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  1. Fair point. I do like the idea of a Zeppelin channel, it's just the particular concentration of songs has been underwhelming. (I have been reminded how good the studio versions of D&C, STH, and NQ are, I usually neglect those in favor of live versions.)
  2. Exactly, this is the part I'm not getting. What real risk could P&P have faced if the case went to court? I can't see what leverage Dixon would have had over them. Definitely he deserved partial credit, but certainly not sole credit. There has to be something else going on behind the scenes here. Unless it's something mundane like the royalties for the song not being worth fighting over (unlike, say STH), but even then, Page (especially) and (to some degree) Plant have been very jealous about guarding Zep's legacy, it's very curious they would have relented here.
  3. How did Willie Dixon get sole writing credit for this song (as per, e.g. the wiki site for LZII)? My understanding is that the opening and ending are tributes/covers, but the middle section is entirely a Page and Plant composition. So I can see (as with WLL) a shared credit, but how did P&P lose all credit for BIOH?
  4. Yes, all Zep, and of course only official releases. They play WAY too many repeats (e.g. I'd lost track of how many times they played D'yer Maker before the first week was even over), there's not a lot of variety. Even the occasional commentary by P&P and Jones is repetitive, they could've at least gotten some well-known contemporaries to comment on the band's influence. Sirius could've done a lot more with this than they have.
  5. No issues with Elvis, but if the MD drum solo didn't get you motivated for that party, it probably wasn't worth going to in the first place.
  6. The same. I keep hoping to hear the live version of NQ, but I only get D'yer Maker, In the Evening, etc. for the 20th time so far. At least they've played D&C from TSRTS.
  7. Used to live in Atlanta, love it. Welcome!
  8. They are playing stuff off the DVD, I've caught the tail end of HMMT twice, but haven't heard any Earl's Court yet.
  9. Nice! They're playing D&C from TSRTS! (They played STH a few hours ago.)
  10. So Page came up with the guitar riff, Plant the lyrics, and Jones the keyboard intro/structure? Makes sense. And yeah, I agree: P&P have been dicks to Jones in the post-Zep era. No idea why, but it's pretty unfair.
  11. Interesting; I knew NQ had it's origins in the IV sessions, but didn't know Jones' contribution was so large. Wiki states he wrote the song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houses_of_the_Holy I assume Plant received writing credits for the lyrics, how did Page get credit? Surely for more than just the solo?
  12. Great job, thanks for putting this together! Please send me a download link, thanks in advance!
  13. Gotta go w/majority opinion here. Love the song, studio and live, and I think it went well merged w/RR in '75. My complaint in '75 is that they pretty much played it by the numbers (3-21 and esp. 3-27 being exceptions), not much ad libbing (unlike its '73 analog, Celebration Day, which almost always had some nice outro jams by Page).
  14. I was thinking exactly this. DP put out the complete '72 Japanese shows several years ago, I would love to hear the complete NY '73 shows from Zep.
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