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  1. This new song really tosses salad; sounds like some kind of New Wave shit. This is what they've been working on for the last 6 years?
  2. I should also mention Philadelphia from 2-8-75, it's very fluid, almost 73-like. I re-listened to St Louis, and you're right, fantastic version of DC. The whole show really is great, even better than I recalled, but still a bit below the previous NY-area shows.
  3. Sure, but the question is, who is "they"? The source surely has the complete shows, but I doubt EV does. I'm skeptical we'll see the rest of these shows. I'm actually more disappointed about TY and CB being left off 9-29 than WLL, to be honest. Still, it's an exciting release, it's been a great year for live Zeppelin!
  4. I'll have to listen to the St Louis version again; my impression of the show is that it's a very nice end to the first leg of the 1975 tour, but not on par with the previous nights in NY/Long Island (apart from the stunning NQ in St Louis). As far as '75 goes, the 3-21 Seattle and 5-24 Earl's Court are at the top of the list. I love the '73 versions, esp. from July. Check out 7-12 Detroit, 7-27 NY, and 7-24 Pittsburgh for starters.
  5. Agreed, one of the reasons that show is an all-time great. The version from the earlier Seattle show (the 17th) gets overlooked, it's outstanding.
  6. I don't like '77 but I agree with this, what can be discerned sounds rather fluid. Ghastly recording, however.
  7. You may well be right. (I think you may be mixing responses to different posts, BTW.) But it seems clear that these Osaka boards are coming from a different source than the "soundboard revolution" source (and even there you have to distinguish between the '75 and '77 shows).
  8. Someone who would have had access to shows to be used in a presumed aborted official live release, e.g. Kevin Shirley or Jason Bonham.
  9. Right! My suspicion is Page didn't have the energy/interest/motivation to put out an official "How the East Was Won" package, so someone in the Zep camp (perhaps out of annoyance) pirated the prospective shows.
  10. My guess is the partial Osaka board from last year and this one (Black Dog was leaked, what, three years ago?) are coming from inside the Zep camp.
  11. I used to believe this too, but the appearance this year of the 12-3-72 Glasgow show (a real gem) and the solid Detroit '72 show makes me rethink it. I agree there's probably not a lot hidden away, but there are probably some nice surprises.
  12. Plus, the other dudes in the picture look more early 70's than late 70's. Didn't Page have a beard for the first couple of AUS shows?
  13. Very cool picture, agreed. It's definitely not '71, but Page looks far too healthy for '79, I would have guessed '74.
  14. The 14th is a great show, no question, but I think the previous night (the 13th) is better.
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