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  1. Anybody have the Cobla version on CD that they’d be willing to sell?
  2. I’d love a physical copy of ‘That’s Alright New York’ on Godfather. If anyone can help, please PM me. Thanks in advance.
  3. Full show please Steve. Sounds incredible! You should release a CD box set of your mixes.. they are worthy of it.
  4. Could someone PM an address of where you can buy Graf Zeppelin titles directly please? I’m after copies of ‘Going To California’ & ‘Fresh Garbage’. Thank you,
  5. A link for Osaka would be great please, Steve
  6. My gripe wasn’t about things being out of order, mine was about something not working..
  7. Yeah, I mean it’s as if some people actually enjoy collecting these things! Anyway, many thanks for your help!
  8. My set has arrived today.. but won’t play in my DVD player. Standard Toshiba combi TV in the UK. The discs came packaged inside cellophane shrink wrap as if they hadn’t been pressed (picture attached). Did anyone else experience something similar? I’ve just emailed Niwa so will hopefully get this sorted. Very disappointed though..
  9. @Page Les Paul, please could you send me a PM link for this too? Thanks,
  10. Ahh no! Surely someone on here can help you retrieve the audio at least? The fact that this mix is not available on CD is crazy! The version on youtube has really impressed me - great work bluecongo.
  11. Cheers Paloff! @bluecongo, has your Earls Court release been available anywhere on CD? I’m eager to get a copy of it if possible but don’t have the storage space to download it sadly. if you could help I’d be very grateful.
  12. How many Nite Owl matrixes exist? And are they available on CD? I’m new to these matrix versions, and would love to try to find the best ones (as well as the Nite Owl) on CD if possible. I’ve heard about a good 25th May Earls Court but can’t seem to find a CD release. Cheers!
  13. We should all do our bit to help Dave. He’s a top, top guy and his magazines and books are second to none IMO.
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