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  1. JohnOsbourne

    Five Metal Albums That Blew Your Mind

    Also agree w/the first Metal Church album. The Eyes of God by Today is the Day is pretty intense metal.
  2. JohnOsbourne

    Underrated Band Photo

    Yeah, that's a great one.
  3. JohnOsbourne

    Five Metal Albums That Blew Your Mind

    Fully agree w/Accept's Restless and Wild. Trouble's self-titled album and Run To the Light are classic doom metal. The Polish death metal band Vader has a lot of good stuff, straight-ahead but worth checking out.
  4. Bumping this thread. Just heard this for the first time (on Sirius' "Underground Garage" station), it's genius.
  5. JohnOsbourne

    Pontiac Silverdome

    Yes, it definitely played out weird. My guess is they don't have any more from 9-29.
  6. JohnOsbourne

    Pontiac Silverdome

    I agree with you on this. I initially replied to your skepticism that they would pay as little as 5K for a NEW tape. I have no idea, but that amount seems reasonable to me.
  7. JohnOsbourne

    Pontiac Silverdome

    Point taken, but when I type in things like "Led Zeppelin Detroit 1973" or "Led Zeppelin Seattle 1975" there, I get hits for CDs out of Japan (where I believe bootlegs are legal) or Italy and UK (not sure about their legal status there). So, apart from being a gray area, someone with a tape is not going to be able to monetize expected future cash flows that way, he's going to have to sell at a discount to people like EV, and that's the main point.
  8. JohnOsbourne

    Pontiac Silverdome

    I'm guessing EV is priming the pump for a summer release of a '77 board, probably Birmingham or Baton Rouge, but maybe Greensboro.
  9. JohnOsbourne

    Pontiac Silverdome

    They can't go to eBay because bootlegs are illegal recordings. And how does one contact local bootleggers? They don't really advertise, do they? It would be easier for Page to send his lawyers after such a seller than try to acquire it himself. I actually agree with your second paragraph: in the age of easy downloading, bootleg companies HAVE TO rely on some kind of initial, private auction to wealthy collectors to make money, I can see no other way to do it.
  10. JohnOsbourne

    Pontiac Silverdome

    Because a random guy who somehow comes into possession of a tape (theft, found it in his grandpa's attic, finally got a conscience after decades of hoarding, whatever) isn't plugged into the network of collectors like (I assume) a bootleg company like EV is. Hence the trade-off of getting a (somewhat) low amount of cash NOW vs. having to figure out how to strategically market the tape yourself.
  11. JohnOsbourne

    The Crunge - Best Live Version

    Agreed, as far as it goes, this one is great.
  12. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    LOL, they must have only been listening to soundboards.
  13. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    Completely agree, I find this recording very listenable and clear.
  14. JohnOsbourne

    Best Version of Black Dog Ever Played

    I really like the 7-28-73 version.
  15. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a '77 board next, like Birmingham or Baton Rouge.