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  1. I'm afraid so, most likely. They're going to drag out any releases, with samplers and teasers and such, until they can make enough money from egregiously-priced re-releases on top of the new soundboard (something that only hardcore collectors will patron). Unfortunately it's the only way they can really make money, because with a general release of the soundboard itself, it will get uploaded almost immediately, completely killing their market. However, I do believe they have the entirety of the LA 75 shows (plus Houston, 1st San Diego, and 2nd Long Beach, and the remaining May 77 shows), so we will eventually get a complete one later this year. With Osaka last year, I believe they simply don't have the complete show and released what they have.
  2. I fully agree, it sucks. But, they've clearly decided this is the best way for them to make their money and I understand the reasoning. If they offered a complete show for $100, they'd still have to wait until they have a sufficient number of confirmed orders (because once they ship, it's game over), and they obviously suspect that not enough people are gonna want to have their money tied up waiting for the order list to grow. Again, it's easy to say we'd pay $100 in the abstract, but the reality with bootlegs in the digital age is that you'll be subsidizing a large number of free riders, and taking that into account, fewer people want to take the first step.
  3. How is it a crap strategy? They know as soon as the first physical CDs are delivered, someone will upload it for free download. It's a bootleg, so they have no way of enforcing any kind of copyright or whatever. Again, that's the reality of the digital age. We can all say we'd gladly pay $50 or $100 or whatever for a complete show and promise we'll keep it to ourselves, but EV has no enforcement mechanism to ensure that the market as a whole abides by it. They simply have to leak out teasers and try to make their necessary profit off of serious collectors (who, almost by definition, are fairly insensitive to price, at least as it would apply to a musical CD as such). It's unfortunate, but it's the only way we're going to get future shows.
  4. Nice to see mention of the Ft Worth version, a real gem. St Louis from the first leg in '75 is also sublime.
  5. That's my interpretation too: cleaned up audience sources of the three shows, plus one new soundboard. And, of course they're catering to the hardcore collectors, that's the only way they can make money off of these things now, since within hours of the first batch shipping, the board will be uploaded for free download. Sad but true in the digital age, but it's a bootleg, not exactly the most open of markets. They'll leak out samples/teasers to the public while trying to recoup their investment from the highest private bidders. At least we will eventually get the three LA shows (although I'd have much preferred the second Long Beach show).
  6. Hoping it's NQ from the 25th, probably my all-time favorite. Another killer combo would be OTHAFA/NQ/TU from the 27th (maybe toss in SIBLY).
  7. What, are you stalking me? Seriously, get a fucking life.
  8. Fully agree that the main fault in all of this lies with Zeppelin. I really wonder what the point of this waiver was anyway, as Weiss (who surely drew it up) would have been fully aware that it had no legal standing whatsoever. Maybe a placebo to placate Grant and the band?
  9. Fair points that Graham didn't have a lot of good options, but at the end of the day his "the show must go on" attitude supports the idea that the beating given out (which of course wasn't pleasant for the guy involved) couldn't have been that bad.
  10. Exactly, he put money before concern for justice for his worker. Since Graham seems to the be main source for the more lurid claims about this incident, there's reason to be skeptical about just how bad it really was.
  11. Graham showed where his principles were by signing a bogus indemnification letter to allow the second show to go on.
  12. As per one of the news articles in the thread SteveAJones posted, Bonham et al. were charged with *misdemeanor* assault charges. So it's completely defensible to view this as a roughing up, and not something more disturbing. No one is denying that it was a bad idea to hire Bindon, or that Zep deserved the lion's share of blame here. The issue concerns the hyperbole surrounding the incident.
  13. At the Oakland show they (Bonham partly, but mainly Bindon et al.) roughed up one of Bill Graham's workers. There was some bad blood before (that this guy may have played a part in) and while the situation got out of control due to the Zep side, it was hardly a horrific, brutal event. Page himself said later, that if it was really as bad as Graham claimed (who conveniently [and illegally] signed a waiver to get the band to play the second show), Zeppelin would never have been allowed to leave the country. The '77 tour was ugly in general, but this particular thing has been greatly exaggerated.
  14. Yes it does. And no, they didn't "almost murder" someone, that's just a ridiculous claim (not by you, I know you're replying to another post).
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