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  1. Yes indeed. Agreed. R😎👍
  2. “Wondering & wandering”... R😎👍
  3. reids


    Yes, indeed. I found Victor (Alex Solo) and My Favorite Headache (Geddy solo album) a while back, too. R😎👍
  4. Awesome!!! Thx for sharing, Chris. R😎👍
  5. reids


    Absolutely excited about the theatrical release, too!!! I have everything from them except “all the worlds a stage” (their first live album) and a couple of deluxe edition releases (Hemispheres & A Farewell To Kings from the past two or so years). R😎👍
  6. Very cool 😎👍 could you please post a picture of the Single with autographs to share? thanks, R😎
  7. reids


    I (finally) picked up the RUSH Moving Pictures 30th Anniversary edition (CD/DVD) w/ 5.1 audio and video (bonus 3 songs w/ unreleased version of “vital signs”. I cranked the cd 5.1 mix in my car. & was not disappointed at all. The last two anniversary (bonus cd/dvd 5.1 audio) editions (A Farewell To Kings & Hemispheres) are the next to pick up. R😎👍
  8. I saw him last summer with Peter Frampton. Both were great, but we noticed he (Miller) talked a lot about himself between songs instead of playing songs. R😎
  9. I spoke with Eddie trunk (Sirius Xm channel 106 volume) yesterday about the Universal Music Group Fire (which has been kept silent for over 10 years about the great number of artists/bands source master tapes being destroyed from 2008) immediately after he spoke with much Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders/Thin Lizzy). They’re playing entire the Black Rose album in its entirety as thin Lizzy at 4 festivals in Europe this summer. New BSR album, “Another State of Grace”is due 9/6. R😎
  10. They should just do an mtv unplugged tour as Genesis (invite all previous members to join on various dates and do back catalog) R😎
  11. Don’t think it will happen this year, which was the greatest appeal draw (being the 50th Anniversary) with so much confidence lost. Will they try to get a “Woodstock 2020”??? If so, why and who will care?? R😎
  12. Here’s mine: ***side one*** trampled underfoot (5:36) wanton song (4:10) custard pie (4:14) in my time of dying (11:06) ***side two*** in the light (8:47) sick again (4:43) kashmir (8:29) the rover (5:37) R😎
  13. Complete R😎
  14. Scary: There’s a new one where they’re calling saying they have a family member hostage for $ and the number is the phone number of the relative. https://www.cbs46.com/news/phone-scam-relative-held-hostage/video_ef54929c-690a-5bc3-b8cc-9050449f095c.html R😮
  15. I picked up the new Circle cd. Great concept album. I wish it had a few more tracks (bonus tracks) though. I couldn’t find it in stores in Atlanta, so I picked it up when in visited SC last weekend. R😎🎸👍
  16. Here’s a fan-made version of “swan song” (which part of the original JP composition was later used by The Firm as “Midnight Moonlight”). enjoy! R😎🎸👍
  17. It will be “Spectacular” (To quote RP)... R😎
  18. Cash grab for VV, since he’s made first public appearances for $$$$ in Atlanta, etc (riding coattails of Gene’s box set last year, appearing on pre-kiss cruise launch party last October & Kiss’ 2nd farewell tour) after being a recluse for the past 20 something years. R😎
  19. Agreed. Only exception was the title track on their last release, Carry Fire, with Seth (violin). R😎
  20. You must have, since you responded. He just made a cash grab earlier in the year, since KISS is doing their 2nd farewell tour. R😎
  21. Don’t think he can play lead or (should I say) won’t play lead anymore without money up front. R😎
  22. 2nd single from upcoming album due later this year. enjoy!!! R😎🎸👍
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