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  1. Apparently the judge blasted Spirit's lawyer. Now look, I am all for giving artist's credit, and Jimmy was a bit of a jerk in 68 for things like "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" and "Dazed and Confused." Its good Holmes and Baez got credit there. This is a different thing entirely, though. Jimmy surely was influenced by "Taurus", but he changed the riff enough to the point where it is quite different. The rest of the song also could not be more different. You cannot honestly say "Taurus" and "Stairway" are similar in any capacity as songs.
  2. Some cheesy stuff in there and I really dislike the production (same with Outrider), but Coverdale/Page still has some great songs. Whisper A Prayer For The Dying might be Page's best post- Zeppelin song. Its defiantly up there!
  3. My top 3 at the moment- I think Earls Court 1975 is the best set of shows the band has ever done. My DVD boot of them of an entire show is my favorite Zeppelin gig ever. The performances on the official DVD are perfect, too. I also love LA 1977, I have a thing for the 1977 tour. It wasn't the best but it was so legendary and dark which paved the way for some excellent shows. Listen to this Eddie is the highlight for me, my only complaint is Jimmy's one flubbed note at the start of Stairway's solo O2, London 2007- not their technical best but it is "my" version of Led Zeppelin. I wasn't there but I was there in spirit! After years of being a young fan, the build up to the gig was tremendous. The day of the show was great listening to the radio all day at my high school in Michigan. Love the performance and setlist, and think it is an absolute triumph. Honorable mentions- Blueberry Hill is excellent, Seattle 1975 (the longer show), How the West Was Won, Pontiac 1977, MSG 1973 (don't get why the band was disappointing in their performance on the movie, I think these shows were great), Hampton Roads Coliseum 1971, and many more! EDIT- I mistakenly thought the thread was favorite shows. To answer the thread's actual question, I think Earl's Court 1975 was the peak of Zeppelin's bravado
  4. I like the touched up knebworth and the "listen to this Eddie"version Its one if my favorite songs but i don't think it translated as well live. Too fast and jimmy never quite nailed the solo
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