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  1. Only point of disagreement I have is Stairway. Granted, I'm not a guitar player and haven't gone through that solo with a fine toothed comb, but I always LOVED this version and it's easily one of my favorites ever. Actually getting to hear the intro without the crowd cheering, Plant singing the verses with emotion, the solo before it got bogged down in repetitive phrases, and, of course, Plant nailing the climax. Doesn't get much better for me!
  2. It's the 51st anniversary of this excellent show, and the Dogs of Doom recently uncovered a 2nd source of it taped by Tom Roche. This new source covers much of the show up to Moby Dick and gives us We're Gonna Groove, Dazed and Confused, a fragment of Heartbreaker, and the first part of What Is And What Should Never Be, all cut from the circulating first source. Unfortunately, Tom's batteries on his cassette recorder were dying so much of the 2nd side of the cassette is marred by severe speed issues. Nevertheless, this is another piece of the Zeppelin puzzle and we're so grateful that he share
  3. Made in collaboration with the fine folks over at The Dogs of Doom
  4. One of the more bizarre moments captured on an audience recording. At around 1:37:32, you can hear the taper and his buddy go for a bathroom break and take a piss.
  5. You literally just outed yourself as a shill and, from the looks of it, got yourself banned from the site as a result. Congratulations. This is a whole other level of shooting yourself in the foot.
  6. Check out the Dadgad remaster. It's still got some of the inherent dryness, but it sounds much better:
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect
  8. Just uploaded the new source to YouTube, with Moby Dick patched with the old source for completion's sake. Thanks to all involved for liberating this!
  9. I am pleased to announce the latest liberation from The Dogs of Doom: a brand new source from the last show of Jimmy's Outrider tour! This is probably the best sounding source yet. Info and YT link below: Jimmy Page 1988.11.26 Manchester, UK Apollo Source 4 - Master Tape Taped By: Rick Lee Transfer Lineage: Memorex db Series 90 and Memorex CRX II 90 cassettes (Master) > Nakamichi BX-300 (Azimuth Adjusted) > Scarlett 2i2 > Adobe Audition > WAV 24/96 Digital Processing: Remove DC Offset > Declick > Channel Balance > Automatic Phase Correction &
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