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  1. You’re welcome. Jay Buchanan (Rival Sons’ singer) spoke today on Eddie Trunk’s Sirius XM show which will replay soon and is avail via Eddie’s podcast very soon. R😎
  2. Rival Sons are busy at work on their new album (Follow up to their Grammy winning effort, Feral Roots, via Atlantic Records) in Tennessee w/ Dave Cobb at the helm once again. In the meantime, they created a new label, so they can reissue limited edition vinyl of their earlier work (release date(s) to be announced. R😎
  3. https://jppsessionman.jimdofree.com/harry-connick-jr/ R😎
  4. No problem. I understand. Agreed. Take it easy. R😎🎸👍🎶
  5. Jimmy Sakurai gets it right, too. R😎
  6. I wasn’t being sarcastic; just direct to find the solution to the problem and suggested that you Seriously address It with him if it’s enough for you to comment on it here. I definitely noticed it, as I posted it just to see if others noticed it. I’ve been playing and teaching for years as well as played with Grammy winners, number one hit songwriters in multiple categories, etc. Also take into consideration: There’s also a grey area of a copyright issue where some “teachers” on YouTube will purposely not play note for note to avoid being shut down or having their posts deleted / removed or
  7. Yep. Maybe you can start a YouTube tutorial to help Marty stay on point. R😎
  8. Thx. Yes, indeed. 😎🎸👍🎶
  9. ... crickets ... R😎
  10. Interesting, but I like the original (more rock oriented) version of this song better. My favorite albums from their catalog are Worlds Apart (“On The Loose”) and Heads Or Tails (“The Flyer” & “Catwalk”). When they started going more pop / dance, that’s when I jumped ship. I heard their lead singer came back a few years later (2012) and they started touring Europe more where they camped out a few years. If they go back to a more progressive while staying melodic (with guitar centered Instead of keyboard music) then I may check them out again. Thanks for sharing, R😎
  11. Mammoth WVH performance on the today show : R😎
  12. Agreed. Exactly. However, there is technology today (software) to isolate different frequencies, as listed on other forum threads (ie: Bootlegs / Matrix recordings) where older recordings have been “enhanced”. At this time given DC’s interview yesterday, there was no mention of live recordings being added, so the point of “live” recordings may be moot. R😎
  13. You’re welcome. It will be interesting to see more details. My guess is this will be released later this year or this time next year. Hopefully, we’ll get the two of them together for interviews, press conference, etc as the record is re-released with unreleased and “new” Tracks. R😎
  14. Per Eddie Trunk’s interview w/ David Coverdale this afternoon on Sirius XM channel 106 Volume, DC & JP own the rights to the CP album, so they can legally put out a new version of the album. According to DC, it will probably be a 3 or 4 disc release: with their own remixes (a DC version of the original album, a JP version, the original version along with 4 unreleased tracks as well as two or three “new” songs). We’ll see what these songs end up being and when JP contributed to playing on them. R😎
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