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  1. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    Thanks. I was hoping to trade it out. I posted it on Ebay but do not really want the cash. I wish Zeppelin had an Archive I would donate this one.
  2. miker1102

    Crew Jacket

    This pull over was in one photo but I could find another. Has anyone seen this somewhere other than the Preston shot? I owned a crew one from Oakland but this one was harder to find anything on on the internet.
  3. miker1102

    Iceland Ticket

    People always complain about the price. The ticket never comes up for auction and this is the best condition I have ever seen one. Everything this rare Zep related is expensive. The last Iceland flyer that was auctioned I sold to " fan" for a reasonable price ..the guy made 2 grand off the transaction after he auctioned it off. I am looking to trade on here hence the post and the high ebay price. Truthfully, it wont last long at this price.
  4. miker1102

    Iceland Ticket

    I am looking to see if somebody has something to trade. I am considering sale but figured I would see what people have to trade before I sell.
  5. miker1102

    Still the greatest rock band!

    I was reading other people's lists and thought UFO gets missed all the time. Shenker was blistering on Lights Out and Rock Bottom. Also, Thin Lizzy ....
  6. Just wondering if any had any info on this poster. I recently bought one at auction. The one I previously owned was printed on glossy stock and this was was not. I was wondering if there were any collectors that knew about this print.
  7. miker1102

    Meeting forum members in the flesh

    I live near Saratoga. It's a nice town.. a little pricey. The region is low traffic and fairly quiet if you are in the suburbs. It's a nice pace of life.
  8. miker1102

    Top 5 bands of all time

    1 Zeppelin 2. Rush 3.Iron Maiden 4.Areosmith 5 Skynrd Honorable mention to Rival Sons who have me booking plane tickets with my kid to catch them live. The band's got swagger.
  9. miker1102

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    I'm listening to Rival Sons catalog. They have what has been missing from Rock for 20 years ..swagger. Good riffs but weak solos. Singer has a great voice
  10. miker1102


    My 14 year old son is enamored with Jones. I had no idea how much he brought to Zeppelin until my son started playing all these isolated bass lines. Wow! I may try to bring him to this but how to get tickets? I've done the overseas ticket hunting thing before.
  11. Here is the flyer from that Iceland show
  12. miker1102

    Tour of Europe Poster

    Based on the research I did the correct size for this poster was 22 by 30 with a visibly sharp swan song logo. I read that on mutiple auction listings and a site that collects auction data. If anyone had any more info on this poster,.I would surely appreciate it.
  13. miker1102

    How'd you get hooked on Led?

    Ad a kid in the 70s First time I heard stairway to heaven at a cousin's house, I was probably 10 years old maybe. It was sealed when I started reading Tolkien and making the musical connections.
  14. I went to Iceland twice chasing this concert. Beautiful country and nice people but I could not find anything. I got back home, went on Ebay, and some guy from Iceland found the flyer in his dad's album and was selling it. I bought it for 400 bucks.Life is funny.