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  1. I discussed this with Bert Jansch in 1998 over a beer. He was telling me that he actually was a bit of a fan of Jimmy's having seen one of the PP gigs in '95. He said that he felt that Jimmy stealing BMS was a bit of a compliment & that he wasn't that bothered as much of BMS/White Summer was a mishmash of "She Moves Though The Fair and other Davy Graham's pieces. He considered such tunes were in the realms of traditional folk!
  2. Any chance of a link for Steve's remasters of both 28th & 29th?
  3. DVD Knebworth Masters - 30th Anniversary Edition" (No Label) To me this is the best version about!
  4. Today I received Evolution is Timing 3. Oddly when I put in Disks 9 & 10 It says on the menu that the gig is the 4th but is actually the 11th. Likewise Disks 11 & 12 says 2nd day, 11th in the menu but the songs are from the 4th! Seems like a silly mistake for EVSD to make! Just wanted to check that I don't have a weird pressing. Can anyone with this set please verify? Thanks.
  5. April 27, 1977- Cleveland 1977 Destroyer (DRGM)
  6. How does the quality compare to other releases such as In the Court Of King James (EVSD)?
  7. "In For A Quick Garden" I have always thought that it means In for a quick shag, ie. In a Ladies "Garden"!
  8. Collected these on the night of 26th July 1995! Here's the story:- Here is the full story of what happened for anybody who’s interested. I went to both nights at Wembley, on the 25th & 26th of July, 1995. On the first night I went with my girlfriend who was fairly new to Zeppelin & Plant & Page, however the next night I went on my own I was full of excitement I knew this was the last night of the European Tour. Before the concert, which was excellent, I bumped into a few friends I knew through the Led Zeppelin community As I was leaving the arena I bumped into a guy who said
  9. No worries. There's no hurry. Sorry to hear about your job. Difficult times. Stay safe!
  10. The two Japanese SBD's 28 & 29th Sept 1971 probably blew me away more than any other releases EVER!
  11. They come from Singapore.... Here in The UK:- Ordered 15th Shipped 17th Arrived 21st Standard Post, ie. Not expedited!
  12. Are you still ineding to post the FLAC files? 😛
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