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  1. I bet they pay to get Ace and Peter up for an encore set at MSG for their (2nd) farewell In 2022 or ‘23 (50 years in) w/ Nothin To Lose, Beth, Hard Luck Woman (Peter only singing) & Shock Me, NY Groove, Cold Gin (w/ Ace)... They’ll continue residencies in Vegas, Atlantic City, Dubai, etc as long as they can afterwards... R😎
  2. According to Alan Light (former Rolling Stone writer/Rock Critic and former Editor-In-Chief w/Vibe & Spin &) now w/ Sirius XM today stated he was at the Telluride Film Festival this past weekend and the Becoming Led Zeppelin Film was added as a last minute surprise, so he saw it. They’ll add their review to the sirius xm podcast soon if anyone would like to hear his account directly. R😎
  3. Excited to see this when it’s officially released (theater, and/or direct to video, streaming service or even hopefully blu- ray). R😎
  4. JP, JPJ & Jason Bonham attempted to do something new years ago (after the 02 concert bringing in multiple singers: Steven Tyler, Myles Kennedy, etc) and it didn’t go anywhere either. There’s your answer. R😎
  5. Initially, most of Presence & most of Coda, but I‘ve grown to like all of their music catalog more over time and appreciate the talent, recording techniques, arrangements, etc... R😎
  6. New Sting album due next month (pre order info here): https://shop.sting.com/?utm_campaign=132084_Sting - Brand new album The Bridge announcement_297447_US&utm_medium=email&utm_source=dotmailer&dm_i=6DIF,2TX0,1Y10L8,D96T,1 R😎
  7. Exactly my prediction coming true from the other day, ... KISS postpone 4 more concerts (currently resuming Possibly in California). However, I’m hearing that Gene has now tested positive after getting vaxxed. Maybe, they’ll cancel the remainder of their tour. We’ll see. R😎
  8. Rip ed asner. 91. I honestly thought he died years ago. He’s been playing Santa Claus in a few Hallmark movies the past decade I guess to keep his SAG card. R😎
  9. I bet the Kiss Cruise either gets postponed to late 2022 since the events of this week, cancelled altogether or the performers will be behind some sort of a glass screen on stage (quarantined / and / or have different access points on board for all activities including food, etc ) R😎
  10. Indeed. Looks like Atlanta has been postponed, too. I think we won’t see another concert until September 9 in California (which will be 7 concerts being rescheduled probably sometime in October or later). R😎
  11. Exactly. I thought the same thing. It’s weird they didn’t even mention Neil Peart. The Bonham segment and other references were cool, though. R😎
  12. New Clapton song https://youtu.be/dNt4NIQ7FTA R😎🎸👍🎶
  13. Actually some venues (if outdoors or in certain states) you don’t have to have proof of vaxx; only have tested negative within 48 to 72 hours before event or just wear a mask. Tomorrow’s Raleigh concert postponed per the band’s website today. R😎
  14. ... unless, it was a false positive (3rd) test He tested negative (twice prior yesterday), so we’ll see. Awaiting official word from the band today. Hopefully, no one else else in the band or crew tests positive. R😎
  15. Happy international puppy day (with a little bit of a take on physical graffiti) R😎
  16. Paul Stanley tests positive for covid today, so tonight’s concert in PA has been postponed. Other tour dates TBA ... R😎
  17. Thanks for sharing, Sam. Looking forward to the official documentary and more videos like this. R😎🎸👍🎶
  18. R.I.P. “Sweet Sweet Connie” Hamzy (from “We’re An American Band” fame) ... age 66 R😎
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