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  1. sorry not that I am question Ally's recollections here as I firmly believe him on the setlist, But does your dad remember "Friends" and "Gallows Pole" being played, maybe if a second person recalls it more people might be willing to believe it.
  2. Great, just the person I was hoping would respond. Being from the Vancouver area I have always been interested in this show, But with the rare setlist It definatly propels my interest, I'd love for a tape of this show to surface, '71 was a really consistant period for Zep. From what I've read it sounds like a pretty rowdy crowd, at a later concert Robert makes a reference to someone climbing up the stage, and I've heard the doors were basically just thrown open to accomodate all the fans waiting outside, filling to much over capacity. Is all of this true? Have you ever come across conce
  3. Right, I was aware of that, and the setlist doesn't list them, But the review at the bottom is pretty confident they were played, and that songs such as "Moby Dick" were not played. Being the first night of a tour I suppose it is possible, I'm kinda hoping someone who attended that concert might be lurking around here and can shed some insight.
  4. One of the cool new features of this site is the "timeline", which is great for show specific setlist/photos and even attendee reviews. The only review posted for Vancouver '71 right now, lists the setlist. As a recording of this show is not in general circulation it was assumed by me to probably be a very similar setlist to other shows on the early part of the '71 NA tour. However the review is pretty confident that this show contained a very unusual setlist, with some songs such as "gallows pole" and "Friends" making very rare appearances. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on this
  5. A golden gophers fan, whose never even been or known anyone who has been to Minnesota, ha figure that one out. I'm from Vancouver Island Canada actually, show sure looked and sounded sweet from up there didn't it?
  6. Awesome pics, I didn't bring a camera myself, But your pictures were from my exact view so that certainly makes up for it, in fact you can see me in the picture entitled "fans patiently waiting" I am the closest to the cam in the maroon nike sweater. Thanks for posting those pics, great pleasure to relive those moments.
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