the early days is sparse unfortunately.
  9. *Looks for the "P*ssing himself laughing" emoticon.* Time to get your ears syringed I think.
  10. What was punk? In a word. Necessary
  11. Yes, Cozy Powell is indeed dead. Died in a car accident if memory serves. So...... dead drummers eh? That can finish a band.
  12. Styrbjorn


    Wait until Ted Nugent becomes President. It'll happen. Trust me.
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