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  1. LOL, what a thoughtful forum member you are, so very helpful ; )
  2. Seats close enough at Tom Jones for some panty throwing Strider? Ha, jk , don't answer that. He would be fun to see- has some great songs and what a voice. You had a great concert-going September too, I see. Don't you just love Sharon Jones? I have only seen her once, would love to see her again. Hope she's doing ok health-wise. So Patti Smith is doing some touring? Oooh, Chicago, and seats left. Have to think about that. Everyone have a great Rocktober! It's so fun to read about all these great adventures, cos it's just plain impossible to catch em all.
  3. Strider, in answer to your comment, Tegan and Sara were fun to see as always, great musicianship and entertaining quips to amuse the audience. They didn't play "The Cure" but did a great set that included "Walking With A Ghost", another favorite of mine. After reading about your EPIC August concert-going list, if your September is anything like that I can see why you might not be able to squeeze them in. Favorite Sept shows I saw were The Revolution, Summit Brewery Bash with Bob Mould etc, Festival Palomino with Trampled By Turtles, the Arcs, Andrew Bird etc, I may catch local gem Haley Bonar
  4. Tegan and Sara. I sure hope they play "The Cure" one of my favs of theirs.
  5. Keep revisiting some favorites from a couple years ago: Every Other Freckle by Alt J; Normal Person by Arcade Fire; First by Cold War Kids; After You by Chastity Brown.
  6. Tonight, the Wombats by invitation of a friend who says they are great. Hope so, as I'll miss the Black Lips who are in town tonight too, ouch.
  7. Still hard to accept that one of my favorite live bands is DONE. Such a bummer. Really glad I caught their last show in my town. Was a fantastic show and the room smelled sooo sweet with high quality weed, ha. Great night.
  8. I am officially jealous luvlz2. Seen him 3 times? Cool. I have been close, but something always came up. What Killed me last time is Jason was in my town the same night I already had tickets to see, um, the Kills! Since the Kills are one of my favorite bands touring now (they really rock out live and are so fun to watch) it was a very tough call. I have rarely wanted to be in two places at the same time as that night.
  9. What is such a shame is that by now the plaintiffs, their lawyer and his flunkees have through research and discovery read enough to realize their case has no merit, yet the money grubbers persist. Maybe in the beginning they truly thought there was a case for plagiarism. However, certainly by now they are fully aware of the history of many songs that use a similar structure (and in the case of Davy Graham's Cry Me a River, songs that sound even more like to STH than Taurus does) . All these comments about justice in the hands of a jury being a crapshoot at best are valid and worrisome.
  10. Have to chime in on this. As a Led Zeppelin fan, I am glad that the lead singer gig went to Robert because his glorious voice and charisma were so perfect for, and are so ingrained in the Led Zeppelin sound and vision we know and love. And Robert's writing contributions, like in Thank You for example, are lovely too. On the other hand, being a big fan of Terry Reid and his beautiful smoky voice and exotic vibe/writing, I sure wish we could have a glimpse into a dual universe where we could hear and see what Terry being a part of Led Zeppelin would have created.
  11. We Led Zeppelin fans would all very much love to hear confirmation that the black beauty has been at long last returned to Jimmy. Then we can stop keeping our eyes peeled for it, ha ha. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this forum who has seen what looked like that same vintage Gibson model and thought, hmm, naw, it couldn't be, the chances of that...no. I was wondering who this Perry was that may have helped with the recovery, and read that he is a serious collector, someone who could spot the real thing if he saw it, and I'm assuming would be in the position where people offer to show him q
  12. Bands saw & highly recommend: Catfish & the Bottlemen; Wolf Alice; The Waterboys. Have to say the Waterboys was one of the best concerts I've seen in recent memory: they were incredible--reminded me of LZ in the sense every musician playing was a master- just awesome. I'd say a don't miss! Coming up: Gear Daddies; Tame Impala. Oh, and I just saw Strider's April post on the Replacements: I think Chris Mars would very much disagree with the comment that he is dead. He is an artist, not an active musician-hardly the same thing as being dead ; )
  13. Whole Lotta Led & Madd Co tribute band concert. Should be interesting...only the second trib I've been to...going w/a Led Zep vet...I'm assuming I will hear complaints, ha. It will be funny, hopefully good!
  14. Man of Constant Sorrow- live by Blackberry Smoke--Hope they play it in concert tommorrow ; )
  15. Anybody going to that Sasquatch Festival?? Holy crap is that a great line-up--Robert Plant and a lot of other fun live bands. Hmm maybe should plan a trip to see my peeps in Seattle & Vancouver and check out the fest too?--coming up quick--but it looks like you have to get the $350 pass for all days. That kinda stinks.
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