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  1. April 27, 1969 eliminated??? The final 4 should be that show, Blueberry Hill, Osaka 929, and Eddie. How anyone could rank Montreux 70 or LA 72 over the Fillmore 69 gig is crazy. Montreux 70 isnt even the best show of that week (Düsseldorf) much less that tour (Copenhagen). LA 72 is a pale reflection of the spontaneity and energy of LA 70, and has nothing on Uniondale 6/14 or Seattle 6/19. Speaking of Montreux and LA 72, those are the only two Zep shows I can think of where Plant goes racial (the N bomb during encores at Montreux and the chick from Detroit comment in the intro to Black Dog at LA).
  2. Almost there. Page in the pink shirt and Plant in the sun shirt are from 9/24. You can see the Tokyo stage sign behind Page. Page only wore the sun shirt at Tokyo 9/23. 9/28 photos look nearly identical to 9/27, except for Jones’ shirt - which is white shirt sleeve at Hiroshima and a longer sleeve shirt at 9/28 and 9/29. Osaka 9/29 is Page in the blue/red shirt.
  3. May 1 and May 2 1969. The gigs right after the April 69 Fillmore West shows. May 1969 Boston Tea Party shows Anything from Aug-Sept 1970 Hawaii 1969 and 1971 Back to the Clubs shows 1971 Chicago Sept 1971 Denver and San Diego 1972
  4. Cobra Premium is really similar to the Cobla Standard version, with the exception that the Cobra Premium has noise reduction. I prefer the Cobla Standard version.
  5. Well, you could buy the Paradigm boxset and share with all of us!
  6. Are you referring to Page’s cameo in that really bad Lucifer Rising movie?
  7. Nite Owl’s “Ultimate Blueberry Hill” matrix is up on Dime. Sounds really good. It’s a matrix of sources 1,2,3,5 with sources 4/6 just for the intro. There is some chorusing on the guitar during songs like Since I’ve Been Loving You, That’s the Way, Thank You. Since sounds like Page is using a chorus pedal. I think it may be from using the Rubber Dubber source during those sections, because the parts that don’t use that source (where the Rubber Dubber source is incomplete) don’t have that chorus sound. Mix probably could have been just as good using just sources 1,3,5. Listening to Immigrant Song or Blueberry Hill, where just 1,3,5 were used sound great.
  8. Could be, but the dates around that Baton Rouge show all highlight how on/off the performances were. It’s those New York and LA shows in June that were the truly special ones.
  9. Yeah, but the rest of the New Orleans show is sooooo overrated. The best part is the solo in Celebration Day and some of the banter. Otherwise, Page is obviously suffering from injury and Plant’s voice is more wrecked than usual. That whole May stretch is really uneven. Wrecked vocals, Page’s tendonitis, Bonham’s sluggish drumming. Mobile’s saving grace is the sound quality of the board, but the playing isn’t really that much better. As mentioned in a different thread, that Denver sbd fragment from 5/25/73 suggests that show was fire. Heartbreaker is phenomenal. Everything else from May is just meh. 5/31 and 6/3 have the LA thing going for them. 6/2 is a good “event” but Page’s injury shows up throughout the show. The fact that there was soooo much b.s. attached to that New Orleans audience tape (and the equally uneven Baton Rouge 75 tape) is more sad than anything else.
  10. Read enough of the press clippings from the band’s various shows, and you’ll see the occasional review which mentions a song being played that actually wasn’t played. Sure, maybe they did play Your Time Is Gonna Come during some shows. Chances are that it was probably You Shook Me.
  11. I’ve given Mobile many listens, and I always come back to the same conclusion: Sound is great, performance is just “good”. No major hiccups, but also nothing that knocks you off your feet. The May/June leg of the 73 tour has lots of good shows but not a lot of REALLY good shows. Tampa 5/5 audience sources are good, but the band are still working out the set. New Orleans 5/14 is a good time for the band, but performance is uneven in the vocals and the sticky fingers. Houston 5/16 aud source is way too rough to appreciate, and the sbd snippet of the encores is pretty straightforward. Dallas 5/18 is so-so and Fort Worth 5/19 is better but still just “good”. Salt lake 5/26 and San Diego 5/28 are both just “good”. 5/31-6/2-6/3 get all the attention for good reason. IMO, the forgotten show from the first leg of the 73 US Tour is definitely Denver, 5/25. The sbd snippet of the encores is great. Great playing, great energy. I would much rather hear the rest of that show than the rest of any of the other incomplete shows from that leg of the tour.
  12. Source 1 ver 1: Neutral Zone cds (sourced from original tape used to make the TmQ bootleg vinyl - so tracks are deliberately out of order), or try Last Stand Discs version which put the NZ cd tracks in the correct running order. Source 1 ver 2: Empress Valley TmQ version, (sourced from the original tapes, which have since aged). Doesn’t sound as clear as the NZ version, but has more tape in spots, or try Eat a Peach for a combination of tracks from the Neutral Zone and Empress Valley releases. Source 2: Only available on vinyl and incomplete. Lots of vinyl rips exist, some better than others. Source 3: Cobla Standard mix has clearest sound, Graf Zeppelin has mix based on 3rdgen tape. 2nd/3rd/4th gen versions exist too. Source 4: Lowgen source. Source 5: Lowgen source has cuts and a few channel issues. Golden Eggs has the source cleaned up and mixed with other sources to make the complete show. Source 6: Tranafer from master cassette is the only circulating version. This source has roughest sound, but has the full intro, just like Source 4.
  13. If history is any guide, EV will most likely re-release these latest versions of the Millard tapes. Look at the multiple releases of the Deep Throat box, or the LA77 box. If any of the LA 75 boards come out in full, I imagine that the Paradigm audience versions will be the ones packaged alongside those releases as part of the “deluxe” sets. Look at the recent How the East Was Won deluxe box. They included yet another re-release of the same 929 mix they’ve kept putting out over and over for the past 10 years. Same discs and everything.
  14. Huh? Like I said, I thought everyone knew this. Not sure why that’s a bad thing?
  15. Aren’t you AA? I thought that was common knowledge...
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