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  1. reids

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP Bernie Torme (Ozzy, Gillian) https://wpdh.com/ozzy-osbourne-guitarist-bernie-torme-dead/ R😞
  2. reids

    Backstage arguments?

    Epic disagreement between Plant and Page just before the Atlantic 40 HBO filmed / Reunion w/ Jason Bonham sitting in on drums for his father in 1988. RP didn’t want to do Stairway and JP got upset. JP’s performance that evening was lackluster / uneven at best as a possible result of that last minute disagreement just before going on stage. R😎
  3. reids

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    Most likely. Yes. R😎
  4. reids

    Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    +1 same here. Agreed. R😎
  5. reids

    Yardbirds Live and Rare

    This was previously reported on the forum (Pre/Post Led Zeppelin In The Yardbirds Thread: R😎
  6. reids

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recordings_of_songs_Hal_Blaine_played_on RIP Hal Blaine R😎
  7. One could say at :40 seconds, it could be inspiration for “No Quarter” (mellotron keyboard sounds), too. Led Zeppelin’s music has always had that cinematic (larger than life) appeal considering two in the group were top session musicians beforehand. R😎
  8. reids

    Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER! - Jimmy Sakurai

    Most of it is on YouTube in an early form (3 segments). Great stuff!!! R😎🎸👍
  9. reids

    New website/ live Zeppelin?

    I’m hoping JP (sometime soon) will get someone known for working well with mixing/ mastering boots and release them in batches (once he listens, gives approval and others sign off on them, as needed). R😎🎸👍
  10. Robert was interviewed by Jim Sheerer (Sirius Xm channel 106 Volume) before the event as Plant confirmed he’s playing Woodstock this August. R😎🎸👍
  11. reids


    Cool. I understand. agreed. The greater good of what they’ve done (as a body of work and as a touring band / entertainment/ performance-wise) will always outweigh any technical additions. R😎
  12. reids


    Glad you had a good time. Was it visible/ audible if Paul has tracks running to cover his voice in spots during the night? Eric Singer Missed some key click / cue points early in one of the opening nights of the tour, causing Paul to be revealed as not at mic (back turned to Eric) when his “pre-recorded lead vocals” were heard over PA (on YouTube). According to setlist.fm, they’re running the same 20 songs in order for the tour (only one song has been changed out so far (“Calling Dr. Love” replaced “Hide Your Heart”). I’ll probably see them in Atlanta next month, as I’ve seen them in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000 farewell (w/ Ace & Peter) and 2004 Rock The Nation Tours. R😎
  13. reids

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Exactly as well as a Sirius XM channel dedicated to the launch of tangible / physical (limited edition vinyl / CDs ) as well as digital live albums that were promised over a year ago. R😎
  14. reids

    RIVAL SONS, from Los Angeles