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  1. Glad that they will be releasing the soundboard and a soundboard/audience mix. They should have done the same thing when they first released the 929 soundboard.
  2. Exactly. And think of how many years that Page and the band’s employees, friends, and families have had these various tapes. There was that quote someone posted from Phil Carson, who played during the encores at Osaka 928. His comment was along the lines of listening to the 928 tape the next day or something like that. That was 48 years ago. It’s not as if these things got forgotten and all of a sudden got dug up in the 90s and thrown onto cassettes. These recordings have probably been archived multiple times over the decades. Just look at Page’s recent photobooks. He kept EVERYTHING from his time in the Yardbirds, Zeppelin, etc. Clothes, memorabilia, documents, photos, receipts. Many things that you’d think he wouldn’t have bothered with given his celebrity status. Yet they’re all perfectly preserved, just like that Tower House he owns. Hard to imagine that he would treat the Zeppelin live tapes any different.
  3. They still have the 10CD Box of the LA 75 Millard tapes for sale, and the samples I heard sound awesome. Can’t imagine them releasing LA 75 content given how recent that box was. Come on everybody. Long Beach 3/12/75. Let’s will this thing into existence.
  4. Would love Long Beach 3/12/75. Philadelphia 2/8/75 would be wonderful as well. Of course, the rest of that 929 show too.....
  5. Not sure, but here’s the breakdown of the 929 box from one of the Dime threads: Disc 01-03: Mr T Tack Master - Newest audience sourceDisc 04-06: BS Master - Previous audience sourceDisc 07-09: Hagure Gumo Edit - Copy of Winston Remaster Kutabare MoonchildDisc 10-12: Sanda You Edit - Copy of BOOTROCK Mix
  6. The source on Blackbeauty is a legit upgrade of one of the alt audience sources. Not a bad start so far.
  7. Mark McFall eh? Shiiiiit. Mad Respect to the OG
  8. Yep. Wendy’s last noteworthy release was one of the Dallas 75 boards, which was one of the only soundboards to not be sourced from an EV title. Since then, it’s been a steady stream of re-hashes, un-credited clones, bad EQ jobs, and wind-chime-metallic-noise-reduced shows, often with other dates spliced in to make them complete. In today’s game, it’s all about Empress Valley, Graf Zeppelin, Lighthouse/No Label, Golden Eggs, and Eat a Peach.
  9. Who can translate all the Japanese on the back?
  10. Belfast 1971. One night only. By the next night in Dublin he was already singing some parts of Black Dog lower.
  11. Jimmy Page wrote at least one tune in a Ventures style too...Called Heartbreaker.
  12. I had no idea this existed. Now that I have listened to a good bit of it, it's hard to not hear this as the audio equivalent to Courtney Love's visit to Wendy's. WTF was Page doing in Tahoe anyway? Meanwhile, some 400 miles away on this exact same night, while "Really special guy Jimbo Page" was doing this blistering set at Crystal Bay with Solid Ground, these bunch of literal nobodies were doing a one-off show fresh out of the recording studio:
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabrielle_d'Estrées_et_une_de_ses_sœurs
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