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  1. Rival Sons - Feral Roots (newest album) Big Wreck - 2 new songs (album due soon) Tea Party - new release Peter Frampton - Blues (new release) Stray Cats - 40 (first album in 20+ years) R😎
  2. I hope JP will release companion Anthology (career spanning) audio (cd, digital & limited edition vinyl) from early skiffle track, 60s studio sessions, guest work, early solo tracks like “She Just Satisfies” and “Keep Moving”, some rare alternate, unreleased & outtakes from Zeppelin sessions like “Fire”, Swansong”, etc, including XYZ (w/ Yes’ Chris Squire & Alan White), to some highlights from Outrider, CP, P&P, The Firm, Live (solo, guest appearances a la) Ronnie Lane ARMS, some film related work: Death Wish, Anger film, It Might Get Loud, and/or anything new, etc). The liner notes could include brief to detailed descriptions of guitars, studios, effects used and/or people contributing on tracks while pointing back to Anthology book as main reference. R😎
  3. They should just invite JP to play some shows with them. I’d also like to see them tour / collaborate w/ Big Wreck. R😎
  4. Yes, indeed. I mentioned this a few months ago, suggesting Robert interview others as he has a perfect calming speaking voice for radio / podcasting. I’m glad he has a podcast now, but wish he’d dive deeper and interview others, too. R😎
  5. I want all you mentioned above and more released (multiple disc / digital version). we can go on and on in speculations & wish lists. It’s up to them. Otherwise, there’s always YouTube and unofficial stuff out there. R😎
  6. I wish he’d have a 3D tour created of his historical home to be documented. ... maybe, with him playing guitar, too. R😎
  7. Maybe. We’ll see. I hope they re-release the content of the DVD in blu-ray/digital combo format with any bonus footage unused upon initial release & any unearthed footage discovered since, along with the new Documentary after it’s released in the Theaters. Until then, it’s all speculation. R😎
  8. Most likely any known footage by immediate circle of friends, family, etc would have been used for the Led Zeppelin dvd set released in 2003. Anything unearthed since then (like the Bath concert mentioned in other thread) would be good to see included in a doc. R😎
  9. The Celebration continues R😎🇺🇸👍
  10. I’d like to hear an episode where Robert speaks about recording (unreleased) Led Zeppelin tracks including “Fire”, “Swansong”, etc and those solo tracks from a few years ago with Danny Lanois. R😎
  11. Now, the True Marketing opportunity for JP would be to actually put a cd/digital code of that promised solo album we have all been waiting for in the spine of each of the 350 signed copies of the book. Now, that would drive the demand through the roof. That’s marketing. R😎
  12. reids


    Just got them in today (Canada Day), so I’ll be listening tonight and let you know how these fair with originals. R😎🇨🇦👍
  13. Yep. I learned the masters most likely were digitized, so there’s still hope in a CP deluxe release. Also, DC & JP are known to keep a lot of their own source tapes. R😎
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