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  1. Hi Steve..... sound fantastic. Could I get a link please? Thank you very much
  2. Anybody have Deus ex machina night of long knives? Can someone help me?
  3. Hi folks everyone have "burn like a candle" from Graf Zeppelin?I have empress, gm and others versione but not Graf. Thanx
  4. Houston 1975 first date in the 2nd leg and I think the band is on fire. Report from witness is 3.30 hour show and absolutely jhb warm. Cmon empress....
  5. I want it..... I can't wait to hear this 1st LA gig. Clock is down I hope in dime or guitars...
  6. Hi everybody, I can't download from Dime. Please send me a link for this gem! Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi guys... News from this release?I hope for a Houston 75 one day....
  8. Hi Steve, Simply Fantastic Job... Can you send me a link please if possible? Thx a lot... Lz for ever!!
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