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  1. No worries. There's no hurry. Sorry to hear about your job. Difficult times. Stay safe!
  2. The two Japanese SBD's 28 & 29th Sept 1971 probably blew me away more than any other releases EVER!
  3. They come from Singapore.... Here in The UK:- Ordered 15th Shipped 17th Arrived 21st Standard Post, ie. Not expedited!
  4. Are you still ineding to post the FLAC files? 😛
  5. OK, Thanks for this anyway!
  6. Very Kind but why post Lossy MP3's & not FLAC?????
  7. Still no sign of it! I wonder if this release is just a massive Hoax by EVSD as payback to all the people that downloaded the next night!
  8. The last two Discs are identical as the 2CD version & identical to The Night Owl D/L version!
  9. My 6CD version Came Today! Unfortunately as expected EVSD have not credited Night Owl. No mention whatsoever!
  10. Sorry, I made a mistake..... It was $118 / £96
  11. I'm waiting for it still. I The first two discs are the famous TMoQ/Blimp source. The third and fourth disc collects so called third audience source, which was recently issued by the Golden Eggs earlier this year. The fifth and sixth disc reissues newly relased source matrix. I have:- The Original Cobla, The Eat a Peach & The Graf Zeppelin So other than the TMoQ/Blimp source, (Which is NOT the whole recording), which appears on the Graf, the recordings on the New 6CD set are not duplicated on the ones I have plus I have the bonus of the new Matrix on CD in a very nice set!!
  12. Wholeheartedly agree! P.S. I've just bought the new 6cd Box from EV. Had to have this new Matrix on CD!
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