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  1. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    He mentions "Scottish citizens" after OTHAFA, so this seems legit, it's definitely not the 4th. A bit surprised this isn't garnering more attention, this appears to be an unreleased late '72 show, this is a much bigger deal than the 9-29 soundboard. It's an outstanding performance too, Page and Bonham are a machine, some superb playing (hints of the '73 American tour). Nice, clear audience recording too. It's great to be surprised that such tapes still exist out there.
  2. JohnOsbourne

    Sound Familiar?

    Perhaps, but whoever brought it in ripped off Lady of the Lake, because the finished song is a straight copy. I also thought the OP might be taking a Wanton Song angle, since there's definitely similarities, but for a closer Rainbow-related copy, Jealous Lover (from the Joe Lynn Turner era) sounds like a slowed down version of The Wanton Song. Or maybe what it comes down to is, Blackmore copied Wanton Song for Lady of the Lake, who knows.
  3. JohnOsbourne

    Sound Familiar?

    Too funny, Dio ripped off Lady of the Lake from his Rainbow days. I guess it's ok to rip-off yourself.
  4. I think this might be what you're referring to:
  5. Finally a genuinely controversial statement. Jettison NQ in '75? No way. Whatever problems the '75 tour had, NQ was always a highlight, in fact for many shows it was the only memorable part. Also, the evolution of the song was fascinating. Getting rid of it would have been a big mistake.
  6. +1. Whether it's music, sports, whatever, there is no shortage of women willing to throw themselves at men who have money or power.
  7. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    My memory was hazy, it was a second Danish show after the famous Copenhagen show, but in Odense (as already noted), supposedly with a similar, non-standard setlist. A bootleg was claimed to exist, it's almost certainly a hoax.
  8. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    Right, the new Copenhagen '71 tape was most likely a hoax, they didn't have it but wanted to be a prick and get people worked up. Hopefully this is not also a prank.
  9. JohnOsbourne

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    The 4th is one of my favorite shows, so IF this is true it will be truly great news. However, personally I'll believe it when I see/hear it. Didn't someone claim two years ago to have the first night from Copenhagen '71 (another "rarities" show)?
  10. Send a private message to the OP (ledzepfilm), he'll give you a link. It will take a long time to download (it's 20G), but trust me, it's worth it, he did an incredible job. As others have noted here, it's better than the original film.
  11. JohnOsbourne

    Holy Grails

    The complete 7-27-73 show.
  12. JohnOsbourne


    Seriously cool cover, that's for sure.
  13. This is fantastic work, thank you!
  14. JohnOsbourne


    I think the 18th is generally regarded as very fluid, almost 73ish. I fully agree that the EC shows are overrated (the West Coast shows from May are overall much better) although there are definitely some brilliant moments, among which being STH from the 24th although obviously there's some disagreement here. It wouldn't be fair to compare '77 to '73, that's why I chose a '75 show. And I wasn't claiming the solo from the 24th was the best ever (although it is one of my personal favorites), only that it's far and away better than the Fort Worth version that had been previously mentioned as a good '77 show.
  15. JohnOsbourne


    What do you dislike about the Earl's Court version?