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  1. Tonight I’m going to shave my ass hair
  2. 14 years I've been coming here, and not one bloody time has anyone ever sent me a happy B day note.
  3. Fantastic band, I've really learned to enjoy them over the last 2 decades
  4. I keep trying to like this band, I really do, like every week I listen to them in the car, and I just can't get it, no matter how I try
  5. I'm thinking of plucking some white pubic hairs
  6. It's a shame because CBS under his tenure always made sure artists got what they deserved...
  7. Well I've gone veggie now, no meat, using meat alternatives now. It started back in the summer of 2019. My waist size is a 32 again
  8. I'm double jabbed, my penis grew an extra 4 inches to an even 16 now and my hair has suddenly gotten really soft and full again, and my wrinkles have faded!
  9. That's bloody insane! 1 million fucking dollars, what the hell is wrong with people
  10. I'm not really a fan of either band, but on a whole I prefer Maiden I guess. Bruce Dickenson by the way has an amazing set of pipes
  11. Vince Neil is the size of a baby elephant - they won't make the gigs - he has ZERO interest in doing this otherwise he would have been in shape by now, he's only had 2 YEARS...
  12. It gives me the SHITS! Sorry, I don't go near Ice cream!
  13. Always leave a tip at every meal everywhere I am
  14. Minimum of 10k a day every day keeps the doctor away
  15. 30 years ago we all lost Steve Clark _ it would have been nice if some his contemporaries like Slash or Ritchie Sambora or others shared some stories but as usual - silence...
  16. I actually was able to touch this one at a gig - it was mind blowing - his Gibson Harp guitar is over 100 years old
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