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    Victoria, Australia
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    Led Zeppelin (duh), Gibsons, Foo Fighters, Endurance Running
  1. 14 loved zep since i was born WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. Ya mum's so fat when she goes to the beach, greenpeace try to push her back in.
  3. I'm interested in going into the air force. Is there anybody out there that works in the air force that could tell me what it's like????
  4. Starsky and hutch Get smart Mork and mindy Altough i didn't watch 'em as a kid they are classic shows.
  5. Mr. Big


    I soooooooo want to go to england!!!!!!!!!!!! does anybody want to pay my way???? Melbourne to london??
  6. jazz or Blues? bageal or donut? car or bike? guitar or drums? dog or cat? new york or London? Hendrix or Beatles? shirt or pants???
  7. What is your occupation and why do you like it? why do you keep on doing it?
  8. Talking to my best friend and seeing her smile.
  9. Mr. Big

    Last meal

    If you found out that you are going to die, what would be your last meal and who would you eat with???????????? green curry for me and i would eat with my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Chocolate Powder, Icing Sugar and strawberries
  11. Damn right they better come to australia. and if they dont.....
  12. Stairway to heaven is easily one of Led Zeppelin's best songs. I love it but does anybody out there loathe it????
  13. 1. Jimmi Page 2. Dave Grohl 3. Jimmy Hendrix 4. Ace Frehley
  14. Would you prefer a movie about Led Zeppelin or a dvd of the concert in london last year WITH special features......ohhhhh special features AND Subtitles for the hearing Impared. I would go for the concert. Actors cannot portray the legends of led zeppelin.
  15. Mr. Big


    I reckon led zep should let guitar hero use one of their songs. but Zep can be stubborn sometimes about people & companies use thier songs so it not likely. But if they did they should use black dog or immigrant song.
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