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  1. I've heard the last show in Liverpool was a disaster, and the Asian tour in '75 was ill-fated to put it mildly. (I believe the reason Lord had to fill in the guitar parts in Japan was because Bolin got some bad smack in Indonesia and his left arm was immobilized. A former Zep roadie working for Purple was murdered in Indonesia, probably by the promoters who were shaking the band down.) But the bootlegs from New Zealand in '75 and Miami in '76 are both kick-ass, so I disagree that Mark IV couldn't get it done on stage. Obviously the drug problems made it hit-or-miss, but there was too much
  2. A lot of good stuff here too: http://obeytheriffbelgium.blogspot.com/2016/03/international-womens-day.html
  3. Here's a killer mixcloud station for this sort of thing (it's a descendant of the old stonerobixxx blog):
  4. Yup, huge stoner/doom fan. Surprised no one's mentioned the foundational bands like Trouble, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, etc.
  5. I completely screwed up my #'s for 2020, and I apologize for this. The 2.7M only covered the period Feb-Dec, provisional deaths for Jan were 260K, meaning projected total deaths for 2020 will be more like 3.2M and hence an overall mortality rate of 977, or a 12% increase. So yes, there is something very unusual going on this year. I stand by all of the other claims I've made here, however, specifically that the virus poses little risk to the population as a whole, as the CDC's own numbers show that 94% of "covid deaths" happened in people with an average of 2.6 co-morbidities (and no,
  6. Fair enough, but this "people are dying" thing is a bit like "do it for the children": we're not supposed to ask any questions or express any kind of skepticism because the stakes are (supposedly) far too high. And I happen to believe that our obligation as free men is precisely to ask such questions.
  7. Definitely amusing, and the one where they use Samuel L. Jackson's voice is also funny. But what's the tie-in? Video responses are a tried-and-true rhetorical device (I'm partial to the scene from The Godfather where Michael chides Kay for her naivete), but I'm not following it here.
  8. In light of the actual numbers that have been shown here, I'm reminded of this quote from Orwell (1984): "How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four." "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once."
  9. Yes, another miracle of science: U.S. Influenza Surveillance System: Purpose and Methods | CDC From Section 3: "Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this system will suspend data collection for the 2020-21 influenza season. Data from previous seasons are available on FluView Interactive."
  10. Some common sense: UPMC won’t require employees to get COVID-19 vaccine - pennlive.com
  11. This is hilarious: Russia Warns Citizens Not To Drink Alcohol For Six Weeks After COVID-19 Vaccine | Zero Hedge Guess we're going to be seeing a ton of adverse reactions in Russia.
  12. On p. 8 of the FDA document linked in this article, we have the basis of the 95% efficacy number the media is parroting/hyping. That's 1 minus the ratio of rate of infection in vaccinated vs unvaccinated, in case you're wondering. I'm guessing they did 1:1 placebo vs non-placebo, so that's 22K in each group for the first trial. Vaccinated experienced 8 cases, placebo experienced 162. That's a 0.04% rate in the vaccinated group vs 0.74% unvaccinated. So 1 minus the division of two tiny numbers gives you the magical 95% efficacy rate. Of course the real story here is that the risk in the
  13. It's important to stay healthy, without question. I'm guessing you're under 70 was well. So that would put you in the category already mentioned, of at-risk without any kind of co-morbidities. With current numbers, that's about 0.06*285K = 17K. Current cases are officially around 15M, and based on what was reported in NY back in the spring and a CDC study (mentioned here: https://www.statnews.com/2020/07/21/cdc-study-actual-covid-19-cases/) the actual number of cases is almost certainly much higher, let's say 6 times, so that's 90M cases. Which means your risk of death is about 17K/90M =
  14. Yeah, it's pretty much 100% copied. But I think DP was open about that, let's be honest, Zep has been somewhat reticent, shall we say, about acknowledging any borrowing.
  15. "Health Secretary Matt Hancock, dubbed Tuesday "V-day"" These people love military metaphors, don't they?
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