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  1. This is really good (covering Heart of the Sunrise and Starship Trooper): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYV1jAey720
  2. Definitely those and 3-10-75 San Diego, possibly also 2/8/75 Philadelphia (which would be really nice).
  3. Personally I'd have preferred the 2nd night since it has probably my all-time favorite NQ. But I'd agree that overall the 3rd night is probably the best of the stand (far from "legendary", though). And yes, bring on the 2nd night in Long Beach, please!
  4. Fu Manchu is a great band, and it's the thought that counts of course, but it's a bit ironic they released this as a tribute to Neil Peart when he didn't play on the original studio recording (he joined after the first album). Still, it's obviously a Rush signature song.
  5. JohnOsbourne


    You mean like the official account?
  6. That's a different issue. Legally solos etc. are arrangements and don't count towards credit. Re. Taylor, what other choice did he have but to put up with the internal politics of the band? Not like he was a superstar in his own right like Page. In 1974 Page did not have to tag along for the ride while others took credit for his ideas. So it's highly unlikely that he contributed anything more than the solos here.
  7. I assume so. The solos are distinctly Page, but I don't hear anything particularly Zeppelinesque in the rest of the song. If he did contribute enough to merit a writing credit, it's hard to imagine someone like Page giving them a freebie.
  8. Don't sweat it. I'm a lot more excited about this than the Minneapolis board that just got (partially) released. I'm hoping this presages an expedited release process by EV (e.g. so that we'll get the 2nd night in Long Beach sooner rather than later).
  9. Good topic, love the September NA shows in particular. The Japanese shows of course lives up to their reputation, and the UK shows at the end of the year tend to get overlooked. Orlando and Toronto are justifiably well-known because of the sound quality, and despite the lesser sound quality, Boston and NY are killer. But how can we forget Hampton? That is a powerful show.
  10. Presence is the last great Zeppelin album. It's gritty and earthy and an accurate reflection of where the band was at the time. The pathos and musicianship combined beautifully. While there were hints of where they would go later (Carrots and Pods), it sort of represents the beginning of the end of that era of 70's hard rock. I've never liked ITTOD. Too many synths and Page's obviously diminished role (I don't care how many writing credits he had on it, it's clearly not his vision on the album). Far too much of an 80's new wave vibe. It's basically a Robert Plant solo album.
  11. Sure, I'm just speculating, and who knows about claims like this: But it's clear 1-18 isn't an EV release, so there's another source besides the "Soundboard Revolution" from the last 15 years or so. The fact that EV seems prepared to release the full 3-24 show after already releasing the first Osaka show earlier this year (granted, they may drag out LA into early next year) suggests to me that they may sense (or maybe acknowledge is more accurate) the bottom finally falling out of this market and that a fire sale may be in order.
  12. At this stage, yeah, they've (meaning EV) played all their cards. The only question now is how long they're going to prolong the process. With this mysterious Minneapolis board coming out, it's possible there's a new source about to break into the market. That's great!
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