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  1. sickagain98

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Just grabbed Around the Fur on vinyl. Dai the Flu - Deftones
  2. sickagain98

    Song Name Game

    Ace of Spades - Motörhead
  3. sickagain98

    Song Name Game

    Mind Mischief - Tame Impala
  4. Practically came out of hiding to further this. In Santa Cruz, CA, there's a place called the Catalyst club. Looking at their schedule for the month, picking out bands that sound cool, and checking them out on Spotify has become a little weekend thing I do regularly. You'd be amazed with how many great, relatively unknown bands there are playing in clubs like these. The local bands I've been able to see there (FIDLAR, The Frights, SWMRS) all put on kick-ass shows, and are at least for now untouched by all the bullshit commercialism that goes on in radio. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that before passing off all music today as crap, do some digging and work for your music. For god's sake, rock is not dead and screw anyone who tries to preach that. Radio is dead. Rock is mainstream now, and all that anyone wants to put on the radio is the watered-down garbage that you hear people complain about. You're never gonna hear the next Zeppelin or Sabbath on the radio again, but you might find them playing in a little underground venue if you look hard enough. And to be honest, it's way more fun to have your own little band that only you and a small following know about.* *We apparently have some sensitive users in this thread, so I'd like to apologize ahead of time if I ruffle anyone's feathers a bit too hard
  5. sickagain98

    Word association

  6. sickagain98

    Best Epic Song - Non Zep

    Cassandra Gemini - The Mars Volta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyUMHEua7-A
  7. sickagain98

    Song Name Game

    Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles
  8. sickagain98

    Song Name Game

    One Of My Turns - Pink Floyd
  9. sickagain98

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Just gave a listen to Tool's rendition of No Quarter for the first time... son of a bitch did that blow me away. I've known about it for a long time but I'm always a bit hesitant to listen to Zeppelin covers. Great intro to the band for me, as I've heard great things about them.
  10. sickagain98

    This or That

    The Mummy. Jersey or regular cotton bed sheets?
  11. sickagain98

    What are you not eating?

    No more white bread. It would make me feel bloated and gross. Also, cutting down on milk seems to help my complexion. I substitute it with hemp milk.
  12. sickagain98

    Comedian/Actor Robin Williams Dead of Suicide

  13. sickagain98

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    It tastes kinda like soy milk but, I don't know, a bit earthier (only word I can think of)? They sell it at Whole Foods and stores like it if you want to try it out. I cut out milk because I found out it didn't make me feel that great, and hemp milk is a nice alternative.
  14. sickagain98

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Sprouted wheat toast with peanut butter and a glass of hemp milk.
  15. sickagain98

    Year By Year - 1968