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  1. Bonzoghost looks like we share the same opinion on Live Zep. Anyhow I found this site and you because I'm trying to find Benji LeFevre and you said you have his email. If you can ask him for me unless you already know, I've been trying to locate the "Exact" mountains Robert is riding down in the Rain Song. I have studied countless areas in wales online and even traveled there in 1986 (Many stories there you'd like) But have been unsuccessful. I know the general areas Aberdovey Barmouth MachynLleth Snowdonia etc. The horizon looks like the Cambrian Mountains. Everything that has been written is vague The Hills or mountains Wales etc. I aim to walk many hills in Mountains in Wales again but not till I walk those "Exact" hills first. Even local guides can't seem to tell me and there is so many you could hike for years and miss them. Can you help me with this? Much appreciated. Thanks! Brett Ellis.


  2. you're such a mystery Steve! * cough* *stalker* *cough* *anorak*.....
  3. Which book did you read about Jimmy being in Spain around then?
  4. I very much doubt it - the American tour finished on 31 August and they didn't hit the road again until October. Travelling to Germany for one (small) show would make no sense.
  5. My point is, you weren't sure if the building project seen in the film is Old Hyde Farm. Well, now you know.
  6. Those 'details' are totally in the film, Mick Bonhams book and even Richard Coles book. Watch Moby Dick again, the part wher he's using the jackhammer. Then look at pics of Old Hyde in the two books. The window frames are a dead giveaway. Throw away your ridiculous 'notes' and smack the person who supplied you with them, for they are incorrect sir.
  7. Indeed. It's all there in Mick Bonhams book and in TSRTS movie. According to my notes...
  8. That 'freehold country house' is Old Hyde Farm, is it not?
  9. I'm sorry. I LOVE the sound of the band ON FIRE! Orlando, LA, Osaka.... the early days, not so much the latter days......
  10. Okay, okay! I have the boots! I'm not a big fan of '77 either! I don't think there are any GREAT shows, from start to finish, from '77 - '80. Good shows, yes, great moments, DEFO!! but no GREAT shows... I think we all know Zep weren't the band they used to be after Earls Court 1975, and even that was patchy!
  11. There is no "Best" Of 1980 - only "bad" and "even worse".... !!
  12. I know mate, I don't "do" Forums.... Just popped in to promote RIVAL SONS!!
  13. Could have got you "in" on the guest list, Kneb! They are fantastic guys, just wrapping up their first bunch of UK dates. Back in November, hopefully. They don't sound that "Zeppy" to me.....sure, they've nicked a couple of riffs, but........ didn't Zep?? Drummer Miley is extremely versatile. Man, what a week I've had. I'm a total groupie.
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