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    Led Zeppelin collector
  1. Oleg

    Led Zeppelin II - What year?

    Well, Label code (LC) was introduced in 1977 by the IFPI , so it is late reissue
  2. Oleg

    Led Zeppelin III Promotional Copy

    There were two versions of Led Zeppelin III promos, both by Presswell, you have second one - stereo version. First one is more rare. So yours can be about $300-500, depending of condition
  3. There are so many differences between copy and original, so you don't need to think about color variants
  4. Oleg

    LZ ii vinyl oddity..

    It's an Australian one. I'm not a specialist in second album, but I have about 300 of a first. Here is Led Zeppelin I promo of first album.
  5. Oleg

    John Paul Jones - Tres Coyotes

    Thank you, Aspensound
  6. I don't believe (but can't guarantee) that it's a different release. For example 2014 deluxe edition was simple US editions repacked with OBI
  7. No, they are from same date - just CD box design
  8. Oleg

    John Paul Jones - Tres Coyotes

    I have tickets. Anyone know how I can meet John in Helsinki?
  9. Oleg

    Albums issued outside of USA

    Well, I'm collecting first album and have it from 32 countries outside of United States. I'm sure, that IV was pressed in more variants
  10. It's not R - it's P/ And I speak about ® straight after Warner sign. The first yours example does not have it and on second one we don't see W at all
  11. It can't be 1977, because ® on Atlantic label appears only in 1984, but matrix numbers are really from 75-77
  12. Recently I have bought very strange single. It has W sign on one side and W® on other. It has same pressing# on both sides as normal edition without ® . Anyone knows - is it misprint or not?