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  1. The last pic on this post is dope AF. They say a great picture tells a story, and you nailed it here. This guy has lived quite a life, and it looks like he's both in the moment and reflecting on all that at the same time here. To me anyway lol
  2. Big Log Come Into My Life Helen of Troy Like I've Never Been Gone Memory Song
  3. Nicely put. Again, these rankings are just my personal favs. I know this stuff is all subjective.
  4. Took some time to compare Montreal to 2/7 and yeah it's absolutely a better showing both from Page and Plant. So yeah, as far this show not being overall noteworthy in terms of it not being a top 5 or even top 10 show I agree. Still, I think it's easily a top 10 show for Page in 75. Just my opinion. And that No Quarter is something else. I'd still love to hear a soundboard from this night to see if it would sound better or worse to my ears.
  5. Oct 3 Japan and Seattle 73 are two of my fav versions. I also love Oct 2 version, warts and all. I grew up with the Oct 2 show tho (since high school in the 80s) so there's some bias from nostalgia there.
  6. I've always loved this version. Page was struggling for the first half of this night, but I think that struggling benefited the song. His playing here is softer and more careful, and that vulnerability/gentleness perfectly matches the mood of the arrangement as well as what the song is all about. And Robert really shines on this one. There are certainly stronger, more assured versions on other nights in 75 but this one is tops for me.
  7. Been listening to 2/7 while getting some work done, and I think I see your point. Plant sounds atrocious for the first half and "ok" at best for the rest. I do like how he sounds on NQ and Dazed tho. Page is killing it but not quite as fluid as the next night in Philly. But he still sounds amazing to my ears. I think this is easily one of his best nights in 75. In terms of comparing to Long Beach or Montreal, I would have to listen more. I have a feeling it would change song to song, as is typical for 75 (for me). Meaning I'd like some songs better than others from various shows. I def love this NQ, that's for sure. Not as much as the one from Montreal, but close. And 2/7 def has one of the best OTHAFA solos I've heard from 75.
  8. Bad Muthaf---ers 😛 (Leicester boot)
  9. Yeah I had the Southern Death Cult and Death Cult records as well. The first Cult album sounds like almost a different band! And yeah, Sonic Temple is a snooze fest. When we saw them in 89, he had the Morrison hat, shades, leather pants and quite possible the snakeskin boots. The poses he did were comical. I need to look that shit up on YouTube now haha. Thanks! I have never been much of a forum joiner. I don't even like social media. But after lurking on this site for a number of months, and then reading about different members discussing/ranking 75 No Quarter, it inspired me to jump in. I took a loooooong break from Zep. Basically stopped listening in the mid 90s. Then got back into listening again this year. So that's why I have that username. My fav 75 NQ is 5-18-75. What's yours?
  10. Yeah, I'm the same way with certain musicians - gotta be in the right mood. Listening to the Sammy vid you threw up earlier today btw ... very cool! Have you heard that cover he did of Big Wheel? I first heard it while watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (the movie) and was hooked after that. I like it better than the original version. Sinatra I can listen to anytime as well. Since covid hit, my listening preferences have steered towards chill and nostalgic lol. Which for me, means 80s and 70s stuff. I've always thought you could draw a direct line from Sinatra to Elvis to Plant. Those 3 guys were - and are - real singers in the sense that their voice was only a small part of the equation. Their presence, self-awareness, and understanding of the energy that's created between a crowd and a performer is pretty unique. Plant wrote up a little piece about Elvis for Rolling Stone a number of years back talking about exactly this. I forget exactly what he wrote, but he used the perfect words to describe what I'm fumbling at here.
  11. A Pavement fan! What do you think of Malkmus solo stuff? I like it a lot better, myself. I was just talking about Malkmus today to the girl who cuts my hair. We were talking about regional accents and how even in Northern Cali, there are def regional accents. She agreed but wanted an example. I told her to look up any Malkmus interview on YouTube 😂 That dude is the epitome of NorCal. I've met so many people who talk like him, and sometimes I talk like that myself.
  12. Ipswitch and Manchester get all the love for that tour, what with Robert being in great voice both nights and Ipswitch being the best recorded. But I really love the Leicester show. It builds slowly and really opens up during and after the acoustic set. It just has a great vibe to it, and the band is absolutely killing it. Jimmy tears it up on Dazed and CB, even more than usual for 71 (to my ears anyway). But you really can't go wrong with any of those shows. I like them better than both Japan and US tour.
  13. You are a kinder, more patient soul than myself, haha. Maybe if I wasn't listening so intensely and just had it on for chill background music that would turn my opinion around. That's interesting you'd say that about 2/7. In fairness, I'm new to that show and have not listened to it all the way through except for 6 songs. Mainly NQ while I was ranking (about a dozen listens), the 3 opening songs, STH and some of Dazed. But what I've heard, I've really liked! NQ in particular. As far as the other shows being stronger, I'll take your word on it. This weekend when I'm doing my treadmill stuff (where the majority of my listening happens lol), I'll try and give the whole show a good listen. But if he gets too chatty, I'm out 😛
  14. Nope, they didn't make the cut for me. I've had the 3/21 show for decades, and it's never really clicked for me for some reason. They sound a bit off, like they're trying too hard or something. Or a bit like that Star Trek alternate universe episode where everyone is sinister lol. I do like 3/17 version but like the other 15 better. Same for 3/12. That's the thing about NQ in 75 ... they're really all pretty good for the most part. I think it's a highlight of that tour. Jimmy def has some pep in his step on 3/12, but I don't like the JPJ solo. It bores me to tears. So, that's why that one didn't make the cut for me. They're all fine versions, I just ranked them based on personal preference and how often I actually listen. Couldn't find shrugging dude emoji or I'd insert it here haha.
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