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  1. Recieved this silver 2 cd set back in '95 roughly "Live and Led Live" on a snowy night.The Flying Disc label had issues with speed times alot but all of the '73 boards they released back then which were the first sightings of most of these SB tapes back then still have more balls in the recording than anything to this day in my opinion.With another snowstorm heading our way tonight I think this one goes on once again.
  2. Live and Led Live ~ Flying Disc label New Orleans '73
  3. The Graf Zeppelin release is an excellent 3 cd set.The rare lp "Pb" along with the audience recording is presented.Definitive possibly.
  4. Ocean73

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Ive heard 929 so many times through the years Im more ready to hear 928 in sb fashion.The audience recording from the 28th aint all bad though.
  5. Ocean73

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Cobla and the Sanctuary label is what Ive always went to for this show.Any upgrades cant be much better unless a SB comes to light.
  6. Ocean73

    New Mexico 1973 Soundboard

    Denver Co. as I remember it.A good sounding clip from 73' is all that matters.But speaking of was a actual New Mexico 73' show tape rumoured to exist?
  7. Ocean73

    Happy 70th Birthday Robert Plant ! !

    Best frontman to ever set foot on stage. Happy Birthday Robert!
  8. If I recall theres two audience recordings for this show.One maybe more complete than the other.Its been awhile since I listened to this show but the first silver release from the Cobla label "Custard Pie" has always been my go to version for this show.The channel fluctuations never really bothered me much while listening.One of the hottest shows ever from Zeppelin.
  9. Welcome Zumbi!You picked a nice set to listen to tonight.
  10. Ocean73

    Empress Valley Warning

    Zepster has it spot on.
  11. Ocean73

    Best OTHAFA from the 1973 North American tour?

    Offenburg 73' is my go to version far ahead of the American tour.
  12. From Boleskine To The Alamo (Flying Disc) silver.Whole Lotta Love onwards! Dundee Scotland 73'
  13. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    Received the Friends silver from Empress Valley yesterday.The sound on this is just great and to hear this song played to begin with puts a smile on my face.
  14. Ocean73

    Next Soundboard Release

    Thank you!Seattle 75 SB recently is a perfect example.We wouldnt have ever seen that or any of the EV Soundboard Series actually.Ya think waiting works in the bootleg scene?Things have changed but take away Empress Valley releases alone and they re not all rehashes we would be missing a shit load of shows that most likely would have never been fan recorded/torrented/released.Zeppelin we re an underground group in the beginning.The WWW has it down to one track release at a time.Sure we ll share. Wait.