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  1. Styrbjorn


    Any one before 1973, when Plant could actually sing it.
  2. Styrbjorn

    Knebworth concert?

    It sure as hell wasn't the 11th. I was there for both.
  3. Styrbjorn

    Seattle 1977, Bad recording or bad performance?

    Basically a tired, bored and lacklustre performance. I've heard dry soundboards by other bands that show exactly how atrocious that gig was. Page's solo in No Quarter is excruciating to listen to - absolute torture.
  4. Styrbjorn

    Best No Quarter Solo

    Mobile, '73.
  5. And knowing them, a very small portion indeed. Not a band known for the philanthropic gesture....
  6. Dave's understatement and restraint are admirable.
  7. Styrbjorn


    I was there on the 4th. It was a good show but nowhere near the Earls Court show I attended in '75.
  8. Styrbjorn

    Stairway to Hell?

    Jimmy is definitely a Satanist though. I used to own the property opposite his London residence, The Tower House. He could often be seen on a Friday night carrying a goat under each arm ready for sacrifice.
  9. Styrbjorn

    Jimmy's Nationality?

    He's actually from Atlantis.
  10. Styrbjorn

    RIP Whitney Houston

    She's been dead for years...
  11. Styrbjorn

    Jimmy Page Book Available NOW!

    When is the paperback out? *Laughing*
  12. Styrbjorn

    The Texas Pop Festival 1969 footage

    Sadly a few clips is all there is. Footage of the early days is sparse unfortunately.
  13. Styrbjorn

    Best Led Zeppelin Live Album.

    *Looks for the "P*ssing himself laughing" emoticon.* Time to get your ears syringed I think.
  14. Styrbjorn

    What was punk?

    What was punk? In a word. Necessary
  15. Yes, Cozy Powell is indeed dead. Died in a car accident if memory serves. So...... dead drummers eh? That can finish a band.