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  1. Any one before 1973, when Plant could actually sing it.
  2. It sure as hell wasn't the 11th. I was there for both.
  3. Basically a tired, bored and lacklustre performance. I've heard dry soundboards by other bands that show exactly how atrocious that gig was. Page's solo in No Quarter is excruciating to listen to - absolute torture.
  4. Hi Otto. Peachy show this one, you can hear exactly how much trouble the French recording engineers had with recording Zep at concert volume.... drastic volume changes on the tape. Now where's that Iceland 1970 soundboard?
  5. I've had this for the last year or so... finally raised its head did it? Good show, now even better.
  6. Should you ever visit Stockholm let me know. I owe you a drink or two.

  7. They may be a clone but Lenny Wolf sounds more like Robert Plant than Robert Plant has in the last twenty years. There's your answer to the "how do we reform Led Zeppelin if Percy doesn't want to play anymore?" Close your eyes and you'd never notice the difference.
  8. Zeppelin were never "mega" in the UK. I know, I was there. The most popular bands at that time were Pink Floyd, T Rex and ABBA who outsold Led Zeppelin big time in England. By 1976 Zeppelin were considered "old farts", the last of their fans congregating for the Knebworth shows. The musical climate had changed so much they never played one concert in the UK for the 1980 Tour, straight to Europe with their collective tail between their legs. In the 80's they were all but forgotten, considered "old fashioned" and "bloated dinosaurs." It's only since the late nineties that they have been re-evaluated and found worthy by the almighty music critics and media.
  9. I'd say that in the UK they were respected and popular, but you have to remember that at that time we had plenty of other bands to like too. Pink Floyd Jethro Tull Rolling Stones Deep Purple Free Queen Hawkwind Wishbone Ash ... to name but a few. You can only buy so many albums and concert tickets on a weeks wage.
  10. PZ knees up is on the 12th July. Hope to see you there mate.

  11. Interesting thought. How about Trent Reznor narrating selected passages from Burroughs "Naked Lunch" over an industrial backing?
  12. Seeing as this link is stuck on the right click of my mouse here's me and the better half in Stockholm, Sweden. One of us is trying to hold in the old beergut. Clue: It's not her.
  13. Meanwhile, on the Van Halen forum: "Jimmy Page? Wanker!" Apples and oranges indeed.
  14. Just buy Van Halen I I'd put that album up as equal to anything Zeppelin ever did, but that's just my opinion.
  15. Which may well be a good thing considering his taste for editing, splicing and turd polishing until the finished item has little resemblance to the actual show it was taken from. I in no way condone the theft of the tapes though, that's just evil.
  16. Dying in Hastings is enough to disillusion anyone, let alone Crowley. Let me guess, Anton Le Vey died in Margate after a satanic donkey ride incident?
  17. He is a member of the Illuminati though. My mate saw him at the "Temple Of The All Seeing Eye" in Shoreditch last week.
  18. He left his Illuminati t-shirt at the Bilderberg group meeting in Geneva the day before. Doh! That was a secret!! Where's the edit function?
  19. It was just a jam at a night club while Plant was in tax exile following his car accident. No tape exists of the performance but some photographs of the event do. I believe a few can be found in Dave Lewis' "The Concert Files" book.
  20. Steve, didn't Ross Halfin photograph Page wearing an OTO t-shirt while on holiday at Angkor Wat in Cambodia a couple of years ago? It seems Jimmy still has an interest....
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