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  1. I'll be at the Detroit show on Thursday. Third time seeing Percy
  2. If there's a studio version of "As Long As I Have You" on Coda I would go insane
  3. Well this would be a dream come true but I'd have to miss a whole week of work lol
  4. My god... how do you get in this?
  5. They're both idiots in my opinion lol. As I said, I don't think their is any hatred or ill- will, only frustrations (just like us, the die hards). Anyways, I have made my frusturations with Percy very clear on here over the years. As for Page, why does Robert have anything to do with his work? He could have created bands and music years ago. It wouldn't match Zeppelin, but it would have made millions happy while allowing him to create and most importantly, tour. If he was retired that'd be one thing, but it is clear he wants to get outhere but won't without Plant. Ah well! We've gotten the
  6. Yeah, I can see this. I think this is all shitty but I doubt there is any actual malice over their disagreements
  7. Have a good time! Rosiet told me she scarfed up a few tickets. I think you guys are going to really dig it, I loved hearing him talk at Berklee!
  8. I think the best we can hope for are one- offs and special events like Berklee and his upcoming lecture
  9. Oh wow! I would have loved to go but it has sold out! I am really glad I got to see him at Berklee so I don't have to freak the hell out trying to get time off work, getting a sold out seat, flight, etc for this. Hope someone on here gets to go. He surely won't play but it'll still be a cool event
  10. I'll always think he was/is wrong for not doing a final Zeppelin tour and album. It is something he should do, there are even alternatives to the stadium touring he fears so much. I understand he wants to do his own thing but 6 months to a year of his time (could have even been less) would not have made a difference. It'd just have made millions of people happy. Oh well! That being said, I am still able to enjoy his solo career. I recognize he isn't a rock n' roll musician anymore, and I am excited for this record. Rainbow was pretty good
  11. Can't wait for this! I love the cover and album name. I have a really good feeling about this album, too bad they didn't play anything from it when I saw them last year!
  12. Money has been very tight but I managed to pick up the 2 CD edition of III. Just a fantastic package! I look forward to getting all 9 eventually and then one day all of the box sets. Can't wait to see what Jimmy has in store for us with IV- PG
  13. Honestly, I think we are blowing the feud out of proportion. As Robert said, they are brothers and I am sure things will be fine. They aren't the best of friends but they have great respect for one another and I am sure they would have no problem getting together once and a while still. Friends can still be pissed off at one another, and Jimmy has a right to be ticked off. Ah well, I can go on and on about Robert. This was the best "year of Zeppelin" for me yet so I don't feel like arguing the topic anymore! Rock on
  14. But he can do it. He nailed the O2 and I saw him less than a year ago. Sure, he sings differently but he defiantly could do it
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