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  1. Jimmy was on fire. Maybe because of the cameras but I believe he hit his peak on the first night. For everyone who still think Jimmy was spaced out on drugs during this time....your wrong. Nobody plays like that on coke, booze, or heroin. Thank God the idea to film popped into Jimmy head in Boston a few days earlier. Even with a sprained hand he pulled off a monumental achievement.
  2. I did not realize that the Rolling Stones were touring North America from June 1st to August 8th, 1975. That is probably the reason why the tour was to start August 23rd,1975. Hard to compete with the Stones. My apologies to the band for playing armchair expert. Peter Grant was a good manager.
  3. One round occult like table with 12 weird looking chairs. Is there some sort of ancient ritual being performed there?
  4. What occurred after Earls Court is the same as after Knebworth is the same as after the O2 arena. Lack of direction; ambition; and motivation. It all started after Madison Square Gardens July 1973. John Paul Jones wanted to quit the band and become the Choirmaster of the Winchester Cathedral. He was totally fed up with the lifestyle. The recordings for Physical Graffiti were then stopped in November 1973 and pushed back to February 1974. When the band got to Los Angeles in May 1974, for the Swan Song Parties, they were dying to get back on the road but it never happened. It took a year to release the album in late February 1975. The whole Shepperton Studios movie mock up; the whole Swan Song thing; the whole tax exile thing; all caused massive delays. When you leave artists stagnating and bored with lots of money......like all of us....we rest on our laurels....and descend into complacency.
  5. A lot of momentum was lost between May 25th 1975 and the scheduled start on August 23rd. The band should have capitalized on the peak summer demand to show off Physical Graffiti. Peter Grant and the band dropped the ball on this one. Had the tour started mid June 1975.....the guy's wouldn't have had so much time on their hands.....and things would have turned out much different. Showco and the roadies were all there ready to be deployed. True Robert voice would still have been a slight problem......but things would have improved. A lost opportunity in my opinion.
  6. This accident was a real death blow: 1. Robert done for 1 1/2 years. 2. Jimmy plans gone up in smoke. 3. World tour cancelled. 4. In 1975 the band was at the top of the world. By 1977 KISS had overtaken the band in popularity. The shine had worn off. 5. Sinking into drug and alcohol spiral by some members.
  7. I hate the part at 6:55 seconds in the 2007 version of "The Rain Song". The guitar overrides the organ and dulls the song. Also the crowd is not heard as much throughout the song versus the 1976 version. I hope Jimmy corrected these flaws.
  8. The Rain Song remaster doesn't quite cut it for me. The audience shouts and cheers are missing. The organ and guitar mix is not as good as the original. Delayed cheering at the end is fake. Clean and clear sound is not a soundtrack.
  9. At 8pm Thursday night (New York time) I will strap on my Gibson Les Paul Standard and belt out Rock and Roll. A fitting Tribute in my opinion.
  10. The original was far superior. I feel Jimmy should have stuck with his original gut feeling about the song and not turned it over to someone else to decide.
  11. Here's my take....... Jimmy was rehearsing new versions of the old songs and was finally going to show the world the peak of his creativity starting August 23rd 1975. He practiced all summer after Earl's Court like a man possessed pushing himself beyond normal human limits. When word came about Robert's accident it was like a rug was pulled out from under him. He couldn't understand how at the pinnacle of success life could deliver a death blow. It was a downward spiral from then on and only his work on Presence and the Song Remains the Same kept him from totally losing it.
  12. On August 4, 1975, Robert Plant rode in the passenger seat with his wife Maureen at the wheel when the car veered off the road and slammed into a tree. Plant shattered his right leg in addition to breaking his right elbow and ankle, while everyone else also suffered serious injuries. Doctors told him he’d have six months before he could walk without aid, according to LZ-’75: The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin’s 1975 North American Tour. Jimmy Pagesaid in an interview with the U.K. music magazine Sounds: “There’s a lot of urgency about it…There’s a lot of attack to the music.” Plant told Rolling Stone in 1976 he continued to work through his injury because he didn’t have much of a choice:
  13. Dazed and Confused is a masterpiece on the original album. The new version has extra fluff about 5 minutes in which I don't care for.
  14. Zozo is the demon that frequently makes itself known through the Ouija board. At the gates of hell there is a three headed dog demon with the word Zoso tattooed on its forhead. Also Aleister Crowley claimed Zozo means "666". Oh Jimmy........
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