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  1. Best version of the audience source is still Divinity on Atlantic Ocean. EV’s Intimidator was eq’d too hard. For the soundboard, EV’s beast is the way to go. Would be nice if someone combined Divinity with the EV soundboard portion. Eat a Peach is hit and miss. Some of them are good, others aren’t. Most of them do some level of combining sources from existing bootlegs.
  2. You’re welcome? A mix in the works, I hope? 😎
  3. http://www.../torrents-details.php?id=644982
  4. The 5/27 Boston date is really from 1/25. They cracked that case at RO awhile back. Page’s equipment is the giveaway. Page didn’t have his echo unit until April 69, and you can see the echo machine in the photos from the May Tea Party concerts. In January, he didn’t have the echo yet. Listen to the show in question. No echo anywhere. So January it is!
  5. I guess now we know what that Abbey Road photo/video shoot was for?
  6. They are trolling us. And they probably do have something special, just like they always have. This box is expert level trolling. “To buy or not to buy” has been a phrase seen over and over and over on this forum, and all the other fan sites out there. EV puts something out and the first responses from silver collectors is usually “Hmmm....to buy or not to buy....”
  7. Nobody knows. As for “bootleg ears”, yeah most boots require some effort to enjoy, but the phenomenon isn’t unique to bootlegs. Ever try watching a VHS tape or an old TV anytime in the past few years? Or put an old cassette into a tape deck? Or listen to AM radio stations? Or played an old Atari or Nintendo video game? Based on today’s expectations, those “old” formats are now considered HORRIBLE. Yet, there were decades worth of people who partied the night away listening/watching/playing on those formats.
  8. I like that one too. It sounds unique, because the real date of the Hampton show was recently changed to 8/10/70: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/august-10-1970 So, that version is either the live debut or at least the first recorded version!
  9. I listen to them all the time, which is probably why I have the opinion I do. I’m always hearing something new too. Blueberry Hill still gets lots of listens, after all these years. You’re proving my point too. People aren’t really listening to these shows that frequently. So why should EV or anyone else put out 20 of them at a time? They would sell even less, and everyone would probably agree which ones were the ones to buy/download, and which were the ones to avoid, which means that EV would lose money. Again, look back at the Fort Worth soundboard. Standard 75 show, not too many surprises. Quickly forgotten. Now it’s all about “Where’s Houston 75???” These bootlegs are like a TV show that you will always keep watching, no matter how good each individual episode is. Doesn’t matter if this one or that one wasn’t so good, there’s always the next one to look forward to. And with the casual fans, there would be plenty of people who would be disappointed if the show suddenly ended. Whenever I see these re-do boxsets or re-releases, I just assume that these are the episodes between the really good ones.
  10. Honestly, I don’t think anybody knows but the people selling and the people buying. People throw out these enormous figures, but it’s not as if it’s eBay, right? I wouldn’t trust anything that gets posted online. There are way too many people out there pretending to have the inside scoop. Why on earth would anyone disclose it, you know? If anything, if these things DO really require EV to pay an exorbitant price for each board, then wouldn’t it make sense that they would try to recoup those costs by putting out inexpensive titles in between those high-cost ones?
  11. Nah. Keepin’ it real yo. In return for my patronage, if EV wants to send me sample previews of the next soundboard, I will be happy to keep them to myself
  12. I agree with the struggle to hear the new. But at that the same time, I wonder that EV’s business model doesn’t actually make sense? I mean, how often SHOULD they be releasing things? If they were to release complete soundboards every couple months, I bet you a million dollars that most people wouldn’t really be able to keep up the interest, or wouldn’t care, and definitely wouldn’t listen to them more then a few times. Even for those that would buy the silvers, even they wouldn’t be able to afford them all if they came out so quickly. Releasing boards every few months would start to lose money across the board, eat into the sales of competing titles in their catalog, and kill the exclusivity. Remember, we tend to want more than we actually really listen to on a repeat basis. There are several “gems” that have come out that were quickly forgotten. Fort Worth 75 was a completely unheard show, in soundboard, and got zero appreciation past the second week. Osaka 71 came out after decades of listening to the drum-overloaded one, and it was “Screw this, where’s the rest????”. Even now, a completely unheard non-bootleg/non-hoarded recording comes out, Glasgow 72, and the best that most people can do is “the recording is terrible”. And that recording is GREAT by bootleg standards. And the show is killer! The odds of EV releasing a new soundboard within the next 6 months is probably 90%. That alone is insane. I mean, how much better could we have it? If they wanna crank out rehashes and re-releases in between, power to them. Most of those tend to be great too. And just like the soundboards, most people get them for free. Australia 72 box? Awesome. Japan 72 box? Awesome. This is the golden age of Zep bootlegs.
  13. But what does it really matter to anybody anyway? The EV people have given us so many soundboards, which 99.9% of the people paid zero for. And all the people dreaming of a new soundboard are usually the same people who wouldn’t spend a single cent to get it, even if it was a show that everyone really wanted (how many of you actually bought How The East Wasn’t Won?). Are EV expected to be a charity? 20 years ago I would’ve KILLED for the soundboards that we have today. There was a time, kiddos, back before the soundboard revolution. It was nothing but gen’d up tapes of unknown origin, with songs deliberately left off, rumors of stuff we never got to hear, people holding on to tapes and refusing to trade, and then paying out the nose for things that ended up being the same stuff you already had. When things did get around, it would only ever get around to people via these long and painful trees and mail jobs. And still those discs had errors, with the clicks and pops. Oh yeah, and things took FOREVER. No affiliation. It just amazes me that, given the sheer volume of treasures that have come from EV alone, that people would still complain.
  14. The Houston set is labeled as “4 Eyed Freak Remastering”. Can’t make out the other wording on 4/30 or 7/17, but they both say “Remastering” on the back as well. So, looks like it might be a box full of fan remasters. Put that together with the title, and seems like a hefty F.U. from EV. Got to admit, for as much complaining as people do, this is pretty damn funny.
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