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  1. Yeah, this show adds to the mystery, it's not on par with any of the West Coast shows in March, and the soundboard does reveal some flaws (mainly in TSRTS), but overall this show is a lot more enjoyable than I would have expected (NQ is truly excellent, and STH and OTHAFA are great), and it makes me wonder why the subsequent shows in January were so subpar (Plant's voice was not the only problem).
  2. Fortunately, COVID poses virtually no risk to children. Which is why it's madness that they're obsessed w/vaccinating children next w/these experimental drugs.
  3. It definitely comes out better on the audience tape here. From the soundboard fragment last summer, the guitar sounded good but there was something hollow about the drums (which of course is a critical part of the song).
  4. They made the right call to swap it out w/IMTOD. And they should have kept Wanton Song in the set list. I kinda like how NQ came a bit later in the set here.
  5. I'm also impressed w/how well WTLB came out, although it doesn't really fit w/the '75 vibe.
  6. Considering this is just a quick-and-dirty warm-up show, it's surprisingly good. NQ and STH in particular are fantastic. Shows that even with an 18-month layoff, health problems, and a cold Midwestern night, they were still the greatest.
  7. Looks like the link is broken/incomplete?
  8. This is true, but that's not the point.
  9. Drip, drip: 'Leaky' Vaccines May Create Stronger Viruses (newsweek.com)
  10. Cool early show: Black Sabbath 1970.04.29 Lausanne Electric Circus Complete Show - YouTube
  11. Here's a good one: 1976-09-20 - Stockholm (First Hit On The Old Continent) - YouTube
  12. Even if it is true that there is some background work that's being leveraged, what's being put out is not really a vaccine (as per the FDA, I posted the link upstream here), and it has not passed the normal approval processes vaccines are subjected to (it is being pushed through under "emergency" waivers).
  13. That's right, it's a question of costs vs benefits. The skeptics regard this disease as not posing such a threat to society that mass medication with an experimental vaccine (and it's not actually a vaccine, ask the FDA) is justified. Adding to the skepticism is the fact that the vaccine makers are shielded from liability and propaganda must be employed to convince people to take it. It's fine if you disagree, but it's hardly an unreasonable position.
  14. So, you understand the long-term effects of an untested vaccine simply from the ease of the procedure?
  15. I've always loved the Boston show, despite the somewhat poor recording and crowd problems. Shows how on top of their game they were in July '73. And I've always thought the story around the cancelled '75 show was funny, even though it really wasn't very cool: Led Zeppelin Riot, Banned in Boston (celebrateboston.com)
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