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  1. I don't care what Robert does and with whom he does it...as long as he is still alive to do it (sing and perform on stage). whether he reworks his old Zep songs or never sings them again...I'm just happy he's alive and healthy enough for me to enjoy.
  2. This world revolves around a beautiful, sexy, youth-oriented culture where aging is looked upon with distain. Sad, but true. As some Hilton heiress once said "We all get ugly". Jimmy Page happens to be the exception to that. He looks wonderful.
  3. I would pay any amount of money anywhere, anytime to see any one of them all or apart on stage, and they can call themselves whatever the hell they want to. I don't care. They can be Led Zeppelin or Pieces of Zeppelin. Who cares!!!! to see and hear Jimmy Page's LIVE guitar on stage would be a real treat for me, no matter who the singer is or is not-more power to them, I say....bring it on however they choose. We are all not getting any younger and neither are they. I'd love some good live music from JP,JPJ and JB.
  4. Thank you longdistancewinner. Someone on this board has some common sense and doesn't bite people's heads off. I guess eternal light is really pissed off about Robert's decision. I find it interesting how(aside from everything else about my analogy and how it was totally misconstrued ) is : Personal photos of Robert, naked, raunchy or otherwise can be posted on here, but they cry "do not talk about Robert's personal life". It cracks me up, especially when my post had nothing to do with his personal life in the first place.
  5. That analogy had nothing to do with his personal life. I was strictly making the point about how he feels about reconnecting with his past as a member of Led Zeppelin. Sheesh! Open your closed mind.
  6. Yes, I believe you did miss the point totally.
  7. Look at it his(Robert's) way....If you were divorced for years from the love of your life (11 years worth married to Led Zeppelin) and then years later(in December 2007) had a quick fling (the O2 arena). The fling was great, a one night stand, that brought back for a fleeting few moments old memories and old times revisited. BUT, the reality is you have grown past that relationship, you have matured. It doesn't really exist anymore, except in memory. Your tastes have changed, mellowed with age. You don't see things the same as you did. You may not have anything in common with your old lov
  8. WOW! This is the final nail in the coffin from the hammer of The Golden God. Too bad for fans, but no one should be forced to do anything in life if your heart isn't it-and Robert's heart isn't in it....Life goes on.
  9. Here in the U.S. on the east coast the televised Closing Ceremonies on NBC channel 4 just showed Jimmy and Leona. I thought the whole thing was plain tacky and dumb. Sorry to all of you Brits out there. But that's just my opinion.
  10. From one older Leo to another, Robert-hope your birthday was grand!
  11. Live: Sick Again (Knebworth)and In My Time Of Dying (Earl's Court)
  12. Ditto to that. I guess it's a NYC thing. I bought one copy when the 3 of them were on the cover because of the reunion at the O2. My dog recently shredded it to bits during a thunderstorm when he was alone. Pissed me off. Unless Zep gets another cover story, I won't buy it. Most magazines, like most rags in NYC, are very jaded publications.
  13. Trampled Underfoot is the best damn song to listen to while driving.
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