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  1. Hi,I want to discuss the concept behind the Chinese dragon on his suit which he used to wear a lot during the 70's Led Zeppelin live concerts . I was told that the dragon was to represent his own Zodiac.but it seems that out of all the Zodiac versions (Babylonian, Hindu, Chinese and Maya) ) only the Chinese version of Zodiac has the dragon involved.and it's quite obvious that it's a Chinese dragon on his suit rather than a Western one. traditional Chinese dragon A typical Western dragon (besides,there's no dragon involved in the western or other astrology/zodiacs) But one thing is that his year in Chinese zodiac should be the monkey(1944) rather than the dragon reference: http://en.wikipedia..../Chinese_zodiac Could it be the dragon looked cooler to him so he adopted the dragon instead?(even if it does not match his year in Chinese Zodiac) Also,there's rumor saying that Jimmy has Chinese ancestry from his maternal side. could there be some connection between his choice of adopting the dragon and his rumored chinese ancestry? Also,he performed for the closing ceremony of China Olympic in 2008.
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