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  1. Always leave a tip at every meal everywhere I am
  2. Minimum of 10k a day every day keeps the doctor away
  3. 30 years ago we all lost Steve Clark _ it would have been nice if some his contemporaries like Slash or Ritchie Sambora or others shared some stories but as usual - silence...
  4. I actually was able to touch this one at a gig - it was mind blowing - his Gibson Harp guitar is over 100 years old
  5. I've gone veggie/vegan I still eat fish, but I feel great!
  6. That made me laugh - but the truth is Bill Cosby belongs 6 ft in the ground. Welcome to the forum by the way
  7. It's a wonderful album indeed and some good interviews promoting it
  8. Dude - almost everyone here loves record stores - you are going to love this place
  9. The Japan gigs were some of the most important gigs ever in fact
  10. Welcome to the club - Physical Graffiti was a life changing album indeed
  11. I often spend a lot of time in Arizona. I have a lot of family there actually. It's an interesting place. Love Tempe, Glendale, Gilbert, Meza. There is a couple of really great record stores in Phoenix that are great as well.
  12. Plants were placed on mother earth for all of us to enjoy from time to time. and yes, it's a good feeling indeed. But the truth is, it's easy to be an addict. It's much better to indulge once in a while perhaps a few times a year instead of just walking around wasted all of the time. Besides with this pandemic it's important to keep healthy lung capacity
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