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  1. Huh? Like I said, I thought everyone knew this. Not sure why that’s a bad thing?
  2. Aren’t you AA? I thought that was common knowledge...
  3. The No Label version of this show is up on Dime right now. Sounds killer. I forgot how much I liked this show.
  4. 6/26 is really great, and the recording is easy to get used to, once you commit to the fact that it’s not a Millard recording. Outstanding playing throughout. Out of the LA 77 run, I listen to 6/23 the most, by far. That show I will listen to start-to-finish. I’ll listen to TSRTS/SA, TYG, Kashmir and Achilles from 6/21, IMTOD from 6/22, and SIBLY and NQ from 6/25. I pretty much never listen to 6/27. That show is a fantastic recording, and the performance is a marathon effort. I just never get that itch to listen to it. Not enough “did you hear that?!!” moments in that show.
  5. New York 2/12/75, Long Beach 3/12/75.
  6. They aren’t depleted of recordings. They’ve just come up with a business model that works better for them. They need us as customers as much as we need them to keep providing the good stuff. The Seattle board was preceded by that one track teaser of Heartbreaker. Osaka had been teased by clips from both nights, then single songs, then more. The upgraded Montreux soundboard is just the second half of the show. Now the 3/24 LA board is a third of that show. It is what it is. Any comments beyond what they might or might not have is of course speculation. The track record is 17 years of releasing unheard soundboards. In between, they’ve done all sorts of releases. Some better than others, and some great ones. The recent Japan 72 box, Australia 72 box, the MSG 73 box. And have we all forgotten the holy grail Seattle board so soon?
  7. EV have also been on a nice trend of releasing shows with artwork using photos from the actual shows. Osaka 71 HTEWW, Seattle 75 Treachery of the Long Knives, now this Paraediola Paradigm box and the newly released Bonzo’s Birthday Party set. All use photos from the actual shows. Very cool.
  8. It’s entirely from the 24th. The person who thought it was from the 25th now agrees in the comments.
  9. Confirmed from a friend that the entire Night Stalker disc is from the March 24th show.
  10. Agreed. I think they sound even better than Seattle. Might even be the best sound quality of any 75 board. These samples are making me re-think my opinion of the 3/24 show. From these tracks, the band sounds great. Not nearly as sloppy as I remember. The Millard tape for 3/24 is heavy on Page’s guitar and light on Bonham’s drums. On the soundboard, the balance is perfect, and you can hear all of Bonham’s fills better, and it’s much easier to forgive Page’s slips.
  11. So, Stairway, Whole Lotta Love, and Black Dog are all from 3/24 (and sound awesome). I also heard that Trampled is from 3/24. I wonder if the whole disc is from the first night?
  12. No, the pics are different. The black and white one is Page flying out of Logan airport in Boston, May 1969. That’s one of the Charles Bonnay pics. A bunch of them are on gettyimages.
  13. Why do you think that? He gave them all those amps and guitars, and they all look legit. The #1 Looks like the real thing, right down to the inlays.
  14. He’s confusing “multi-track” with “stereo”. The soundboard is a stereo recording.
  15. None of the 1975 us tour soundboards are multi-tracks. They are all 2 channel left-right recordings of the house mix.
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